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Big Sis Ordered NFL Grope Downs
Guilty until proven innocent – the decline and fall of America accelerates.

Alex Jones Calls for NFL Boycott After Intrusive Pat-down Searches Announced

Stuck Pigs (and Presstitutes) Squeal
It will be interesting to see if Paul Krugman’s NYT column survives his recent statement of truth.

Federal Reserve boosts flow of dollars to European Central Bank
The Federal Reserve opened its vault Thursday to the central banks of other countries in an effort to head off a crippling shortage of dollars.

Geithner urges unity in euro zone crisis
Geithner also told European officials and bankers he believed Europe must avoid “loose talk” about the euro.

Book: Timothy Geithner ignored President Obama order

A Parent’s Horrid Nightmare: Coming Soon to YOUR State?
AB499 will permit minor children as young as 12 years old to be vaccinated without parental knowledge or parental consent.

Riddle in the sands: Thousands of strange ‘Nazca Lines’ discovered in the Middle East
Satellite and aerial photography has revealed mysterious stone ‘wheels’ that are more numerous and older than the Nazca Lines.

Scientists to Create “Artificial Volcano” In Bid to Geoengineer Climate
Despite the pseudo-science of global warming being discredited with each passing day, scientists are preparing to field test an "artificial volcano" which is eventually intended to lead to mammoth geoengineering programs which will inject sulfur particles in to the atmosphere at high altitudes, a process that other scientists have warned will cause widespread droughts and other drastic consequences.

Unelected, Unaccountable, Unrepentant

The Federal Reserve Is Using Your Money To Bail Out European Commercial Banks Once Again.

Apathy, Ignorance And Passive Indifference Are Worse Than Government Corruption And Organized Evil

In 1946, French writer Albert Camus wrote, “the mind is always a step behind reality.

Iranian Bushehr Nuclear Plant Comes Online – World Survives
On 12 September Iran brought its first nuclear power plant in Bushehr online, connecting it to the country’s electrical grid.

Event Risk Remains Huge Despite Central Banks’ Intervention
There was talk of an event risk going into Thursday’s market open, and the speculation proved correct.

Euro Collapse Could Lead to War: Polish FinMin
“During Great Inflations, Societies Turn On Themselves” And Prosecute Minorities … And We’ve Got A LOT Of Hidden Inflation

Top Democratic Election Strategist: Obama Will Lose Unless He Prosecutes Wall Street Fraud
The Economy Will Not Recover Until Fraud Is Prosecuted.

Freedom Not Fear: Ending A Decade Long Legacy of International Privacy Erosion
This Saturday, September 17th, concerned European citizens with the Freedom not Fear movement have decided to take their protest to the capital of the European Union, Brussels.

Al Gore: Tobacco Hypocrite
Al Gore has conveniently forgotten that his family used to be in the tobacco industry.

Perry’s Star Begins To Fade With Voters
Ron Paul still most competitive in new polls.

Twitter and BlackBerry Messenger were NOT used to spread rioting so don’t shut them down, executives tell MPs
Facebook, Twitter and BlackBerrys were not used to organise violence during August’s riots, executives representing the companies have told MPs.

SILENCE On French Nuclear MOX Plant Explosion
There is NO more information, except for the original story WHY?

Egyptians rally in Tahrir Square against return of emergency laws
Egyptians have returned to Tahrir Square to rally against the military junta’s reactivation of Mubarak-era emergency laws.

Inside Job? The 9/11 Conspiracy Debate
Ten years on, why are more people than ever before convinced that 9/11 was an ‘Inside Job’?

FDNY member on 9/11 Truth: “I support you guys”

Wisc. protesters arrested for filming lawmakers
Officers would seem to be acting on the guidelines of a notice posted outside the assembly, which says that all recording equipment is banned.

NFL wants pat-downs from ankles up at all stadiums
The NFL wants all fans patted down from the ankles up this season to improve fan safety.

Gardasil HPV vaccines found contaminated with recombinant DNA that persists in human blood
SANE Vax, Inc decided to have vials of Gardasil tested in a laboratory.

Mutually Assured Destruction vs Mutually Assured Respect
Ron Paul discusses his foreign policy views.

Barack Obama’s AttackWatch Comedy Show
Following in the footsteps of his predecessor, George W. Bush, the Obama administration is becoming more and more clownish with each passing day.

Washington Post: Obama Green Jobs Cost $5 Million Each

Incredible Scandal: ‘Libya rebels admit attacks on women & children’
Rebel forces in Libya claim they are advancing in Colonel Gaddafi’s home town of Sirte – one of the last loyalist bastions.

Arab Spring Ending in Anglo-American Whimper
Libyan fighters advance on strongholds of Bani Walid and Sirte

Manilow A Ron Paul ‘Fanilow’
“I agree with just about everything he says. What can I tell you?”

Michael Moore, Elisabeth Hasselbeck clash on ‘The View’
Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the lone conservative co-host of ABC’s women’s talk show “The View,” took the untypical position of defending President Barack Obama.

Blackberry would close UK service in unrest if ordered
BlackBerry said on Thursday it would close down its hugely popular messenger service in Britain if ordered to at times of civil unrest.

Florida law restricting doctors’ gun talk blocked by federal judge
A federal judge Wednesday blocked a Florida gun law that restricted doctors from asking patients about firearms.

Merck vaccine scientist Dr. Maurice Hilleman admitted presence of SV40, AIDS and cancer viruses in vaccines
His colleagues (who are also recorded here) break out into laughter and seem to think it’s hilarious.


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