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Oussama ben Laden
Ben Laden would have been made deliver in his den of Kandahar of the material of dialysis. (Photo AFP)

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The CIA would have met Ben Laden in July
The public enemy number one would have been neat in the American hospital of Dubaï at the beginning of the summer for serious renal insufficiencies. During his 15 days stay, the billionaire saoudien would have received the visit of a local representative of the CIA This agent would have even been informed on possible attacks.

Alexandra Richard
Published on October 31, 2001, page 2

Dubaï, one of the seven emirates of the federation of the linked Arab Emirates, in the North-East of Abu Dhabi. This town of 350 000 inhabitants was the discrete theatre of a secret meeting between Oussama Ben Laden and the representative of the CIA on the spot, in July. A man, partner professional of the administrative direction of the American hospital of Dubaï, affirms that the public enemy number one remained in this hospital from the 4 to July 14.

Coming from the airport of Quetta in Pakistan, Oussama Ben Laden was transferred as of its arrival to Dubaï Airport. Accompanied by his personal doctor and faithful lieutenant, who could be the Egyptian Ayman Al-Zawahari - on this point testimonys are not formal -, of four bodyguards, as well as Algerian male nurse, Ben Laden was allowed at the American hospital, a building of glass and marble located between Al-Garhoud Bridge and Al-Maktoum Bridge.

Each stage comprises two continuations "VIP" and about fifteen rooms. The billionaire saoudien was allowed in the very famous department of urology of Doctor Terry Callaway, specialist in the renal calculi and male infertility. Joint by telephone very often, Doctor Callaway did not wish to answer our questions.

In March 2000 already, the weekly magazine Asia Week published in Hongkong worried about the health of Ben Laden, giving a report on a serious physical problem specifying that its days were in danger because of a "renal infection which is propagated with the liver and requires specialized care". According to authorized sources', Ben Laden would have been made deliver in his Afghan den of Kandahar the whole of a mobile material of dialysis during the first half of 2000. According to our sources, "displacement for health reasons of Ben Laden" is not the first. Between 1996 and 1998, Oussama Ben Laden went several times to Dubaï for its business.

September 27, fifteen days after the attacks of World Trade Center, on American request, the central Bank of the plain Arab Emirates announced to have ordered the freezing of the accounts and the investments of 26 people or organizations suspected of maintaining the contacts with the organization of Ben Laden, in particular at Dubaï Islamic Bank.

"the relationship between the Emirate and Saudi Arabia was always very close, explains our sources, the princes of the reigning families which had recognized the mode of the talibans often returned to Afghanistan. One of the princes of a reigning family took part regularly in huntings on the grounds of Ben Laden whom he knew and attended since many years." An air link between Dubaï and Quetta besides is daily ensured by the companies Pakistan Airlines and Emirates. As for the private aircrafts émiratis or saoudiens, they frequently serves Quetta where they neither are recorded nor consigned most of the time in the registers of the airport.

During its hospitalization, Oussama Ben Laden received the visit of several members of its family, of personalities saoudiennes and émiraties. During this same stay, the local representative of the CIA, that many people know in Dubaï, was seen borrowing the principal elevator of the hospital to go in the room of Oussama Ben Laden.

A few days later, the man of the CIA praises himself in front of some friends to have visited the billionaire saoudien. Authorized sources, the agent of the CIA was recalled by its power station on July 15, the shortly after the departure of Ben Laden for Quetta.

With the end July, the customs officers émiratis stop with the airport of Dubaï an activist islamist free-Algerian, Djamel Beghal. At the beginning of August, the French and American authorities are alerted. Questioned by the local authorities in Abu Dhabi, Beghal tells that it was convened in Afghanistan at the end of 2000 by Abou Zoubeida - a military person in charge for the organization of Ben Laden, Al Quaida. The mission of Beghal: to make jump the embassy of the United States, which occurred Gabriel, close to the place of the Harmony, with its return to France.

According to various Arab diplomatic sources and the services of French information themselves, very precise information were communicated to the CIA relating to terrorist attacks aiming at the American interests in the world, including on the territory of the Union.
A report/ratio of the DST September 7 gathers the totality of these data, specifying that the order to act was to come from Afghanistan.

In August, with the embassy from the United States in Paris, an emergency meeting is convened with the DGSE and the highest persons in charge for the American services. Extremely anxious, the latter present at their French counterparts very precise requests for information concerning Algerian activists, without however being explained on the general direction of their step. With the question "that you in the days fear which come?", the Americans oppose a not easily comprehensible dumbness.

The contacts between the CIA and Ben Laden go back to 1979 when, representing family company in Istanbul, it began with enrôler volunteers of the world arabo-Moslem for Afghan resistance against the Red Army. Inquiring into the attacks of August 1998 against the American embassies of Nairobi (Kenya) and Dares-Salaam (Tanzania), the investigators of the FBI discovered that the traces left by the loads come from a military explosive of the American army and that this explosive was delivered three years before to Arab Afghans, the famous international brigades of volunteers, engaged at the side of Oussama Ben Laden lasting the war of Afghanistan against the Soviet army.

Continuing its investigations, the FBI discovers "assemblies" that the CIA had developed with his/her "friends islamists" since years. The meeting of Dubaï would be thus only the logical continuation of a "certain American policy".

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