Last Updated: Monday, February 20, 2017 23:59 GMT
Culturally Enriched Malmo, Sweden is the Most Dangerous City in Western Europe
43% foreign population brings soaring crime, murder.

How Sweden Became an Example of How Not to Handle Immigration
Trump and The Truth About Sweden

Rand Paul: ‘We’re Very Lucky John McCain Is Not in Charge’
"Everything that he says about the president is colored by his own personal dispute".

Video: Leftists Heed “Allahu Akbar” Call to Prayer During Anti-Trump March
Hushed reverence amongst liberals for most misogynistic belief system on the planet.

President Trump Has Been Far Too Nice To the Mainstream Media
Trump unflinchingly whips the fifth column press.

Democrats Suggest Invoking The 25th Amendment Unless Trump “Gets A Grip”
Democrats have found another narrative to cling to.

Simon & Schuster canceling publication of Yiannopoulos book
"They canceled my book," he wrote in a post.

Russia’s Ambassador to the United Nations Dies in New York
Career diplomat suffers cardiac arrest day before 65th birthday.

Reddit Censors Pro-Trump Content in New Crackdown
Reddit joins Facebook to control public opinion on-line.

Holland’s Wilders Slams “Moroccan Scum” As Paris Over-run By Antifa
"There is a lot of Moroccan scum in Holland who makes the streets unsafe".

Pope Francis Declares ‘Muslim Terrorism Does Not Exist’ As He Continues To Set The Stage For A One World Religion
What in the world is he thinking?

Transgender On Steroids Wins Girls’ State Wrestling Tournament
Parents file lawsuit claiming 'imminent threat of bodily harm'.

Russia’s new ICBMs can ‘rip apart’ US anti-missile systems – Deputy PM Rogozin
"These weapons will soon appear in our armed forces".

Limbaugh Rips Deep State, Fake Media In Rare Interview
Trump supporters believed USA done if Hillary won, radio host says.

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