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Woman Wearing 'President Bush You Killed My Son' T-shirt Arrested at Laura Bush Speech

A mother whose son was killed in Iraq has been arrested for protesting during a New Jersey campaign speech by first lady Laura Bush.

>> The American Civil Liberties Union: Uncomfortable Truths About The Origins

>> Third interceptor missile placed in silo in Alaska: Pentagon

>> Dozens killed, wounded in US air strike

>> US debates military strikes on 'nuclear Iran'

>> U.S. says new images show Iran plans nuke bomb

>> Three foreigners seized in Iraq

>> De-Classified Document Admits Oswald Was CIA

>> Plane Makes Emergency Landing At O'Hare After Engine Fire

>> Poll Shows Bush, Kerry in Virtual Tie

>> Proposal could make way for foreign-born presidents

>> US may run out of guard and reserve troops for war on terrorism: report

>> British TV documentary traces Illuminati insider to Hertford

>> Mandatory Mental Health Screening Threatens Privacy, Parental Rights

>> Bush joins attack on Putin power grab

>> Paul Joseph Watson is a regular guest on The Alex Jones Show once a week on the GCN radio network. Click here for the live streaming audio.

>> Paul Joseph Watson was a guest on '9/11 Truth Radio.' Click here to listen.

>> The Vanity Fair Interview

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The Thought Police and the American Community Survey

With the American Community Survey, the latest census form that hits various households on a continuous basis, the federal bureaucracy is thrusting its expansive tentacles toward us in an attempt to invade every aspect of our lives.

I See Brain Dead People

Lately I have found myself in the same predicament, but instead of the clinically dead, I see the brain dead. I can’t get away from these mindless zombies.
In this week's report Alex discusses the New World Order, the government takeover of the Internet and the latest news with syndicated talk show host Jack Blood. The victory in keeping Austin Access TV on the air is also covered.

>> Work of the Almighty

>> A Haunting Scenario

>> Alex Jones Interviews Stanley Hilton

Japan to List China as Major Military Threat

Reflecting growing wariness between the two giants of Asia, an advisory panel to Japan's prime minister will recommend that China be viewed as a potential military threat for the first time.

Guardian: Kidnap of Italians is Undercover Foreign Operation

A leading British daily Thursday, September 16, cast heavy doubts on the identity of kidnappers that snatched two Italian aid workers in Baghdad days ago, citing clear differences in the style of carrying out the operation.
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Alex Jones' Weekly Report: September 16 2004

>> Theme park tracks all patrons