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Nurses Plan Rally To Protest Mandatory Swine Flu Shot
Albany nurses and other health professionals are planning to stage a rally next week to protest a state regulation that mandates they will lose their jobs if they refuse to take the swine flu shot, as fears grow about the vaccine's dangerous ingredients and government plans to forcibly inoculate whole populations with the H1N1 jab.

UK Regional Swine Flu Plans Outline Mass Vaccination Centres
Mercury In Australian Approved H1N1 Vaccine
H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Makes German Man Extremely Sick During Clinical Trials
Pregnant women bare arms for H1N1 vaccine

GALLUP Only Clinton rating at this point in presidency lower than Obama’s
Barack Obama’s Most Recent Weekly Approval Rating Average.

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British Army draws up plan to send 1,000 more troops to Afghanistan
Britain is making plans to send up to 1,000 extra troops to Afghanistan to meet the call for reinforcements made by the US commander in Kabul.

Daycare Worker Told She'll Be Fired For Refusing Mandatory Flu Shot
A daycare worker employed by Northeast Health in Albany New York was shocked to be told by her boss that she would be fired if she refused to take a seasonal swine flu shot on the spot. Similar stories have been pouring in to us from all over the country as fears that the upcoming H1N1 shot will also be mandatory continue to grow.

Brown: Global Tax “Worth Looking At”
Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the introduction of a global tax to reduce risky behaviour by banks was “worth looking at”, as he prepares for a G20 summit next weekend.

Dear President Obama: Blogs Fact-Check and Put Stories in Context Much Better than the Corporate Media
President Obama said yesterday: the quality of journalism in the mainstream media has eroded considerably, and news has been corporatized, politicized, and trivialized.

The Afghan Disaster
In the private sector, there is always a test of success. The business must make a profit. It can sustain some losses but the clock is always running on those.

Ahmadinejad warns Iran will confront any attack
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned Tuesday that Iran would confront any attack on the Islamic republic, addressing an army parade which was marred by the reported crash of a military plane.

Legless man: Cops tasered me just to be ‘downright nasty’
A wheelchair-bound, legless man in Merced, California, says police officers tasered him twice, pushed him out of his wheelchair and left him handcuffed in broad daylight naked from the waist down before arresting him on charges that would never be pressed.

Psychiatry & Politics: Labeling Political Dissidents mentally ill
G. Edward Griffin, political lecturer & author of the critically acclaimed book about the Federal Reserve, “The Creature from Jekyll Island” discusses how psychiatry merges with politics to eliminate political dissenters.

Arctic Sea Ice Not Following Consensus
From the NSIDC, Sea ice reaches it’s annual minimum extent growing by 370,000 square miles over 2007. An area 1 1/2 times the size of Texas. The recovery is 220,000 sq miles above last year alone yet the NSIDC claims below that the scientists don’t consider this a recovery.

Climate Alarmists stoop to new low – create “fake” newspaper and website to push climate agenda
Prince Charles, Who Owns 6 Cars, Urges Serfs To Give Up Cars To Save Planet

Forgetful patients to be fitted with microchips to remind them to take their pills
Patients will be fitted with a microchip in their shoulder to remind them to take their medicine, under a new scheme being developed by a drugs company.

Former CBS anchorman warns of corporate influence over news
On September 16, Dan Rather, the former anchor of the CBS Evening News, warned that today’s news is shaped by very powerful corporate network owners who “are in bed with powerful political interests” that are influenced by government regulatory interests.

Investors gird for post-recession inflation
Brushing aside statistics that show an annual inflation rate of less than zero, investors already are selling off dollars and driving up the price of gold in anticipation of a surge in prices as soon as the economy recovers from its deep recession.

US gold rises toward $1,020/oz on dollar tumble
Bailed out banks may lend government money

Terror Probe Puts U.S. Mass Transit Systems on Alert
A 24-year-old Afghan man at the center of an unfolding FBI investigation into a possible U.S. terrorism cell was ordered held without bond in Colorado Monday as authorities raced to learn more about an alleged plot using hydrogen peroxide explosives and who else might have been helping to carry it out.

Study shows torture ineffective
Despite the past administration’s attempts, it appears Americans don’t even have the edge when it comes to torture.

U.N. Climate Conference Opens With Call for Unity
Some 100 heads of state gathered at the United Nations on Tuesday for an unprecedented daylong conference on combating climate change, which President Obama and other leaders acknowledged was a difficult issue to agree on but is crucial for the future health of the planet.

Home Office stonewalls ID findings
The Home Office is refusing to release ‘research’ it carried out which was meant to prove just how very keen young people in the UK are to get hold of a delicious ID card.

Met steps up stop and search with mobile phone scanner
People stopped by the police in parts of London are having their phones scanned and instantly checked against a national database to determine whether they are stolen.

Scientists see signs of global cooling
I notice some medical experts are alarmed that global warming may have an effect on health.

Steven Chu: Americans Are Like ‘Teenage Kids’ When It Comes to Energy
When it comes to greenhouse-gas emissions, Energy Secretary Steven Chu sees Americans as unruly teenagers and the Administration as the parent that will have to teach them a few lessons.

Population growth driving climate change, poverty: experts
Unchecked population growth is speeding climate change, damaging life-nurturing ecosystems and dooming many countries to poverty, experts concluded in a conference report released Monday.

China begins mass vaccinations for swine flu

China kicked off mass vaccinations for swine flu Monday in Beijing, making it apparently the first nation in the world to start innoculating its population against the virus.

Home Health Care Workers in New York Required to Get Vaccinated

U.S. to push for new economic world order at G20
The United States will urge world leaders this week to launch a new push in November to rebalance the world economy, but there are doubts national governments will bow to external advice.

The Economy is a Lie, too
Government watchdog: AIG must repay taxpayers $121 billion
Trade Wars and Protectionism are not Free Trade


Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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