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Plan For 'European Economic Government' Was Brainchild Of Nazis
European globalists are committing another act of economic terrorism by exploiting the euro debt crisis in a bid to create a "United States of Europe," with European Council president Herman van Rompuy announcing he is ready to spearhead the group, a move that frighteningly parallels plans by top Nazis, may of whom went on to found the EU, and their mission to build a continent-wide economic government.

Senator Demands Answers On Government Anthrax Investigation Mystery
Wants to know why DOJ quickly retracted court statements that contradicted official FBI story.

Libya rebels: Gadhafi surrounded, forces ready to capture or kill
Ousted Libyan leader has been on the run since rebels took over Tripoli last month, reports conflicting about his exact location.

IAEA to call for nuclear crisis team
The International Atomic Energy Agency will call on its members to establish an emergency team to respond to major nuclear accidents worldwide.

Ron Paul and Rick Perry Set To Clash at Republican Debate
Ron Paul’s attacks on Rick Perry guarantee the two men will have a face-off during tonight’s Republican presidential debate.

Terror blast at Delhi High Court; 11 killed, over 80 injured
The blast occurred around 10:15 am outside Gate Number 5 close to the reception area where visitors had lined up for entry passes.

New photographs released to silence conspiracy theory that Moon landings were a massive Nasa hoax
Nasa’s Lunar Reconnaisance Orbiter (LRO) has taken new photographs of the surface that clearly show astronaut footprints, the lunar rover and spacecraft scorch marks.

UBS: Euro Collapse Could Lead To Martial Law, Civil War
In a similar vein to how Hank Paulson threatened martial law on the streets of America if the bailout failed to pass, top banks like UBS are now warning of "authoritarian or military government" and "civil war" in a bid to frighten away member states from leaving the euro.

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The Future For Most Americans: Pathetic Jobs, Bad Debts And A Crappy Economy
Sorry to break this to you, but the future for most Americans is going to be pretty crappy.

20 Quotes From European Leaders That Prove That They Know That The Financial System In Europe Is Doomed
The latest Rasmussen poll shows Texas congressman Ron Paul in fourth place, trailing Texas governor Rick Perry and Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

Why Eurozone should become United States of Europe, by David Cameron
“The European Financial System Is Finished” In Quotes
SOROS: Eurozone Crisis Could Be Worse Than Lehman

Coming soon: The IRS will do your taxes for you
Imagine this scenario: The IRS may soon just do your taxes for you — and send you the bill.

More Restaurants Are Targeting Customers Who Use Food Stamps
State sponsored transfats, sawdust, sugar, salt and high fructose corn syrup.

Obama cracks down on peaceful protests of abortion clinics
Obama is deciding to crack down on those protesting, conducting sidewalk counseling, or even praying for the mothers and their babies.

Female Blogger Threatened With Defamation Suit For Writing About TSA ‘Rape’
Attacking the TSA for its privacy-invasive screening procedures has become a favorite activity for many journalists, especially Matt Drudge.

Thomas Kean Runs Away From 911 Cover Up
Luke Rudkowski finds the Chairman of the 9/11 Commission Report Thomas Kean and won’t leave him alone until the unanswered questions about 9/11 are answered.

Potential for another 9/11 attack ”remains real”: Panetta

Obama ‘to inject $300 bn’ in bid to create jobs
US President Barack Obama will propose the injection of $300 billion into the sputtering US economy in a pivotal speech laying out his plan to create jobs, US media are reporting.

UKIP Nigel Farage in Croatia, European Union membership debate
UK Independence Party leader and MEP in Croatia assisting the NO side as Croatia prepare for a referendum on EU membership. Crotatian Political class is already being bought by the EU.

German court rules that euro bailouts are legal but places restrictions on approval of rescue plans

Video Game Allows Frustrated Libs Chance to Kill Tea Party Opponents
Despite the obvious adolescent nature of the video game, it reveals how some liberals and Democrats feel about the political opposition – they want to kill them.

CIA lawyer says Obama administration backed and continued virtually all Bush-era programs
As he campaigned for the presidency in 2007 and 2008, then Sen. Barack Obama made clear there would be no torturing of terrorism suspects on his watch.

The 9/11 Brand Is Losing Its Grip On The Collective Mind
9/11: A Time For Truth

FEMA Forces Firefighters to Stand Down in Texas
In an outrageous repeat of Katrina, the federal government has moved into wildfire-stricken Texas and turned away firefighting trained volunteers.

As wildfires rage across Texas, feds take control and scuttle volunteer firefighters

Gaddafi hiding out in Libya – Russian Africa envoy
Russia’s presidential envoy to Africa Mikhail Margelov said on Wednesday that toppled Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was hiding somewhere in Libya.

Qaddafi is hiding in Targan Oasis, Sahara
Atlantic Council: Is Libya a “Global Con?”

‘US supplied toxic tear-gas to Bahrain’
The Bahraini regime has imported poisonous teargas grenades form the United States to use against anti-government protesters in the tiny Persian Gulf sheikhdom.

Video Game Allows Players to Slaughter “Tea Party Zombies” Like Sarah Palin and Bill O’Reilly
Controversial online video game “Tea Party Zombies Must Die” allows players to slaughter Tea Partiers and famous conservatives with a variety of weapons.

Cheney refuses to admit making any mistakes
When questioned about the Iraq war, Cheney said, “I think we made exactly the right decisions.”

Covering the Leaking Reactors At Fukushima With Tents Will Only INCREASE Global Exposure to Radiation
Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Will Be Spread By Use of Tents.

A 20-Square-Mile Model of a Small U.S. City Will be Built in New Mexico to Test New Technologies
“I am confident this innovative project would provide a great boost to New Mexico’s economy,” Gov. Susana Martinez said.

BMJ had secret financial ties to Merck during publication of articles attacking Wakefield
When a corrupt medical group wants to discourage dissidence from within, it targets a high profile figure to disgrace. This intimidates others from doing the right thing if it disrupts the lies and profits of Big Pharma.


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