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Paul Ploughs Money Bomb Haul Into $1 Million Ad Campaign
Presidential candidate Ron Paul launches a $1 million ad campaign today, using the funds he raised in one day last weekend via a grassroots organised Constitution Day “money bomb”.

Evidence Indicates E.Coli Engineered by Humans
Positive forensic evidence has surfaced indicating that the e. coli superstrain that recently ravaged Europe, was created by humans.

2 Fullerton officers charged in death of Kelly Thomas
Orange Country District Attorney Tony Rackauckas announced Wednesday that he was charging two Fullerton, California police officers.

81 Per Cent of New Jobs In Texas Went To Immigrants
The vast majority of both groups, legal and illegal, were not American citizens.

Oops, Obama touts his jobs plan today at an Ohio bridge that won’t qualify
The president’s jobs bill is designed for “immediate” highway spending.

BPA Highly Present in Canned Foods Marketed to Children
During the early stages of life, proper hormonal balance is essential for adequate growth and development.

Soros & Roubini: US Is Already In Recession
Stock markets around the world tumbled in early trading today following the Federal Reserve's announcement that it will proceed with a a new $400bn bond-buying plan to ward off a double-dip recession, and yet both George Soros and Nouriel Roubini say the US is already in a recession, and that it will lead to civil unrest.

A Message For The Government: Get Off Our Backs!
Government in America has gotten completely and totally out of control.

Big Pharma’s Eugenics Past: Special Nightly News Report
Alex delves into the history of the Rockefeller Foundation’s promotion and funding of the HPV vaccine.

Is crude oil still gushing in the Gulf? New ten-mile oil slick spotted near Deepwater Horizon
New evidence has surfaced showing what appears to be more crude oil spewing into the ocean.

NATO Extends Libya Bombing Campaign
It is the second 90-day extension, and it was approved less than a week before the campaign was set to end.

Ron Paul: Jon Stewart helped make my case
Texas Congressman Ron Paul (R) on Wednesday said The Daily Show host Jon Stewart helped boost media coverage of his presidential candidacy.

Court allows ACLU to challenge government wiretapping
The American Civil Liberties Union was allowed Wednesday to move forward with their case against government wiretapping.

Al Gore’s five loaves and two fishes
Not content with having invented the internet, the great Climate Science communicator Al Gore appears to have developed still more miraculous skills.

Google exec rejects charge search results ‘cooked’
Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt rejected charges Wednesday that the Internet giant “cooks” search results.

Fear of Debt Crisis Spreads as Greece Hit By New Anti-austerity Strikes
Manufactured debt crisis spreads like out of control Texas wildfire.

Now US Puppet Regime in Iraq is Calling for a ‘Regime Change’ in Syria
As the world focuses on Libya, the US-NATO gang are working behind the scenes to topple Syria.

Iran ‘in talks’ with Russia over new nuclear sites
Iran is in talks with Russia to build new nuclear facilities, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Thursday.

Poll: 70% of Israelis say Israel should accept UN decision
Joint J’lem-Ramallah survey questions Israelis, Palestinians on what should happen after UN bid; 80% of Palestinians support statehood.

Dow Skids 300 as Recession Worries Hit
Stocks tumbled sharply across the board Thursday after a gloomy outlook from the Federal Reserve.

GOLDMAN: Wake Up, This Was Full-On QE3 That We Just Got
EU officials expect Greece to default but stay in eurozone

Depressed As A Nation? 80 Percent Of Americans Believe That We Are In A Recession Right Now
According to a brand new Gallup poll, 80 percent of Americans believe that we are in a recession right now.

Bob Barr: Witnesses recanting should have stopped Troy Davis execution
Barr said the fact that the vast majority of the witnesses had recanted in the Troy Davis case should have implored the Board of Pardons and Paroles to stop the execution.

High Time To Repatriate Offshore Trillions For Taxation
One of the greatest detriments to job creation in the US is the overseas income deferral law.

Smart Meters Can Reveal Your Personal Habits in The Worldwide Energy Web
The dark horse of the New World Order is not Communism, Socialism or Fascism. It is Technocracy.

Planet Healer Obama Calls It: In 2008, he declared his presidency would result in ‘the rise of the oceans beginning to slow’ — And By 2011, Sea Level Drops!
2011 Clinton Global Citizen Awards

Soros: US Is Already in Double-Dip Recession
Soros said he believed the United States was already experiencing the pain of a double dip recession.

Stock markets tumble after Operation Twist … and doubt
Currency Killers: Dollar, euro going down

Fukushima Fallout in California Waters: A Threat?
The radioactive fallout from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant accident has spread as far as California waters, according to scientists from the University of California, Berkeley.

The age of the Reaper
The Reaper was not formally invited to the United Nations General Assembly annual bash in New York.

U.S. Lawmakers Will See Gruesome Reality of China’s One-Child Policy
A congressional hearing Thursday on China’s “one-child” policy will include documented cases of coercion and abuses by Chinese population control officials.

Bill Would Require Nearly All St. Louis Dogs and Cats to Be Sterilized
A bill under consideration in the St. Louis Board of Aldermen could make St. Louis one of the most restrictive cities in the nation when it comes to owning cats and dogs.


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