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Man arrested after leaving small tip

A New York City man accused of leaving an inadequate tip at a restaurant was arrested, fingerprinted and photographed for a mug shot.

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>> North Korea Must Reveal What Happened in Ryanggang

>> Germany to deliver 2 submarines to Israel capable of carrying nuke warheads

>> BBC Radio 4 Report on Skull and Bones

>> 'Internet 2' Would Act as 'Security Buffer' For World Wide Web

>> Russian 'Suicide Hijacker' is Alive; Passport Found at Crash Site Was Forged

>> Atta's Father Still Insists His Son is Alive

>> Colin Powell in four-letter neo-con 'crazies' row

>> Australia says text message warned of Jakarta bombing

>> Fire Authorities To Arrest Residents Who Don't Evacuate

>> Did civil liberties fall with the Twin Towers?

>> Ron Paul defeats medical ID cards - again

>> Paul Joseph Watson is a regular guest on The Alex Jones Show once a week on the GCN radio network. Click here for the live streaming audio.

>> Paul Joseph Watson will be a guest on '9/11 Truth Radio' at 8:30AM CST on 9/11/04. Click here to listen.

>> Paul Joseph Watson will be a guest on 'Erskine Overnight' on GCN at 10:30PM PST on 9/11/04

>> The Vanity Fair Interview

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Man defies feds over ID checks

If you talk to John Gilmore, he'll tell you that the ID check is nothing more than "security theater." What's more, he's convinced the federal bureaucracy is establishing airports as a "checkpoint for freedom."

The Bush Betrayal

In a recent article, former Georgia Republican Congressman, Bob Barr, wrote, "Has America been betrayed by President George W. Bush? In his most recent book, The Bush Betrayal, James Bovard poses and then answers this question with a resounding 'yes.'"
Stanley Hilton is bringing a lawsuit against the US Government charging involvement in carrying out the 9/11 attacks. Hilton has deposed top military officials who assert that the government were complicit in the attack.

>> The Right People

>> Slip Into Chaos

>> Alex Jones' Weekly Report September 9 2004

Over 100 killed across Iraq

At least 110 people were killed across Iraq in a sharp escalation of anti-US forces violence that saw gun battles, car bombs and bombardments.

TV reporter killed by US fire during live Baghdad broadcast

A television journalist was shot dead as he made a live broadcast from Baghdad yesterday when United States helicopters fired on a crowd that had gathered round the burning wreckage of an American armoured vehicle.
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Alex Jones Interviews Stanley Hilton

>> 9/11 Commission Wants "No-Fly" List Expanded to Trains, Ships