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Jesse Ventura To Host Investigative Show For TruTV
Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura is to host a new investigative series for television channel TruTV which promises to look into different "conspiracy theories" and weigh up their validity.

U.S. Heading for Slump, With or Without Bailout
The U.S. may face its longest recession in a quarter century no matter what action Congress takes on Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson’s $700 billion plan to rescue the battered banking industry.

Nobel laureate Stiglitz predicts Obama win, recession
There Might Be a Financial Crisis, But the World’s Arms Dealers Are Doing Just Fine
US bailout vote: George Bush warns of ‘lasting’ damage if Congress rejects plan
The Shadow of the Pitchfork
Wall Street fall spreads to Asian markets
U.K. FSA Said to Open Probe Into Shorting of Banks

Cyber Security Expert: Hackers Planning To Steal Election For McCain
Cyber security expert and vote fraud whistleblower Stephen Spoonamore warns in a new interview that electronic voting machines represent a national security threat and that hackers are already planning to steal the 2008 presidential election for John McCain.

Black Monday: Global investors vote “no” on Paulson bailout
Government Bailout Profit a Myth, Says Merrill Lynch Economist
Ammunition To Use Against the “New, Improved” Bailout Proposal
People Who Opposed The Bailout are NOT To Blame for the Stock Market Crash
Who Predicted U.S. Economic Collapse One Year Ago?
Why Institutions of Western Finance and Medicine are Both Doomed to Fail
Senate May Try to Revive Bank-Rescue Bill as Early as Tomorrow
Cramer: Don’t Buy Until Dow Hits 8,200
Silver Lining of the Economic Crash
The (Near) Death of the State
FDIC Key to Stop Banking Collapse

Bush Had No Plan to Catch Bin Laden after 9/11
New evidence from former U.S. officials reveals that the George W. Bush administration failed to adopt any plan to block the retreat of Osama bin Laden and other al Qaeda leaders from Afghanistan to Pakistan in the first weeks after 9/11.

Meat must be rationed to four portions a week, says report on climate change
People will have to be rationed to four modest portions of meat and one litre of milk a week if the world is to avoid run-away climate change, a major new report warns.

Unruly behaviour ‘may be illness’

Congress Ends 9/11 Workers’ Health Care Bill
Congress has abandoned legislation to provide billions of dollars in health care for September 11th recovery workers.

Russia plans to raise defense expenditure by 50% in 3 years
Russia is planning to increase its spending on defense by 50% in the next three years, a senior MP said Tuesday.

WeAreChange Confronts Douglas Feith
Brian Kenny and Matt Lepacek from We Are Change confront Douglas Feith on war crimes.

‘MI6 terror photographs’ found on £17 camera bought on eBay
Police are investigating the eBay auction of a digital camera said to have contained MI6 images of terror suspects.

Analysis: U.S. needs cyber-offensive
The United States needs to do more to develop an offensive cyberwar capability, rather than just focus on defending its networks from attack, says the chairman of the House Cybersecurity Subcommittee.

The Nonsense of Global Warming
This summer’s atrocious weather tempted me to tease a Green whom I know. “Well, what about your weather theory now?”

Bet on Israel bombing Iran
Are we going to have an October surprise, an attack on Iran by either the Bush administration or by Israel to stop the regime from becoming a nuclear power?

Why America Should Listen to Ahmadinejad

Mobile phones to track carbon footprint
Keeping track of your carbon footprint could become as simple as slipping a mobile phone in your pocket.

Bill would ban suspicionless laptop searches

Flight of white Britons from UK leaps to 70,000 per year … but population still rising as Eastern Europeans come to Britain
Thousands of Britons leave our shores every year for a new life abroad, official figures show.

Chavez: We will not invade any nation
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says his country, which plans a joint war game with Russia, will not engage in acts of aggression toward anyone.

Russia Accuses U.S. of Brinksmanship, Expanding Arsenal in Retaliation

Palin Makes Pakistan Terror Gaffe
Republican vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin has said she supports US bombing raids inside Pakistan, after John McCain said the candidates should stay silent on the issue.

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

Steve Watson: British Kids Encouraged To Become "Climate Cops"

Steve Watson: Terror Stopped For Putting My Hand in My Pocket

Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show: The state wants your children.


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