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Genetically Engineered Merck Cancer Vaccine Made Mandatory For Immigrants
Immigrants seeking permanent legal residency in the U.S. are now mandated to take an expensive and controversial vaccine that has been linked with thousands of serious complaints and several deaths.

Iran: Israel incapable of launching wide-scale war
The ‘Zionist regime’ lacks the diplomatic, economic and social ability to launch a wide-scale war, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s senior military advisor stated Tuesday.

Afghan civilian casualties soar

Council snoops use anti-terror laws to spy on punt operators
Council spies have been using anti-terror laws and hidden CCTV cameras to monitor the punting trade, it has emerged.

Rio Cops ‘Kill Three People A Day’

Run On The Bank? Americans Could Lose Their Deposits
You know things are bad when, the most trafficked website in the world and usually a purveyor of mindless celebrity gossip, cooking tips and dating advice, features a top story about how Americans could lose their bank deposits following the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

Inflation rises to 4.7% and FTSE plunges ANOTHER 90 points as global markets tumble in wake of Meltdown Monday
How the Masters of the Universe ran amok and cost us the earth
Why AIG is in Trouble . . .and Why its Failure Would Be a Big Deal

Banking crisis: Is Britain heading for the worst recession since the 1930s?
Just two weeks ago, the Chancellor, Alistair Darling, was being roundly condemned for exaggerating the size of Britain's economic crisis by saying it was the worst for 60 years.

McCain On ‘Black Monday’: Fundamentals Of Our Economy Are Still Strong
Global share rout continues
Fed set to hold rates steady
Oil dives $4, hammered for second day

Bush family cleaning up on transfer of public lands to private hands
WMR has learned from a senior Democratic congressional source that the Bush family, most notably former President George H. W. Bush, is reaping windfall profits from the transfer of title of public federal and state lands to private hands.

For prosecution of Bush, planning begins

US Economy: Rudderless and Reeling from Direct Hits
We were promised a “New Economy” of high-tech tradable services to take the place of the offshored manufacturing economy. Wondering what had become of the “New Economy,” Duke University’s Offshoring Research Network searched for it and located it offshore.

It’s a history-making financial crisis, and it’s not over yet
Money-Market Rates Double Amid Global Credit Seizure

Scary Similarities To The Great Depression
Being born in 1926, Greenspan grew up during the Great Depression of 1929 to the late 1930s. That was a once in a century event. Could the current crisis be as bad as the Great Depression?

AIG’s Collapse Would Have Impact Around the Globe

Krugman: Phil Gramm would be ‘just the guy’ to lead us into a Great Depression
Last night on MSNBC’s Countdown, New York Times columnist and Princeton economics professor Paul Krugman pinpointed Phil Gramm as one of the architects of the current financial crisis, and the “odds-on favorite to be the Treasury Secretary” in a McCain administration. Asked by Olbermann what Gramm’s nomination would mean for the economy, Krugman suggested it could lead to another Great Depression.

Israel Waging ‘Secret War With Iran’
Israel and America are intensifying a clandestine war against Iran that has run hot and cold since the Islamic Revolution in 1979 but has grown more urgent as Iran races to obtain an atomic bomb.

North Korea vows to build up ‘war deterrent’
Ukraine’s government falls apart

The Tumbrils Roll at Dawn
Bank of America is buying Merrill Lynch for $45 billion, AIG needs an emergency $40 billion bail-out from Uncle Sam to stay afloat, and Lehman Bros is kaput.

CHANGE Seattle with Janeane Garofalo

Teach ‘the pleasure of gay sex’ to children as young as five, say researchers
Children as young as five should be taught to understand the pleasures of gay sex, according to leaders of a taxpayer-funded education project.

It’s official - England is the MOST crowded country in Europe, thanks to immigration
England has become the most crowded major country in Europe, official figures show.

Roll back time to safeguard climate, expert warns
Scientists may have to turn back time and clean the atmosphere of all man-made carbon dioxide to prevent the worst impacts of global warming, one of Europe’s most senior climate scientists has warned.

First Photo of Planet Around Sun-Like Star

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

Steve Watson: British Kids Encouraged To Become "Climate Cops"

Steve Watson: Terror Stopped For Putting My Hand in My Pocket

Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show: The state wants your children.


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