Last Updated: Wednesday, April 16, 2014 19:01 GMT
Establishment Begins Mass Marketing Campaign For World War III
Corpse of Cold War propaganda enthusiastically resurrected by mainstream media.

50 Ukrainian Soldiers Join Federalists in Slaviansk
NATO to deploy ships, intensify Baltic & Mediterranean patrols ‘due to Ukraine crisis’

New York State Gun Owners Shred Registration Forms On Deadline Day
Protests as gun control legislation comes into law.

Cliven Bundy, Federal Bureaucracy and the State’s Monopoly of Violence
Liberals celebrate state violence over the individual.

Why does federal government own 84% of Nevada and what can Reid do to give it back?

Lerner was in contact with DOJ about prosecuting tax-exempt groups
Lois Lerner communicated with the Justice Department about the possibility of criminally prosecuting certain tax-exempt groups.

GOP congressman pushes bill to cut off Eric Holder’s paycheck
Sebelius Said to Weigh Run for Kansas Senate Seat

College seeks advice on how to rid itself of white students
A public university in Washington state is looking for advice on how to rid itself of white people.

Report: FBI Visiting Gun Shops to Investigate "People Talking About Big Government"
"If you see some Middle Eastern guy come in, you don’t have to be so worried about that".

Going Postal: USPS Stocks Up On Guns and Ammo: “It Doesn’t Make a Whole Lot of Sense”
The Mask Slips: ‘Libertarians’ Call for Pre-Emptive War
Biden Being Biden: Vice President Tells Boston Marathon Bombing Survivors ‘It Was Worth It’
Woman who threw a shoe at Hillary Clinton faces 2 years in prison

I’m Confused, Can Anyone Help Me?
Just a few weeks later, we’re told that people occupying government buildings in Ukraine are not ‘pro-democracy protestors’ but ‘terrorists’ or ‘militants’.

Those who don’t lay arms, will be destroyed – Ukrainian military op commander
Ukraine troops sent to fight anti-government activists switch sides & join pro-Russians
Putin: Ukraine’s radical escalation puts it on edge of civil war

‘The Five’: Why do liberals hate Bundy for dodging taxes when illegal immigrants do the same?
“I don’t feel sorry for the guy at all,” liberal co-host Bob Beckel said. “He’s a tax dodge. He oughta be indicted.”

Why You’re Paying Too Much In Taxes Today
It’s Official: America is an Oligarchy and NOT a Democracy
Communist Manifesto: A Graduated Income Tax
Soaring Food Inflation Full Frontal: Beef, Pork And Shrimp Prices Soar To Record Highs

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