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Limbaugh: ‘Obama Wants Riots to Create Chaos’
This weekend, the California Republican Party had its 2011 Fall Convention at the JW Marriott Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

Operation Twist: Fed Ready for QE3
Agents of magnificent systemic devastation working toward global bankster economy.

Tony Blair ‘visited Libya to lobby for JP Morgan’
Tony Blair used visits to Libya after he left office to lobby for business for the American investment bank JP Morgan, The Daily Telegraph has been told.

The Colossal Deceit Known As The Underwear Bomber Case
With jury selection set to begin in the Underwear Bomber Trial set to begin tomorrow, I’ve spent the evening reminiscing about Christmas Day 2009 and the 21 months since.

Central Banks Net Buyers of Gold for 1st Time in 20 Years
The switch from large selling to buying has helped propel the gold price more than 25 percent higher.

First Lady Now Requires 26 Servants
She is served by twenty-six attendants, including a hair dresser and make-up artist.

EU Bailout—Don’t Worry Be Happy
It doesn’t seem that anyone is worried much about another enormous bailout to stabilize the world financial system that kicked off last week.

Around the world in 60 seconds: Incredible time-lapse video from the International Space Station
This whirlwind video tour of the planet is a compilation of time-lapse images shot from the International Space Station (ISS).

Ron Paul Cheated Out of Texas Straw Poll Win?
Ron Paul is riding high again after his California Straw Poll victory yesterday, but some Paul supporters are questioning why the Texas Straw Poll was cancelled for "lack of interest," and whether it was actually killed because the Congressman would have inflicted an embarrassing defeat on Governor Rick Perry in his own state.

TexMessage: It’s time for the media to take Ron Paul seriously

Radiation Experts: Tokyo May Have to Be Evacuated
At least one billion becquerels a day of radiation continue to leak from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant after the March earthquake and tsunami.

Lloyd’s insurer sues Saudi Arabia for ‘funding 9/11 attacks’
A Lloyd’s insurance syndicate has begun a landmark legal case against Saudi Arabia.

MPs call on Cameron to hold EU referendum
MPs from Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative party on Monday intensified calls for a referendum on the country’s membership of the European Union.

Gold At $2,200 Before End of Year
Gold, platinum and Brent oil will lead gains in commodities.

Roubini: Greece Should Default, Leave The Euro
Economic Collapse of Britain Entering New Phase: Famine

Ron Paul Raises $1 million In One Day
For the second consecutive month running Presidential hopeful Ron Paul netted over $1 million in a single day via the now customary ‘money bomb’ fundraising action events organised online by grassroots supporters.

Obama Vows Veto if Deficit Plan Has No Tax Increases
“We are not going to have a one-sided deal that hurts the folks who are most vulnerable,”

Why America Needs to Dismantle Its Security Apparatus: Real Security begins with Creating a Policy of Peace
The best way for America to become more secure may well be to dismantle its vast security apparatus.

Bill Clinton: Palestinian statehood bid won’t change Mideast realities
Former U.S. President says U.S. must veto PA statehood bid at Security Council, but should try and ‘contain negative fallout.’

58% of the French population has doubts about the official version of the attacks on September 11, 2001
Ten years after, how do the French perceive the events of September 11, 2001?

Black caucus chair: We’d ‘be marching on the White House’ if not for Obama
The Congressional Black Caucus is growing increasingly frustrated with a black unemployment rate of nearly 17% — almost twice the national average.

Life After An EMP Attack: No Power, No Food, No Transportation, No Banking And No Internet
A single EMP attack could potentially wipe out most of the electronics in the United States and instantly send this nation back to the 1800s.

Are We Worthy of Freedom?
Fact is, you cannot appease tyranny.

European Commission head calls NATO bombing of Libyans a “moral duty”
For weeks the mainstream media has been calling the uprising in Libya a success, despite any support for their position.

Riddle Me This: Paper of Record Puzzled by Death Count Claims
Here We Go Again? ‘NATO recruiting jihadists to invade Syria’

Bravo’s Zalaznick: Popular TV reflects national psyche
“I believe television has a conscience… I believe television directly reflects the moral, political, social and emotional need-states of our nation,”

Retiree Benefits for the Military Could Face Cuts
Military pensions and health care for active and retired troops now cost the government about $100 billion a year.

BA faces €50m bill for carbon emissions
The airline industry’s total bill is expected to be €1.1bn.

US CO2 regulation on hold indefinitely

Pesticide exposure in expectant mothers causes lower IQ in newborns
Three separate studies recently published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives indicate prenatal pesticide exposure to fetuses negatively impact a child’s learning ability.


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