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Global Poll: Less Than Half Believe Al-Qaeda Behind 9/11
A new global poll conducted across 17 countries has found that less than half of those surveyed believe Al-Qaeda was behind the 9/11 attacks, with a full 15 per cent believing that the terrorist outrage was directly perpetrated by the U.S. government.

Ron Paul rejects McCain campaign's plea for endorsement
Ron Paul held a press conference urging voters to select a third-party presidential candidate instead of Barack Obama or John McCain.

Ron Paul Statement to the National Press Club

Recession will hit the UK economy this year, warns European Commission
The UK economy will fall into recession this year following two successive quarters of negative growth, the European Commission has predicted.

Woodward: Bin Laden Capture Could Be October Surprise
Pulitzer prize winning journalist Bob Woodward, who helped uncover the Watergate scandal in 1972, says that the October surprise in the run-up to the presidential election could be the death or capture of Osama bin Laden.

"Was America Attacked by Muslims on 9/11?" by David Ray Griffin
Much of America's foreign policy since 9/11 has been based on the assumption that it was attacked by Muslims on that day.

Ground Zero, NYC - Schedule for 9/11/08

Israel’s senior ministers confer urgently on Iran as US masses air-naval might in Middle East waters
Ehud Olmert summoned Ehud Barak and foreign minister Tzipi Livni for an urgent consultation on Iran, as the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier headed out to the Mediterranean for missions.

Olbermann Punished for Crying Foul at GOP Exploitation of 9/11 Tragedy
Keith Olbermann, well-known critic of terrorism fear-mongering and the Bush administration alike, has apparently lost his election coverage anchor position at MSNBC for his alleged ‘bias’ in reporting.

Olbermann’s Disgust with the Neocon “Tribute” to 9/11

Kim Rumours Are 'Conspiracy Plot'
A North Korean diplomat has denied reports that leader Kim Jong Il is seriously sick and accused the West of a "conspiracy plot".

Cage forced to pay back-tax to the IRS
Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage has been forced to pay more than half a million dollars in back taxes and penalties to the Internal Revenue Service, after it was revealed he had improperly deducted millions of dollars in personal expenses from his professional income.

What Is The Secret Killing Weapon In Iraq?
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Bob Woodward revealed to Larry King last night that the U.S. has embarked on a "secret killing program" in Iraq which has dramatically reduced attacks on coalition troops by wiping out terrorists, but what could this secret weapon possibly be?

U.S. plans $7 billion missile-defense sale to UAE
George Bush announces plan to move US troops from Iraq to Afghanistan

No end to anti-terror baggage measures
Air passengers face five more years of bans on carrying liquids in their hand luggage, it has emerged.

Nader Calls For New 9/11 Investigation
Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader pledged support for a new investigation into the events of 9/11 Monday, commenting that the 9/11 Commission was "flawed, right from the get go".

9/11 Truth Film To Be Broadcast On Prime Time Russian TV

Rep. McDermott signs on to impeachment resolution
Congressman Jim McDermott, representing Washington's 7th district, stood up on the House floor to give his official support to efforts to impeach President Bush.

A Temporary Respite from Permanent Decline
Americans were alarmed last June as the price of oil raced toward $150 per barrel. Today, as the price falls toward $100, Americans feel relieved. They have forgotten that prior to the Bush regime’s wars, the price of oil was $30 per barrel.

"Don't Wait Till Tomorrow"

Russian nuclear-capable aircraft, battle cruiser head for Venezuela
Russian foreign ministry spokesman Andrei Nesterenko’s announcement in Moscow provided sketchy details of the coming Russian deployment at a Venezuela airport and the joint naval war games with Hugo Chavez’s navy in the Caribbean.

Saakashvili urged to step down
Lavrov: Georgia could attack again

Council threatens families with a £1,000 fine... for parking on their own driveways
Furious residents have been left stunned after a council threatened to fine them £1,000 - for parking on their own driveways.

Parents Wake Up...
Inglewood Officers Fired 47 Shots at Homeless Man

Greenspan: Recession Still '50 Percent or More' Likely
The economy isn’t out of the woods yet in spite of 3.3 percent gross domestic product (GDP) growth in the second quarter of 2008, according to Greenspan.

Opec cuts output to keep oil above $100
Oil prices hit five-month low

Adults spotted without children to be interrogated by park wardens
Park wardens have been ordered to stop and interrogate anyone who is not accompanied by children.

UK Council hires kids to spy on neighbors

Russia threatens Czech, Polish missile shield sites: reports
Russia could point its inter-continental ballistic missiles at US missile defence sites in central Europe, the head of strategic missile forces said on Wednesday, quoted by Russian news agencies.

Russia to test-launch four ICBMs

'Big Bang' machine begins operation
Scientists began the world's largest science experiment hoping to unlock some of the secrets of the universe.

Apocalypse Now? The New Big Bang
Will the world end on Wednesday?
UK lab challenges Swiss project

The Government as Wizard of Oz in Anthrax and 9/11 Investigations. . . "Don't Look at the Man Behind the Curtain"
As top independent anthrax experts, physicists, engineers and architects confirm, the government makes claims in the anthrax and 9/11 investigations but does not provide the details which would allow the claims to be independently tested by scientists.

World’s Top Anthrax Experts Say The Killer Anthrax was Weaponized

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

Steve Watson: British Kids Encouraged To Become "Climate Cops"

Steve Watson: Terror Stopped For Putting My Hand in My Pocket

Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show: The state wants your children.


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