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FBI's Anti-Terror 'October Plan'

FBI field offices and Homeland Security agencies will be advised of "extraordinary measures" that will go into place "beginning the first week of October through the elections."

>> Iran rejects UN nuclear demands

>> China's Jiang quits top military post

>> Embassy confirms 10 kidnappings in Iraq

>> Iraq Group Shows Tape of Beheading of Three Kurds

>> Microwave gun to be used by US troops on Iraq rioters

>> India's 'PATRIOT Act' Repealed

>> Paul Joseph Watson is a regular guest on The Alex Jones Show once a week on the GCN radio network. Click here for the live streaming audio.

>> Paul Joseph Watson was a guest on '9/11 Truth Radio.' Click here to listen.

>> The Vanity Fair Interview

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Better slow down: Your car's 'black box' is watching you

It is about the size of two CD cases stacked on top of each other. If your car has an air bag, there probably is one under your front seat.

Flying Fascism on Your Doorstep

New high-tech surveillance equipment revealed at the Redstone Arsenal's Weekly Arms Bazaar promises a dismal future for freedom-loving people of the world.
Bush fiddled while the bill of rights burned.

>> Rumsfeldism

>> Alex Jones' Weekly Report: September 16 2004

>> Work of the Almighty

We're back at war in Iraq, says general

Gen Sir Mike Jackson, the head of the Army, has admitted that British troops in Iraq are "back at war". He is the first authoritative figure to concede that war is still being waged in Iraq, 16 months after President George W Bush declared that combat operations were over.

Flight 93: Mayor of Shanksville Says 'There Was No Plane'

American Free Press visited Somerset County to look into some of the questions surrounding United Airlines Flight 93, which allegedly turned over and crashed in a refilled strip mine between Lambertsville and Shanksville, Pa., taking 44 lives with it.
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