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UN Calls For Bank Of The World, New Global Currency
The United Nations has called for the establishment of a new global reserve currency to be overseen by a bank of the world in an effort to reduce the role of the Dollar in international trade.

Economists: Bernanke saved US from another Great Depression
Gold May Advance Toward $1,000 as Weakening Dollar Spurs Demand
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Nuclear Agency Said to Be in ‘Stalemate’ With Iran
The head of the United Nations nuclear oversight agency said Monday that his organization was in a “stalemate” with Iran over its suspected nuclear program.

We Need A Few Free Minds
Excellent piece of hand drawn artwork sent to us by Rosin Fairfield.

Top terror suspect is freed over secrets fear
The Home Secretary has released a man regarded as one of Britain’s most dangerous terror suspects from virtual house arrest to avoid disclosing secret evidence against him, The Times has learnt.

Sept. 11 Steel Forms Heart of Far-Flung Memorials
When Jeff Cox, a 15-year-old candidate for the rank of Eagle Scout in Windermere, Fla., approached the small town’s mayor with park improvement ideas to help earn a badge, the mayor informed him that those projects were already covered.

US universities see early bouts of swine flu
Swine flu has begun to spread through American universities where more than 1,600 cases of A(H1N1) infections were recorded in the first week of classes, a health group said Thursday.

Local Nurse Won’t Comply with State Vaccination Order

German Government Advisor Proposes Personal CO2 Budget For Everyone On Planet
The top climate science advisor to the German government has proposed that everyone on the planet should have a personal CO2 budget and be forced to pay a tax if they exceed it, adding that westerners have already exceeded their allocations and should pay climate reparations to poorer countries.

Afghan rights body: dozens of civilians died in NATO strike
Scores of civilians died in last week’s NATO air strike on Taliban insurgents in northern Afghanistan, a prominent domestic rights group said on Monday in a first independent estimate of the death toll.

Sole Informant Guided Decision For NATO Airstrike in Afghanistan That Killed At Least 125

Why Obama’s Address to Schoolchildren Is Objectionable
As I read the many editorial columns and articles in support of Obama’s speech, I can see that many writers are very upset and emotional over criticism of Obama’s action.

Canadian Victory Inspires U.S. Hate Law Resistance
For the past 14 years, he was the terror of anyone charged with a hate crime in Canada.

Jose Manuel Barroso: plan for EU tax to appear on all receipts
All shopping and petrol station receipts in Britain could in future include the amount of VAT or fuel duty that goes directly to Brussels as an “EU tax”, according to Jose Manuel Barroso.

Jason Bermas Debunks National Geographic 9/11 Hit Piece
Jason Rips into National Geographic’s 9/11 hit piece and takes on the “no planes” theory, that is designed to make the real 9/11 Truth movement look foolish.

Obama did not order Van Jones’ resignation, adviser says
The resignation of Obama administration figure Van Jones, following controversies over a petition he had signed and his comments about Republicans, did not come at the request of the president, the White House senior adviser said Sunday.

TV News Says Obama Posters Hurtful
The latest round up of coverage of the Obama Joker posters.

Stone film says U.S. demonises Chavez, other leaders
Director Oliver Stone says the U.S. media and government have demonised Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and other leftist South American leaders, and argues in a new film that they were right to stand up to Washington.

Obama to name ex-banker to manufacturing post
President Barack Obama has named an ex-investment banker who has helped drive the turnaround in the US auto sector as his top advisor on manufacturing, the White House said.

Central bankers empower global standards, raise liquidity requirements
Leading central bank governors said on Sunday they had agreed on a package of measures to strengthen on a “global” scale the supervision of the banking industry.

US Hypocrisy Astonishes the World

National Geographic Channel on 9/11: Manipulation vs. Objectivity
AE911Truth plans to release a longer response than this one as soon as resources permit. In the meantime, readers are encouraged to examine these other recently published pieces.

Russia oil production overtakes Saudi Arabia
Russia is extracting more oil than Saudi Arabia, making it the biggest producer of “black gold” in the world, figures show.

Krugman: Most Economists, Including Nobel-Prize Winners, Are Idiots or Fools
Paul Krugman, in attempting to defend Keynesian doctrine, calls most modern economists idiots or fools, including a slew of recent Nobel prize winners.

Barack Obama accused of making ‘Depression’ mistakes

Honor Labor Day: End Compulsory Unionism
Labor Day is a celebration of the efforts of America’s workers. However, the celebration is hollow for millions of American workers because of compulsory unionism.

Families: Girls Were Strip-Searched At Iowa School
Family members said this week that Atlantic high school officials forced five teenage girls to remove their clothes during an investigation into a theft.

Be prepared to drop knives, Scouts told
Scouts may find themselves not so well-prepared from now on after being all but banned from carrying penknives.

World’s climate could cool first, warm later
Forecasts of climate change are about to go seriously out of kilter. One of the world’s top climate modellers said Thursday we could be about to enter “one or even two decades during which temperatures cool.

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura

9/11 Truth Hit Piece Propaganda


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