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It has been many years since we have asked for donations, but since they are now so sparse we are again asking our loyal readers to fund Propaganda Matrix and keep the website online for the rest of 2009.

We really need your support at this time and would ask that if you have used the website since its inception in July 2001 and enjoyed the daily content provided, you donate whatever you can afford to enable us to continue to keep the website online and regularly updated.

Please go to and make a secure one-off or monthly donation of whatever you can afford via Paypal or by using your credit/debit card directly via WorldPay. As a thank you, we will list all contributors by name on the front page of the website! Please use a pseudonym or tell us you don't want to be named if you would prefer not to appear on the list.

Many thanks for your kind contributions and your continued support of Propaganda Matrix!

Paul Joseph Watson & Steve Watson.