Last Updated: Tuesday, May 31, 2016 18:38 BST
Swedish Government Kicks Local Family Out of Home, Gives it to Muslim Migrants
Father of two told to make way for people "from other countries".

18 Women Are Sexually Assaulted At German Concert
Erdogan says no Muslim family should use birth control
Islam not a religion of peace even for a day, says ISIS’ Indian recruit
Students Call For “Racist” & “Sexist” Prisons To Be Abolished And For All Criminals To Be Freed
Trans-thinking: When 98 Percent of Students Would Let Men in Women’s Sports

Video: Ron Paul Might Support Trump "If He argues For The Free Market"
Former congressman still very hesitant to get behind GOP nominee.

VIDEO: Mexican Parents Train 3-Year-Old Girl to Say “We Have to Kill Donald Trump”
Trump pulls within 2 points of Clinton in national poll
North Korea praises Trump and urges US voters to reject ‘dull Hillary’
GOP convention no-shows threaten to undercut Trump unity push
Hacked road sign: Trump is a ‘shape-shifting lizard’
Gary Johnson’s Plan to Beat Trump/ ‘Call Him Racist’
Trained Hypnotist Explains Genius Of Trump’s Branding & Rhetoric
Bill Kristol Announces That ‘There Will Be An Independent Candidate’ To Sabotage Donald Trump
PHOTO: Did Bernie Sanders fall asleep during Memorial Day ceremony?

Tech Giants Vow to Tackle Online Hate Speech Within 24 Hours
U.S. Internet giants Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc., Google and Microsoft Corp. pledged to tackle online hate speech in less than 24 hours as part of a joint commitment with the European Union.

White House Fails to Detect a Single Cyber Threat
State Rep: Don’t Teach Kids Declaration of Independence, It’s Racist
Elite Special Forces Insider Warns Of Serious Civil Unrest This Summer: “Everything Is Right For Things To Go Very Wrong”
Desperation: Brexit Ballot “How to Vote” Guide Instructs Brits to Vote to Stay in EU

In Obama’s America, Captain America is a Nazi
75 years of patriotism down the drain.

6-6-16: Satanists In Los Angeles Will Construct A Giant Pentagram To ‘Raise Awareness’ For Satanism
Still shocked by Milo, DePaul freaks out over rope on the ground and anti-Mexico graffiti

Marc Faber Warns Of “Moral Degeneration” From America’s “Consensual Hallucination”
The flood of money that central banks are creating pollutes the Western capitalistic system and free markets, as well as democracy.

Will We Never Learn? The Economic Lessons From Venezuela’s Current Collapse
Only In France…”The Right To Disconnect”

Social science professor defends stereotypes — says many are accurate
Professor: There’s zero scientific evidence for scholarly claims of ‘stereotype inaccuracy’

Incredible Family That Lives With A Bear

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