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Fire Authorities To Arrest Residents Who Don't Evacuate

Deputies are advising residents that if tinder-dry hillsides again burst into flames, they'll use revised guidelines under which they could arrest evacuation laggards who are not defending their homes, shutter stores and seek overnight curfews.

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>> Why Were Spys in Suits Casing Airliners in Washington Two Days Prior to 9/11?

>> The Red and the Blue

>> Jackson's Dangerous Album Cover Was Full of Occult Symbolism

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>> Italy warns of terror attack

>> US soldier jailed for Abu Ghraib abuse

>> Is there a Yale presidential conspiracy?

>> Israeli Army Jeep Crushes Palestinian Boy to Death

>> BBC: Audio Clip of Skull and Bones Initiation

>> Cheney 'cleans up' controversial remark

>> As South Tower is Hit, Bombs Go off in North Tower

>> Did civil liberties fall with the Twin Towers?

>> Ron Paul defeats medical ID cards - again

>> L.A. Conducts Disaster Evacuation Drill

>> Attempt to dump mental screening fails

>> Second journalist 'drugged' by Russians

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>> Paul Joseph Watson will be a guest on 'Erskine Overnight' on GCN at 10:30PM PST on 9/11/04

>> The Vanity Fair Interview

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9/11 Commission Wants "No-Fly" List Expanded to Trains, Ships

The government should check travelers' names against terrorist watch lists before they board passenger trains or cruise ships, the Sept. 11 commission recommended Wednesday.

The Bush Betrayal

In a recent article, former Georgia Republican Congressman, Bob Barr, wrote, "Has America been betrayed by President George W. Bush? In his most recent book, The Bush Betrayal, James Bovard poses and then answers this question with a resounding 'yes.'"
Iraq could slip into chaos if we pull out? It's already in chaos.

>> Alex Jones' Weekly Report September 9 2004

>> No Big Deal

>> Zell on Earth

Germany to deliver 2 submarines to Israel capable of carrying nuke warheads

German Defense Minister Peter Struck has finally given green light for the delivery of two submarines to Israel which are also capable of carrying nuclear warheads, IRNA reported from Berlin.

Australia says text message warned of Jakarta bombing

An Indonesian police officer received a mobile phone text message warning of an attack against western embassies in Jakarta 45 minutes before Thursday's deadly car bomb outside the Australian mission but did not pass it on, the Australian government said yesterday.
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Slip Into Chaos

>> Chicago Mayor Unveils Surveillance Plan

>> Microsoft Launches Computer Fingerprint Scanner

>> New Haven using scanners to catch tax cheats