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9/11: Where Are All The Whistleblowers?
A common tactic used to debunk questions surrounding the official 9/11 story is to claim that if there was inside involvement in the plot, whistleblowers would have gone public and exposed the conspiracy.

Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online

Defense goes all-in for incumbents
Who would have thought that a Democratic incumbent’s most loyal supporter in a rebellious political climate would be a defense contractor?

Money transfers could face anti-terrorism scrutiny
The Obama administration wants to require U.S. banks to report all electronic money transfers into and out of the country, a dramatic expansion in efforts to counter terrorist financing and money laundering.

Stuxnet False Flag Launched For Web Takeover
Israel and the United States have emerged as the prime suspects behind the Stuxnet worm attack, which has infected the Iranian nuclear plant at Bushehr, following the discovery that a "wealthy group or nation" must have been responsible for the malware assault.

FDA refuses to require labeling of genetically modified salmon
As the FDA stands poised to approve genetically modified (GM) salmon safe for public consumption, the next logical question concerns how GM salmon would be labeled. Would the fish come with a large red warning that says, “Genetically modified salmon”?

S. 510: 12 Reasons Why The Food Safety Bill From Hell Could Be Very Dangerous For The U.S. Economy

Some Americans Distrust Authority
According to Slate editor-in-chief Jacob Weisberg, a specter is haunting America: the specter of anarchism. Not real anarchism — that’s Weisberg’s emotional hypochondria at work — but merely a growing skepticism of authority.

The Founding Fathers Weren’t Anti-Islam
The Founding Fathers were not nearly as anti-Muslim as many current American Christians.

Obama Argues His Assassination Program Is a ‘State Secret’
At this point, I didn’t believe it was possible, but the Obama administration has just reached an all-new low in its abysmal civil liberties record.

Breitbart to Maher on ObamaCare Support: ‘So You’re Officially Not a Libertarian Anymore’
“So you’re, you’re officially not a Libertarian anymore, right? I mean, this position has run so far from the Libertarian position. Is this, so you admit that you have more of a, you know, European socialist leaning perspective on this issue? (AUDIENCE LAUGHTER) Why is that funny?”

But Obama Is a Socialist
Hornberger’s Blog Liberal supporters of Barack Obama become really upset when people call him a socialist. They say that such an accusation is so outrageous that it falls within the category of “extreme” or “fringe.”

Obama's Internet Wiretap Move: Just One Small Facet Of Total Domination Project
The Obama administration is drafting legislation that will see all internet providers and other online communication services, including email clients and social networks, be forced to allow the intelligence agencies unfettered backdoor access.

New Poll Confirms Massive Re-Election Crisis For Obama

It’s the Dollar, Stupid
For the sixth day in a row, the price of gold has skyrocketed. On Monday, the precious metal climbed to a 30-year high as fiat paper money values tumbled. Gold for immediate delivery rose as much as 0.3 percent to an all-time high $1,300.15 an ounce.

Gold Could ‘Easily’ Exceed $1,500: Top Gold Miner
Gold is the final refuge against universal currency debasement
European Central Banks Halt Gold Sales

US Is ‘Practically Owned’ by China: Analyst
The US supremacy as the top world economy will end sooner than many people believe, so gold is a better investment than the dollar despite it hitting a new record, Tom Winnifrith, CEO at financial services firm New Rivington Street Holdings, told Monday.

Activists against FBI raids to rally in coming week
Anti-war activists were gearing up Sunday night for demonstrations against the FBI.

Milwaukee Rallies Against FBI Raids on Anti-War Activists

Illuminati Commercials: Puma
Not only are there symbols, but it is a commentary on society.

North Korea waits to hear that Kim Jong-il’s youngest son will take over
The fruit crop is expected to be excellent. The apples are plump and the grape clusters heavy. Farmers smile as they toil in the fields, and people wave flags on their way to work. Tractors are bringing in another good harvest.

Army censors photos of Afghan corpses in ‘kill-for-sport’ trial
Evidently worried about a repeat of the anger aimed at US forces over photos of torture at Abu Ghraib prison, the US military is restricting access to photos of Afghan corpses in the “kill-for-sport” trial of five US soldiers.

‘Euro is nonsense, Greek bailout illegal’
A currency expert protesting against Greece’s bailout says the bailout mechanism violates the provisions of the Treaty on European Union, and it may be a better option to stop the euro experiment instead.

Gold Is Expected To Keep Rising This Week
Central Banks No Longer Selling Gold (Duh Factor: 10/10)
On the Secret Committee to Save the Euro, a Dangerous Divide

Global Cooling: The Coming Ice Age
This video gives background about the 70s ice age scare with an update about some the principal figures.



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