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Obama Website Calls Opponents “Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists”
Bobby Eberle, writing for GOP USA, is alarmed by the latest Obama political tactic — characterizing all who would oppose Obamacare as rightwing extremists. Eberle points to a post dated the first of September on the Heritage Foundation website.

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Obama Regulation Czar Advocated Removing People’s Organs Without Explicit Consent
Cass Sunstein, President Barack Obama’s nominee to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), has advocated a policy under which the government would “presume” someone has consented to having his or her organs removed for transplantation into someone else when they die unless that person has explicitly indicated that his or her organs should not be taken.

Canada to stage mock Afghan attack in Washington
The Taliban will attack an Afghan village set up in the heart of Washington courtesy of the Canadian Forces, who will send in a medic in a dramatic effort to save a civilian crippled by the explosion.

Which Flation Will Get Us?
One of them will. That’s if things work out really well. Two or three will if things go according to the Austrian theory of the business cycle.

Five more banks fail — 89 so far in 2009

‘Terror’ witness can sue senior Bush official: court
Former US president George W. Bush’s top law enforcer John Ashcroft could be sued and held personally responsible for the wrongful detention of a US “terror” witness, a federal court of appeals said.

Protests in China over ‘hypodermic needle attacks’
A crowd have been confronting riot police in China’s western city of Urumqi, as hundreds of Han Chinese tried to push past security barriers into an ethnic Uighur neighbourhood.]

Indoctrination Of ‘Obama Youth’ In Schools Accelerates
Despite efforts to portray next week’s event as merely the President giving a speech to students, the full scope of what some education experts are decrying as part of an indoctrination program represents an advancement of the creepy, Orwellian, cult of personality-style worship of Obama and servitude to government being pushed in schools throughout America.

Global Warming Advocate Wished For Tornadoes and “Horrid Things” To Convince Americans Of Climate Threat
Schelling, in a moment of sheer lunacy or candor, depending on your viewpoint, wished for “tornadoes” and “a lot of horrid things” to convince Americans of a global warming threat.

GQ Spikes Story About Putin Involvement in 1999 Apartment Bombings
The magazine apparently buried Scott Anderson’s expose about the 1999 apartment bombings in Russia that led, directly according to some and indirectly according to others, to the ascension of Vladimir Putin to power.

Chinese Girl Becomes Media Darling After Expressing Desire to Become “Corrupt Official”

White House to collect personal info from social networks
Public watchdogs in America say they’ve uncovered a secret plan by the White House to harvest personal information from social networking sites like Facebook.

“Mock-up” pandemic vaccines bypass genuine safety testing, turning population into guinea pigs
Emails and information circulating on the ‘net point to a rumor that the World Health Organization (WHO) has released a pandemic virus into the population via a “mock-up” vaccine.

WHO Admits to Releasing Pandemic Virus into Population via ‘Mock-Up’ Vaccines

Beginning of Engineered Pandemic? 2,000 Infected with H1N1 at Washington University
The New World Order’s planned flu pandemic has grabbed headlines with an outbreak of the relatively mild H1N1 virus at Washington State University.

Kucinich renews call for Afghan withdrawal after botched airstrike
In a Friday press release, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) condemned a NATO airstrike which killed 95 people, including much of the population of a small Afghan village, and renewed his call for the United States to withdraw its forces from both Afghanistan and Iraq.

Iran dismisses bomb studies intelligence as forged
A senior Iranian official has accused the United States of feeding “forged” intelligence to the U.N. nuclear watchdog that says Iran had studied ways to make atomic bombs.

69th Bomb Squadron reactivates at Minot AFB
The 69th Bomb Squadron was reactivated during an activation ceremony here Sept. 3. The new unit is the fourth operational B-52H Stratofortress squadron in the Air Force and joins the 23rd Bomb Squadron as the second squadron at Minot. Barksdale Air Force Base, La. has two operational B-52 units, the 20th and 96th.

Fort Lee Troops And Police Take On Protesters in “Anti-Terrorism” Drill
Soldiers teamed up with police at Fort Lee, Virginia this week for a three day long “anti-terrorism drill” that involved defending themselves from actors playing the part of “agitated” protesters.

Some schools won’t show Obama TV address, others offer an opt-out
Some school districts in Texas, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Virginia and Wisconsin, among other states, have decided not to show President Obama’s televised speech to students next week.

42% of Parents Don’t Want their Children Watching Obama Speech

The CIA Mind Control Doctors: From Harvard to Guantanamo
MKULTRA and related programs had several over-lapping purposes. One was to purchase mind control drugs from suppliers. Another was to form relationships with researchers who might later be used as consultants at the TOP SECRET level.

New Infowars Obama Joker Images
The new Infowars Obama Joker image.

Hong Kong recalls gold reserves, touts high-security vault
Hong Kong is pulling all its physical gold holdings from depositories in London, transferring them to a high-security depository newly built at the city’s airport, in a move that won praise from local traders Thursday.

Unemployment rate reaches a 26-year high

US Homeland Security begins hoarding personal data
The White House is unveiling new rules for searching computers, laptops and other electronic devices when people enter the United States. Civil liberties groups have criticized the measure.

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura

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