Last Updated: Sunday, July 5, 2015 11:10 BST
Obama Leaves Out ‘God’ From 4th of July Weekly Address (VIDEO)
As Obama’s term as President is slowly nearing its end, more and more of who the man is, and what he truly stands for, is beginning to seep out.

July 4 crowds ignore call to boycott Georgia park over Confederate flag

Greek Finance Minister Accuses Creditors Of Terrorism
“Why have they forced us to close the banks?”

Greece faces running out of essential food supplies on Monday
EU warns of Armageddon if Greek voters reject terms
Greece is deciding its future as referendum polls open
This Is Why The Euro Is Finished

BRUTAL FOOTAGE of Unsuspecting Navy Veteran Knocked Out by Thug in “Knockout Attack” (VIDEO)
The Navy veteran NEVER saw it coming.

Did Hell Just Freeze Over? Obama to Free Scores of Non-Violent Drug Offenders from Prison

Scientist claims immortality within reach
A visiting American research scientist says he is close to discovering a ‘cure’ for ageing, that he could have a drug ready for testing by the end of next year.

The CIA: long-range planning for a drugged and debilitated society

IS releases mass execution video from Palmyra
The terror organization Islamic State releases video showing execution of about 25 Syrian captives in the ancient city of Palmyra.

Three arrested in Pakistan with ISIS propaganda and London maps over planned 7/7 anniversary attack

Texas wants to move state-owned gold back within its borders
Texas is grappling with how it will retrieve and store its gold stockpile within its borders, a new report says.

OOPS: Feds ‘Lose’ Audits for Fort Knox Gold

New Technology Blasts Weeds Without Round Up
Could it soon replace Round Up for good?

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