Last Updated: Tuesday, December 18, 2018 20:10 GMT
Professor: "God-Like" Google Has Been "Weaponized" For Political Purposes
Cyber security expert warns employees are punishing sites that conflict with their politics.

Worry over kids' excessive smartphone use is more justified than ever before, top psychologist warns

State News Channel in France Censors Anti-Macron Sign During Live Broadcast 
Ludicrously claims doctoring was "human error".

Yellow vest protests spread to Canada, criticizing illegal immigration, taxes

Video: Unhinged History Teacher Claims PewDiePie is Promoting "Genocide"
Absurdly claims fans who retweet his videos could be sued.

New York Magazine Laments PewDiePie Appears To Be Too Popular to Ban

Leftists Triggered By Trump 2020 Ad That Asks Americans To Call And Thank POTUS
Video claims Trump has “achieved more during his time in office than any president in history.”

‘Junk News’: Russia Report Done By Anti-Conservative Academics
Steele dossier’s main claims ‘likely false,’ admits journalist who helped launch Russiagate
“Outraged” Trump Claims 19,000 Missing Strzok Texts Would Have Exposed Mueller Probe “Hoax”
Actual Witches Are Mad At Trump For Conjuring Their History To Attack Mueller
Bernie Sanders Accused Of Using Government To Target Company That Ran Political Ad Against Him

Alec Baldwin Claims Trump is Punishment for America’s Racist Past
Alec is in contention for leftist dicklord numero uno.

Rashida Tlaib Will Wear Palestinian Garb for Congressional Swearing-In

Metropolitan Police Testing Facial-Recognition Technology In Central London
The tests will be held near Soho, Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square on Monday and Tuesday.

WA city evicts baby Jesus from public park after ‘handful of complaints’ — but relocation spark dozens more complaints
City officials in Woodland, Washington received a few complaints about a nativity scene that’s decorated a local park for four decades, so they moved it to private property to avoid a conflict.

Compulsory Indoctrination: In UK Schools, Boys Have Periods Too
PC Brigade: British Army Ditches ‘Gender Specific’ Titles Like Rifleman

Pope says ‘moral responsibility to welcome, protect, promote, integrate those who knock on our doors’ — from behind his wall!
Pope Francis believes the western world has a “moral responsibility” to roll out the red carpet for those who want to enter any country they wish.

Norwegian, Danish Female Hikers Reportedly Meet Violent Death in Morocco
According to NRK, the women were found with violent injuries caused by a sharp object, which is why a criminal investigation has been launched.

Migration Watch Blames Population Boom for London Congestion

New York Times Article Suggests That Human Extinction Would Not Be A Bad Thing Because Climate Change Is Destroying The Planet
Our world is changing, and not for the better.

China and Russia Have Modified the Atmosphere Above Europe to Test Possible Military Application, Scientists Say

Stocks Are On Pace For Their Worst December Since The Great Depression – The Dow Is Now Down Over 3,300 Points From The Peak
U.S. stocks have not fallen this dramatically during the month of December since the Great Depression of the 1930s. 

“Feel The Market”: Trump Pleads With Fed Not To Raise Rates As FOMC Meeting Begins

Anonymously accused concealed carry student has to disarm… just to take final exams
“The university has at no point given even a scintilla of objective evidence or reasoning to justify the immediate suspension of the Plaintiff…”

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