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Why Psychologists Are Infinitely More Dangerous Than Conspiracy Theorists
According to a Psychology Today hit piece written by psychologist John Gartner, people prone to thinking that powerful men might actually get together and plan to maintain and advance their power are borderline psychotics who are a danger to society.

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Bank Of America Asks Armless Man For Thumbprint, Then Denies To Cash His Check (VIDEO)
All Steve Valdez wanted to do was cash a check from his wife during his work break. Bank of America insisted that Mr. Valdez provide a thumbprint to verify his identity, which he was unable to do because he was born with no arms.

Alex Jones On The Psychology Today Hit Piece
Psychology Today’s gravy train of big pharma advertisers will no doubt be pleased to see the publication wastes no time in savagely attacking radio host and film maker Alex Jones.

Banks Were Pressured to Take TARP Funds: CEO
Banks were pressured to take government bailout funds under the Troubled Asset Relief Program whether they wanted to or not, said Bill Cooper, the chairman and CEO of TCF Financial.

China Set to Buy $50 Billion in IMF Notes

BBC ‘Aftershock’ Promo – Economic Collapse/New World Order
A promo for a BBC show portrays bankers rioting over an economic meltdown as a new world order is announced.

Maryland Gov Says Taking Toxic Vaccination is “Patriotic Duty”
Government demands on the people never end. Once you give in to government, you may as well lay down and let them walk all over you. In fact, you may as well let them kill you.

“Democracy Is Dead… Politicians [In] The White House, Senate And Congress [Are] Mere Puppets, Pawns For The … Oligopoly”
The Founding Fathers would not recognize modern America.

UN chief visits ‘doomsday’ seed vault in Arctic
UN chief Ban Ki-moon visited Wednesday a vault carved into the Arctic permafrost, filled with samples of the world’s most important seeds in case food crops are wiped out by a catastrophe.

FL GOP: Obama’s speech to schoolkids ’socialist indoctrination’
The head of the Florida Republican Party says a speech President Barack Obama plans to give to the nation’s schoolchildren is an attempt to “indoctrinate” America’s youth into a “socialist” ideology.

Police draw guns on wrong student
Police drew their weapons on a student at a South Florida campus only to realize moments later he was the wrong suspect.

‘Global Warming for Dummies’ or Global Warming Propaganda?
Energy efficiency for the First World comes at a high cost for factory workers in China, with high rates of mercury poisoning being reported among employees in the plants that make compact fluorescent light bulbs.

All in the mind: The ‘telepathy’ chip that lets you turn on the TV using the power of thought
A ‘telepathy’ chip that allows people to control computers, televisions and light switches by the power of thought is being developed by British scientists.

Psychology Today Hit Piece Labels Conspiracy Thinking A Psychotic Illness
In an article entitled Dark Minds: When does incredulity become paranoia, Psychology Today writer John Gartner attempts to make the case that the concerns of "conspiracy theorists" are not based in reality but are a product of mental instability, while himself fulfilling every criteria for what he claims classifies such people as psychotics.

Congressman Warns US Becoming A Totalitarian State
Republican Congressman Paul Broun has once again warned that the US is being slowly transformed into a police state dictatorship.

Another Rebuttal To Gartner’s Psychology Today Hit Piece
So, in your article titled, “Dark Minds: When does incredulity become paranoia” are you suggesting that there are no conspiracies? Are you saying that there are not powerful people who meet and discuss world policy that effects us all?

Utah Principal Apologizes for Showing Pro-Obama ‘I Pledge’ Video to Students
A school principal has apologized for showing a video at an assembly that a politically conservative group leader is calling “radical, leftist propaganda.”

Health Care Bill Gives Obama Power to Appoint Government ‘Commissioner’ With Sweeping Power to Dictate Health Coverage

Swine Flu Vaccine To Be Mandatory For U.S. Military
In a news release, Army Lt. Col. Wayne Hachey, the department’s director of preventive medicine, said vaccination will be mandatory for uniformed personnel.

Swine flu won’t be as dangerous as we thought, official says

Man Bites Finger Off Health Reform Protester
Despite the establishment media’s fixation will portraying anti-Obamacare protesters as potentially dangerous, the only real violence has been on behalf of pro-Obamacare supporters.

Earth-awareness run amok: WWF’s ad company apparently produced 9/11 “respect the planet” video in June 2009
In my opinion, it boggles the mind that anyone or any organization could be so dense as to not predict the public reaction to such a print ad, much less a video.

CIA doctors face human experimentation claims
Doctors and psychologists the CIA employed to monitor its “enhanced interrogation” of terror suspects came close to, and may even have committed, unlawful human experimentation, a medical ethics watchdog has alleged.

What Would the United States Look Like Without the Federal Reserve?

Since H.R. 1207 was introduced by Dr. Ron Paul in Congress this February, there has been a growing movement questions whether the Fed should continue to operate without more oversight and some question whether or not the Federal Reserve should continue to operate at all.

Bobcats Over Washington on 9/11: What Were Two Mystery Aircraft Doing Overhead at the Time of the Pentagon Attack?
Two military aircraft were flying at high altitude near the Pentagon around the time it was hit on 9/11, but the identities of these aircraft and what they were doing over the Pentagon are unknown.

Critics Slam World Wildlife Fund for Ad Campaign Exploiting 9/11
National Geographic’s New Hit Piece – 9/11: Science And Conspiracy

Terrorist Leader: U.S. Commanded Attacks in Iran
A leader of a Sunni terrorist group who is awaiting execution in Iran says that his group received orders from the United States to launch terror attacks in Iran.

HSBC Says Switzerland Luring More Rich Foreigners as Taxes Rise
HSBC Holdings Plc’s Swiss private bank says more rich foreigners are inquiring about moving to Switzerland, spurred by rising taxes at home and concerns about the erosion of banking secrecy for non-residents.

Gold rises to three-month high as weaker dollar spurs demand

Sentenced to death on the NHS
Patients with terminal illnesses are being made to die prematurely under an NHS scheme to help end their lives, leading doctors have warned.

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura

9/11 Truth Hit Piece Propaganda


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