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France Bans Cash Sales Of Gold & Silver Over $600
Europe moves to deter citizens from preserving their wealth.

Blogger Tech Says Activist Post Taken Down by “Automated Process”
It is now a familiar pattern. A site suddenly disappears without explanation and after a couple days of news coverage it reappears.

The Money Masters: Behind the Global Debt Crisis
We are all in such a crisis, and it will tend to get much worse in the months and years to come.

Wary on Greece, EU mulls deepening bailout fund
Rumours that plans are being made for an inevitable Greek debt default caused further volatility.

Can Countries Default On Their Debts?

Somali militants in key port ‘attacked by US drones’
The United States has launched a series of attacks by unmanned drones on the Somali Islamist group al-Shabab, local residents say.

UK marching banned: Police call the tune

People in Britain have long been able to march in protest – but those voices are being silenced in parts of London – for an entire month.

Fed Program to "Monitor Conversations" Is Intimidation Tactic
The blogosphere has exploded with interest over the Federal Reserve's move to follow in the footsteps of the Obama campaign's "Attack Watch" by monitoring and identifying its critics, but many seem to have missed the obvious intention of the announcement - it's an intimidation tactic designed to chill dissent.

Here Comes FIATtackWatch: Ben “Big Brother” Bernanke Goes Watergate, Prepares To Eavesdrop On Everything Mentioning The Fed
It will “monitor billions of conversations and generate text analytics based on predefined criteria.”

The Federal Reserve Plans To Identify “Key Bloggers” And Monitor Billions Of Conversations About The Fed On Facebook, Twitter, Forums And Blogs

Maui residents craft legislation to ban geo-engineering ‘chemtrails’
The mainstream news media has been quietly releasing an increasing number of stories these days that openly admit the existence of geo-engineering programs.

Libya conflict may cost UK £1.75bn
Almost seven times more than government estimates, according to a new study.

Nightly News Report: Shocking Cancer Source Revealed
Cancer vaccines and “cures” do not address the fatal disease but only increase fantastic profits for the pharmaceutical industry.

BBC Drops Terms “BC” and “AD” to Avoid Offending Non-Christians
One of the BBC’s most high-profile presenters has vowed to continue using the terms BC and AD despite claims the Corporation has barred it the term to avoid offending non-Christians.

NCAR Calls For A Decade Long Global Warming Timeout
After 150 years of warming, the oceans have called a timeout and decided to stop warming for a while.

Southampton officials vote against water fluoridation scheme
Efforts to get more communities in the UK fluoridated appear to be failing.

The Hill: Perry To Drop Out, Ron Paul To Be Romney's Rival
The implosion of Rick Perry's presidential campaign has opened the door for Congressman Ron Paul to move up into second place and go head to head with Mitt Romney - that the prediction from The Hill, one of Washington's most respected political newspapers.

Dissatisfaction With Government Reaches All Time High
Half of the population views federal government as immediate threat to freedom.

Ron Paul: Time to De-Recognize the United Nations
Another helping of weekly Texas Straight Talk from the Congressman.

Libya: BBC concocts mass grave story in brazen propaganda piece
The BBC has reported, citing no evidence to back its claim, that a mass grave containing over 1,200 bodies has been found in Tripoli’s Abu Salim prison complex.

Radiation in Rice Found in Japan
After testing rice near a crippled nuclear plant in Japan, Japanese researchers found high levels of radiation in the rice.

Obama: GOP approach to government would ‘cripple America’
US President Barack Obama warned Sunday that Republicans would “cripple” America.

Human skin embedded with spider silk can stop a bullet
Material is three times stronger than kevlar.

Fox News panel: Perry campaign near ‘total collapse’
A panel of conservative pundits on Fox News savaged Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry Sunday after the candidate had a rough week.

5 Reasons Why The Establishment Media Fears Ron Paul Like The Plague
The establishment media in America has now become the official fringe media.

Why Are Rick Perry And Mitt Romney Getting About Twice As Much Talking Time During The Republican Debates As The Other Candidates?

Police pen up and mace female ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters
In spite of multiple reported incidents of possible police violence, major media outlets seem to be content to let the protests go by completely unreported.

America and Europe: Saving the Rich and Losing the Economy
Decline and fall of just about everyone

Medvedev backs Putin for president
Medvedev made the proposal on Saturday in an address to a congress of United Russia, the pro-Kremlin party that dominates Russian politics.

Shanghai Gold Exchange Hikes Silver Margin By 20%
Wondering what caused the dramatic plunge in gold and silver earlier?

Christine Lagarde: IMF may need billions in extra funding

Obama to CBC awards crowd: ‘Stop complaining’
“Shake it off. Stop complaining. Stop grumblin’. Stop crying. We are going to press on.”

NYPD Has Anti-Aircraft Capability
Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the NYPD now has the capability to take down a plane if necessary.

CIA’s Facebook Knows Where You Go On the Web
If you want to minimize your exposure to the grid, it may be time to say good-bye to Facebook, especially if you are politically active.


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