Resist ID Cards
Hurricane Katrina
London Bombings

Last Updated: Wednesday 28th September, 2005, 17:00 BST

Katrina/Rita Fallout Part Two
Martial Law: The Pretext Is Now Set

In the Aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita it has become obvious that not only will another terror attack on US soil provide the pretext for a police state crackdown, so will a natural disaster.

New Federal Hate Bill Means Funeral of Free Speech

Although AMDT.2662 ostensibly empowers the government to assist states in prosecution of violent hate crimes, its actual effect will be much more far-reaching.

Russian Forces Were First to Fire — Beslan Witness
An armored vehicle of the Russian security forces opened fire at the school before a blast blamed by the authorities on the hostage takers unleashed a chain of events that claimed the lives of many hostages.

Diana Embalmed Hide Pregnancy
US media held to account
Standard Attacks 9/11 Skeptics
John Doe challenges gag order
Internet Thought Police
Ticketed for Sitting on a Bench
ID cards will control Big Brother state, says Clarke
UK rules out Iran military action
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The Danger of Standing Armies: The average American is likely to think that "posse comitatus" is the entourage of a top rapper or NBA star.

Torture and Cowardice: Why are American Religious Leaders Silent? Where do American religious leaders stand on torture?

From a Cave in Afghanistan: It’s the al-Zarqawi Show
An internet news show entitled “the Voice of the Caliphate,”

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