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The Market is Now Pricing In the Genuine Possibility that the US will Default on Its Debt

You’ve heard of “credit default swaps”. They are a type of derivative where one person places a bet that a certain company will go out of business, and another person on the other side of the contract places a bet that the company won’t go out of business…

Almost Armageddon: Markets Were 500 Trades From Meltdown
We Have DAYS To Stop the $700 Billion Stick-Up (and Fascist Power Grab)
U.S. Taxpayers Are Paying to Bail Out FOREIGN Speculators

Pakistan hotel bombing kills at least 60
A suicide bomber detonated a truck packed with explosives at the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad on Saturday, killing at least 60 people in a brazen attack in the heart of the Pakistan capital.

MoD accused of covering up injuries to troops

Historic Market Bailout Set in Motion
The Bush administration yesterday proposed a historic $500 billion bailout of financial firms that would let the government rather than the cold judgment of the marketplace decide the winners and losers from the crisis that has shaken the U.S. economy for the past year.

Dodd: US financial system near meltdown
One Week Later, a New World Order
Apocalypse Now?: New world order could have devastating implications for Western nations

Understanding the Crisis
SEC bans short-selling for financials
Democrats Seek to Add Subprime Relief to Paulson’s Rescue Plan

Tony Blair gets soft treatment at Yale University
Instead of the usual grilling, Tony Blair was subjected to rather soothing treatment during his debut appearance at Yale University.

Family waits for justice for Jean Charles de Menezes, the boy from Brazil

New Al Qaeda Tape Surfaces Despite US Efforts to Block It
Al Qaeda’s annual September 11 propaganda video surfaced today, delayed eight days by a concerted US effort to block it.

Bush plan: $700 Billion for bad mortgages
US Congressional leaders rushed to tackle Saturday an unprecedented 700-billion-dollar plan to rescue the financial sector from the worst crisis since the Great Depression.

Grasping at Straws

MoD accused of covering up injuries to troops
Soldiers, MPs and lawyers representing injured servicemen and women claim the real cost to those fighting on the front line in Helmand province, southern Afghanistan, is being hidden from the public for political reasons.

Judge orders Cheney to preserve records of administration

Georgia to seek U.N. support against Russia
The leaders of Georgia and Ukraine go to the United Nations next week hoping to shore up Western support for their future NATO accession faced with a militarily resurgent Russia.

Russia seeks oil control with OPEC move

Russia rejects new measures against Iran
Russia is against new UN Security Council measures targeting Iran, the foreign ministry said in a statement Saturday after the White House warned of a new round of sanctions.

‘US seeks secret bases in Iraq’

Old people with dementia have a duty to die and should be pushed towards death, says Baroness Warnock
Elderly people with dementia are ‘wasting’ the lives of those who have to care for them, one of the country’s most influential experts on medical ethics said yesterday.

Hang On to Your Wallets! The Government is About to Rescue Us
When the financial markets started coming undone earlier this week, the Treasury Secretary and the Federal Reserve stepped in, and with $85 billion of our money (actually our children’s money, since they borrowed it from China and Saudi Arabia), bought foundering AIG, the world’s largest insurance company, and assumed its colossal pile of crap debt.

‘Tent Cities’ Spring Up In The US
Bush Compares The Financial Crisis He Created To The Terrorist Attacks He Never Saw Coming
The Fed’s Weekend At Bernie’s

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

Steve Watson: British Kids Encouraged To Become "Climate Cops"

Steve Watson: Terror Stopped For Putting My Hand in My Pocket

Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show: The state wants your children.


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