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Internet Hits All-Time High as News Source, TV at All-Time Low, Says Pew
The Internet has risen to its all-time high as a primary source of news for Americans.

Humanity: Disconnected from Reality
Alex Jones explains how humanity has become completely disconnected from its primitive survival instinct.

Turkey Lectures Syria on Killing Militants – Then Kills Militants
Globalist Hypocrisy Looms Over Middle East

Amount and Concentration of Derivatives Still Threaten Global Economy
Derivatives Ownership Even More Concentrated Than Ever.

Euro Debt Crisis Is Worse Than US in 2008: George Soros
Peter Schiff on FOX News

Herman Cain wins Florida straw poll in stunning victory; Rick Perry in deep trouble
Perry’s supporters tried to spin the results as a “devastating” defeat for Romney because he couldn’t overtake Perry.

Friday night in our most genteel spa town… and police use ‘airport’ scanner to find knives and drugs
More than 20 police officers with sniffer dogs also stood guard on platforms and at ticket barriers as part of Operation Shield.

Is The U.S. Government Stockpiling Food In Anticipation Of A Major Economic Crisis?
Is the U.S. government stockpiling huge amounts of food and supplies in anticipation that something bad is about to happen?

Ron Paul Florida CPAC Speech
The Congressman’s keynote speech to CPAC Florida.

Libyan forces advance on Sirte, NATO planes in skies
Explosions were heard inside the town.

Abbas defies US with formal call for Palestinian recognition by UN
Mahmoud Abbas has formally asked the United Nations to recognise a Palestinian state, defying intense US pressure.

Putin Will Seek Russian Presidency in 2012
Vladimir V. Putin, who for over a decade has labored to consolidate authority in Russia under his control, will run for president next year.

Europe has six weeks to find debt crisis solution, warns Chancellor George Osborne
Speaking at the IMF meeting on Friday, UK Chancellor George Osborne ratcheted up the pressure on European leaders.

Why Stocks and Gold Crashed

Cop Who Arested The Five Dancing Israeli’s On 9/11 Speaks Out
Sgt. Scott DeCarlo has never spoken to the media about the details of that day except for two 30-second cameo appearances in Internet videos.

Not so simple: U.S. spy agency trying to go mobile
Troy Lange knows that just mentioning cellphones is enough to give security officers heartburn at the National Security Agency.

Tony Blair’s six secret visits to Col Gaddafi
Tony Blair’s close relationship to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has come under fresh scrutiny.

How Britain courted, armed and trained a Libyan monster

Ron Paul Speech at LSU
Another rousing speech from top tier presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Economic Collapse, Financial Manipulation and the Dollar Crisis
The question plays out on three fronts.

Several killed in Yemen massive turnout
Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets of the Yemeni capital city of Sana’a demanding Ali Abdullah Saleh’s trial for decades-long crimes.

Cops Arrest Large Number of Occupy Wall Street Protesters
Local media in New York reports that a large number of Occupy Wall Street protesters were arrested.

Friday night in our most genteel spa town… and police use ‘airport’ scanner to find knives and drugs
More than 20 police officers with sniffer dogs also stood guard on platforms and at ticket barriers as part of Operation Shield.

Gardasil: Injection of Death
Alex Jones interviews Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on the dangers of Gardasil.

Market Havoc & Denver Live Drills: Bob Chapman Reports
Looting the 401k’s has started.

Big Pharma Giving Little Girls Cancer: Alex Jones Report
Alex discusses the reasons why cancer rates have tripled in the last 30 years.

Activist Post Deleted! Google Erases Popular Alternative News Source
At mid-day on Friday, September 23, 2011, the popular alternative news blog,, was taken offline.

Where Is Activist Post?

IMF became a bailout machine?
Paul Craig Roberts, columnist and former Reagan administration official, speaks with RT’s Lauren Lyster.

Libya: Rebels Create Humanitarian Disaster, Then Blame it on Qaddafi
Corporate media complicit in covering for rebel war crimes.

U.S. sold bunker-busting bombs to Israel: report
President Barack Obama secretly authorized the sale of 55 powerful bunker-busting bombs to Israel.

Obamacare HHS rule would give government everybody’s health records
It’s been said a thousand times: Congress had to pass President Obama’s health care law in order to find out what’s in it.

Porn magnate Flynt funding $1 million dollar quest to embarrass Perry
Flynt offered $1 million on Thursday to anyone with proof of “an illicit sexual liaison” involving Perry.

Non-Disease Virus Kills Breast Cancer Cells In Lab
A virus that infects humans without causing disease kills breast cancer cells in the laboratory.


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