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MSNBC Yet Again Implies Criticism of Obama Is Racist
General Electric-owned network is earning its federal bailout money.

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WikiLeaks cable: U.S. troops handcuffed, shot Iraqi children in raid
U.S. troops massacred an Iraqi family in the town of Ishaqi in 2006, handcuffing and then shooting 11 people in the head.

Iranian nuclear bid could provoke attack: Sarkozy

Peter Schiff: ‘QE2 is the reason for recession’
On Friday new numbers are going reveal what is occurring in the employment sector.

Appeals Court Rules It Is Not Illegal To Film Police
Americans still being arrested for recording cops as a consequence of mass hoax.

ACLU sues Baltimore police for deleting videos off cell phone

Chinese Want to Place an Asteroid in Earth Orbit and Mine It – “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”
Most of the discussion about near Earth asteroids focuses on whether they represent a threat to Earth.

WikiLeaks blames Guardian journalist for release of 251,000 unredacted U.S. cables

Bahrain: US Ally Kills Children… So When Is NATO Intervening?
This is the face of state terror against civilians in the US and British-backed Gulf oil kingdom of Bahrain.

Gaddafi Sons At Odds Over Libya Conflict

The Top 10 Reasons Why Dr. Ron Paul Is the Only Rational Choice
The top 10 reasons why Dr. Ron Paul is the only rational presidential choice for Americans, Democratic, Republican and Independent.

FEMA’S use of term ‘federal family’ for government expands under Obama
Ron Paul: Rick Perry is The Globalist Choice for 2012

Four Years Later: The Kennebunkport Warning of August 2007 Confirmed by Dick Cheney on his New Autobiography
This week marks the fourth anniversary of the Kennebunkport Warning, whose text the reader will find elsewhere on this web site.

Man Faces Life In Jail For Recording Police
Every other case involving people arrested for filming cops has been thrown out of court.

Arizona Cop Caught On Citizen Video Tasering Mentally Ill Man

‘Smart’ CCTV Could Track Rioters
‘Smart’ CCTV could track anyone.

Ron Paul: Feds Preparing For “Breakdown Of Law And Order”
Presidential candidate warns of government “power grab” in time of crisis.

Ron Paul: CIA Chooses Dictators Around the World
Ron Paul: Rick Perry is a Flip-Flopper

In Libya, a Bloodbath Looms
The Orwellian hypocrisy of NATO’s mission “to protect civilians” in Libya has now been encapsulated .

NATO’s Deceitful Libya War of Aggression and Meaning for Africa
Gaddafi endgame: Rebels extend surrender deadline by one week
Military Chief: ‘Gaddafi Planning Fightback’

Chinese Warship Confronts Indian Navy Vessel In The South China Sea
An unnamed Chinese warship allegedly challenged an Indian navy vessel as it left a Vietnam port on July 22.

Police TV: Cops want to catch rioters caught on camera
Top media outlets in the UK are resisting calls from London’s Metropolitan Police.

General: China Could Be Planning Surprise Missile Attack on United States
A retired Chinese general recently revealed that his country might be planning a surprise missile attack on the United States.

Nuclear expert says Fukushima radiation coming to USA, massive cover-up under way
There has been a lot of disinformation regarding the Fukushima Nuclear disaster.

In America The Rule Of Law Is Vacated
Bank fraudsters, torturers, and war criminals running free.

The Players of World War Three: Globalists And Zionists Vs. Islamists

Fearing An Even Worse Inflationary Depression Ahead
The debauching of currencies worldwide goes on with great abandon.

The Ever Diminishing Returns Of Central Bank Intervention, Or QE As The Godfather Trilogy

Roubini Sees 60% Chance Of A Recession In 2012, China And Brazil Also At Risk

Rasmussen: “the number of Americans who feel global warming is linked to extreme weather is down 14 points from early June 2008?
The number of Americans who feel global warming is linked to extreme weather is down 14 points.

AI vs. AI. Two Chatbots Talking to Each Other

N.Y. billing dispute reveals details of secret CIA rendition flights
A Gulfstream IV aircraft carrying six passengers took off from Dulles International Airport and flew to Bangkok with fueling stops in Cold Bay, Alaska, and Osaka, Japan.

9/11 children’s colouring book angers US Muslims

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