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New 9/11 bill being written in secret right now

Capitol Hill sources tell Libertythink the new House GOP 9/11 bill based on the 9/11 Commission report, reported on this morning by Associated Press, is being written behind closed doors by the House republican leadership.

>> Japan fears N Korea missile test

>> US has no plans to attack Iran: Powell

>> U.S. reportedly pushing Japan to be base for force extending to Middle East

>> Former CIA Agent Says Possible Staged Terror Attack Before Election

>> Gallup Finds Trust in Media at New Low

>> Terri Schiavo's Law Struck Down by Florida Supreme Court

>> Confusion over Italian hostages: Two seperate groups claim beheading

>> US 'sabotaged' hostage deal

>> Conspiracy Theory Emerges as Relatives of Car Bomber Pumane Fail to Identify Body

>> District sorry for homeschooler-terrorist link

>> House May Revive Parts of Patriot Act II

>> UK Police State: Civil Contingencies Bill

>> The Document Sean Hannity Doesn't Want You To Read

>> The State Is Not Father, the State Is Not Mother

>> California Law Makes E Mail File Swappers Provide Name, Address

>> Airlines Told to Turn Over Passenger Data

>> Paul Joseph Watson is a regular guest on The Alex Jones Show once a week on the GCN radio network. Click here for the live streaming audio.

>> Paul Joseph Watson was a guest on '9/11 Truth Radio.' Click here to listen.

>> The Vanity Fair Interview

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'Spy' under bonnet could stop speeding

Speed limiters could be fitted to cars in London under radical plans backed by the Mayor. The electronic under-bonnet "spy" would make it impossible to exceed legal limits over the entire capital.

Goebbels Speech Has Disturbing Parallels With Modern Day Neo-Con Rhetoric

Any resemblance between this speech and those delivered by our current leaders such as Vice President Dick Cheney is purely coincidental.
What about the other faked documents?

>> 911: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold by Anthony Hilder

>> What Holes?

>> How'd You Pull It Off?

Iranian warns Israel on nuclear site strike

Any resemblance between this speech and those delivered by our current leaders such as Vice President Dick Cheney is purely coincidental.

Teresa Heinz Kerry Predicts Osama Capture Before Election

In regard to the hunt for terror leader Osama Bin Laden, Heinz Kerry said she could see the al-Qaida chief being caught before the November election.
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