Last Updated: Monday, March 2, 2015 21:25 GMT
School Textbook: “There’s No Such Thing as Reverse Racism”
Only white people can be racist.

LAPD Shooting: The New 'Michael Brown'?
Social justice warriors pounce on shooting before facts are in.

Run on AR-15 Ammo: "Buying Frenzy" as Some Fear Total Gun Ban
Department of Homeland Security: What is it Good For?
LAPD fatal shooting of man caught on tape

Report: Iraqi Forces AGAIN claim US is Supplying ISIS With Weapon Drops
Claim to have shot down US chopper full of weapons.

Isis threatens Twitter employees over blocked accounts
CNN Informs America That ‘Jihadi John’ Is None Other Than VLADIMIR PUTIN
Shot in the head at point blank range: Latest sickening ISIS video shows masked gunmen executing ‘spy’
Isis ‘fed murdered kidnap victim to his own mother after she travelled to their headquarters and demanded to see him’

Video: Obama Supporters Endorse Karl Marx As Next POTUS
“We just need the right guy, and Karl Marx seems to be the best candidate.”

Is Supreme Court’s chief justice ready to take down ObamaCare?
12 Year-Old’s Facebook Page Locked After Posting Viral Video Questioning Obama’s Love of Country

Immigration debate may have increased illegal crossings
GAO: Illegals banked on staying in U.S. based on rumors.

Pentagon bans foreign-made flags

Google Moving To Shut Down Alternative Media By Ranking Sites On “Facts” Rather Than Popularity
Wants To Cross Check Websites Against Debunking Sites Such As

Most Doctors Give In to Requests by Parents to Alter Vaccine Schedules
Jimmy Kimmel’s ignorant vaccine doctors
The Internet Of Things: A Dystopian Nightmare Where Everyone And Everything Will Be Monitored On The Internet
When Technology Becomes Religion And Science Becomes God

Meanwhile, Over At The “New York” Stock Exchange… Lasers
Over the past several weeks there has been some furious work by engineers.

Billionaire Warns Of Total Collapse End Game Scenario: ‘No Way Out… Your Money Will Be Worthless’
World’s Largest Container-Shipper Warns Global Trade Is Slowing Down
Paul Krugman Is The Brian Williams Of Economics Bloggers

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