Last Updated: Saturday, September 3, 2011 10:53 BST
Feds Charge Man As Enemy Combatant Supporting Terrorism For Uploading Youtube Video
Subjecting Him To Permanent Imprisonment, Torture, And Lethal Beatings Without A Trial.

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US confirms al Qaeda members’ role in rebel command
The Obama administration finally acknowledged that al Qaeda elements had been fighting in Libyan rebel ranks.

Anti-Gaddafi Forces Near Dictator’s Hometown
It’s a TOTAL war, monsieur

Green Day frontman kicked off flight over saggy pants
Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong says he was kicked off of a Southwest Airlines flight Thursday night for wearing his pants too low.

U.S. Debt Held by Public Tops $10T for 1st Time—Up 59 Percent Under Obama
The publicly held debt of the federal government topped $10 trillion.

More Americans Die From Intestinal Illnesses Than From Terrorism
Homeland Security: The Biggest Scam of the Decade.

US State Department Orders Americans To Be Scared

Economy Gains No Jobs in August, Fueling Recession Fears
The US economy created no jobs in August.

Precious Metals Surge As QE3 Now Merely A Formality

Climate Scam Stalls: Obama Asks EPA to Withdraw Ozone Rules
The EPA’s proposal would have cost the economy $19 billion to $90 billion.

Major 7.1 quake hits Alaska, sparks tsunami warning

FLASHBACK: Man Pulled Over By Cops For Anti-Obama Sign
Secret Service searched Chip Harrison’s home over message critical of abortion policies.

Libyan Rebels Round Up Blacks, Put Them In Prison Camps
Massacre, torture and abuse of innocents destroys NATO’s “humanitarian” legitimacy.

Al Jazeera slanders Kucinich in an effort to delegitimize his opposition to the unauthorized war in Libya

Police Severely Beat Man For Riding Bicycle Without a Light
When Ortiz was already on the ground bleeding the officer got out and punched or kicked him causing even more injuries.

‘That stupid b**** got what she deserved (I’ll bet she was fat and black too)’. Shocking emails of Texas police hacked and dumped online

The Al Qaeda Insurgency in Syria: Recruiting Jihadists to Wage NATO’s “Humanitarian Wars”
What triggered the crisis in Syria?

Al-Jazeera – biased coverage of Libya and Syria?
Choking Syria: EU cuts oil flow
Russia’s Lavrov condemns EU oil sanctions on Syria

Assange could be prosecuted for unplanned WikiLeaks release
Julian Assange could face prosecution in Australia.

Anger as Wikileaks releases all US cables unredacted

You Only Believe the Official 9/11 Story Because You Don’t Know the Official 9/11 Story
Think about it…it’s really time to think about it.

Vaccine Propaganda Continues Despite Evidence of Harm
A comprehensive evaluation of eight common childhood vaccines has found that any adverse effects from vaccines are very rare or very minor.

The last resort: More and more Americans are calling long-stay motels home
Cheap, not very cheerful, and pretty much a last resort.

Black unemployment: Highest in 27 years

Armed Mexican Federal Police Cross Into United States
But DHS still obsesses on white middle class Americans as most deadly security threat.

Feds Covered Up ‘Fast and Furious’ Link to Gun That Killed Brian Terry

Libya Warned Smugglers are Looting Gaddafi’s Guns
The spin here is that only African Gaddafi mercenaries are looting the weapons.

Libya and Syria: The Neocon Plan to Attack Seven Countries in Five Years

Libya: NATO Enabling War Crimes
Cutting off a city from food & water is a war crime.

Iraq to probe alleged US massacre: PM’s aide

Documents Reveal New Details About DHS Development of Mobile Body Scanners
EPIC has obtained more than one hundred fifty pages of documents detailing the Department of Homeland Security’s development of mobile body scanners.


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