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Eugenicist Gunman Exposes Dark Side of the Environmentalist Cult
A crazed gunman who entered a Discovery Channel building in Silver Spring, Maryland today with explosives posted an online manifesto revealing his views on how “parasitic human infants” should be eliminated and humans sterilized, providing a shocking insight into the dark side of the environmentalist cult that seeks to enact draconian eugenicist policies in the name of saving the planet.

Manifesto of Discovery Channel Gunman: Environmentalist/Eugenicist Who Demanded Halt to Birth Of “Parasitic Human Infants”

Sweden to reopen rape probe of WikiLeaks founder
A top Swedish prosecutor said Wednesday she would reopen a rape investigation against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, overturning a previous ruling to quash a probe of the Australian.

Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online

Keiser Report: Glenn Beck ‘Soupy Sales’ TV Clown!
Max Keiser points out that Glenn Beck completely failed to mention the number one issue that threatens “America’s honor” – the accelerating and out of control defense budget.

School Puts RFID In Children’s Backpacks For GPS Tracking
In a bid to set parents’ nerves at ease, a southwest suburban school district has become one of the first in the state to begin using GPS to track schoolchildren riding buses to and from school each day.

Will ‘Machete’ release spark racial violence?
With the violent and racially-charged film ‘Machete’ about to hit theaters Friday, Alex Jones has once again questioned the film’s potential to heighten tensions in the immigration debate or even fuel riots or attacks. Though the production crew has downplayed fears of a ‘race war’ message, recent sightings of bloody ‘Machete’ promo posters plastered throughout Latin America suggest that this violent film may still stir controversy and strong reactions.

What American President Would Do That?
Other presidents have been wrong. Other presidents have been misguided. Other presidents have been weak and pusillanimous and pathetic. Only one truly disdains America. His name is Barack Obama.

Matthews: Obama Is “Almost Pluperfect & They Don’t Like Him!”

America’s Healthcare Insanity
By now it is common knowledge the healthcare system in the USA is a disaster. It was a disaster before the recent “overhaul,” and I’m betting is will be an even bigger disaster after the new laws actually go into effect.

Propaganda Alert: ‘Inside Job’

Officer-involved shooting leaves teen dead
A Morganton Public Safety officer shot and killed a 17-year-old male late Sunday night at Independence Park on Air Park Drive.The N.C. State Bureau of Investigations is investigating the incident. Morganton Department of Public Safety identified the teen as Michael Blake Sipes.

Mainstream media now citing ridiculous junk science to discredit omega-3s
A study out of the Netherlands has put the mainstream media in a mindless tizzy about the health effects of omega-3 fatty acids. Because a group of people fed four teaspoons of omega-3-enriched margarine a day for more than three years did not experience a reduction in heart events, many media outlets are foolishly reporting that omega-3s are not as beneficial as commonly believed.

Winners And Losers
The reality is that it has now become undeniable that globalism has arrived and we are now part of a world economy that is integrating at lightning speed. Unfortunately, all of this globalism has created some very clear winners and losers. But most middle class Americans are in such a deep sleep that they don’t even realize that they are the losers.

Second Leg of Crisis Beginning: Hedge Fund Manager

India Rejects H1N1 Shots After Vaccines Kill Children
People in the Indian capital New Delhi have rejected the H1N1 shot en masse following the news that a separate measles inoculation killed four children, as the global revolt against dangerous vaccinations, and specifically the swine flu scam, accelerates even in the face of government PR drives to make people take the combined swine flu/seasonal flu vaccine.

AZ Border Sheriff: ‘I Have About As Much Regard for the U.N. as I Do the Vermin’
“Well, it’s just amazing to me,” Dever told “Course, I have about as much regard for the U.N. as I do the vermin that hides in the rocks around my house here and reaches out and tries to bite me every now and then.”

AZ Governor Learned News of Obama’s UN Human Rights Report on Internet

Left-wing Protester Asks Black Conservative ‘What Happened to Your African Religion? You’re Supposed to be Muslim’
A group of black conservatives were explaining their affiliation with the Tea Party movement during the “Restoring Honor” event in Washington DC. A couple of liberal counter-protesters began challenging their political and religious beliefs and asked why they affiliated with Christianity, a “white man’s religion”.

Early man ‘butchered and ate the brains of children as part of everyday diet’
Among the bones of bison, deer, wild sheep and other animals, scientists discovered the butchered remains of at least 11 human children and adolescents.

Investors Spooked As Glitch Sends Gold To $3400
Investors were briefly panicked yesterday when the Yahoo Finance website indicated that gold had soared to over $3400 dollars an ounce, an instant jump of 175 per cent. Possible reasons for the shocking spike ranged from a simple mistake to a secret signal being communicated to insiders as to where the commodity was really heading.

Gold Is Surging This Morning, And Within A Rock’s Throw Of A Brand New Record

Death By Globalism—Economists Haven’t A Clue
The no-think economics establishment has no policy response for economic Armageddon, assuming they are even capable of recognizing it. Economists who have spent their professional lives rationalizing “globalism” as good for America have no idea of the disaster that they have wrought.

Flying Blind

Chicago Climate Exchange drops 50%, new record low
Perhaps reacting to the news yesterday about the IPCC getting taken to the woodshed, the growing number of stories in the MSM about the IPCC failure, and the recent layoffs at CCX, carbon trading has once again been devalued by the market. Amazingly, it lost 50% of it’s value for 2006, 2007, and 2008 “carbon instruments” today.

Is BP’s Gulf Oil Radioactive?

‘Democracy of Death’: US ‘victory’ translated into tragedy for Iraq
Live from Baghdad. On the day of American pullout from Iraq RT talks to Nir Rosen who is from New York University’s Center on Law and Security and author of the book ‘Aftermath: Following the Bloodshed of America’s Wars in the Muslim World’.

Chapter closed or renamed? Iraq war over says president Obama in speech
Blair ‘desperately sorry’ for Iraq war deaths: memoirs

Vaccine Death Coverup Implodes Worldwide
Once again the government wants to push it’s mercury filled vaccines on everyone, especially children. Alex Jones breaks down swine-flu fraud hoax which was proven last year and the new developments that are happening this flu season. He also exposes the Rockfeller plan to lower the global population by sterilizing people with vaccines. Forward these articles and and this video to your friends and loved ones.

Vaccine jabs being pushed by medical-industrial complex


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