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Will Obama Force America To “Absorb A Terror Attack” To Save His Presidency?
President Obama’s ominous claim that America can “absorb” a terror attack will have many fearing that staging some kind of false flag event will be the only way the government can overturn the massive resistance to big government that has grown exponentially since Obama took office.

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US official confirms CIA has 3,000-man ‘covert army’ in Afghanistan
A security professional in Kabul familiar with the operation says the 3,000-strong force was set up in 2002 to capture targets for CIA interrogation. Both sources spoke Wednesday on condition of anonymity to discuss matters of intelligence.

7/7 The Big Picture – Documentary Reinvestigating the July 7th London Bombings
7/7 The Big Picture – documentary exposes holes in official government account of the July 7th London Bombings and mounts wider investigation in to the contrived war on terror.

Amnesty for illegals, repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ fail in Senate…
Republicans objected to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) plan to hold votes on several amendments to the bill that reflected Democratic priorities, including an immigration measure seen as boosting Reid’s own reelection campaign. Reid also would have limited amendments offered by the GOP.

Major health insurers to stop offering new child-only policies

Behind the curtain: Lady Gaga, Laurel Canyon and that growing sense of uneasiness in pop culture
Talking with my brother recently, the subject of modern culture and its rapid descent into mindless mediocrity, came up as it often does. As a teacher, my brother has a lot of interaction with teenagers, so when I asked him what his gauge was on the pop culture interests of the modern teenager, he sighed and said, “There seems to be a longing for something different, something real.”

Forget $1,300, Gold Is Heading To $11,000 On Dollar Collapse
In light of gold hitting a new all time record high today, Omnis senior managing director James Rickards' forecast that the precious metal will soar to anything up to $11,00 in the aftermath of a dollar collapse makes the current $1,300 level look tame in comparison.

‘Proven’ deceptive or clueless on activist spying, PA official ‘hides’
The head of Pennsylvania’s Office of Homeland Security said last week that his office was not involved in the tracking of peaceful political activists and has reportedly “gone into hiding” now that his statement has been contradicted.

Those Who Don’t Build Must Burn
Ray Bradbury wrote his dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451 in 1950. Most kids were required to read this book when they were seventeen years old. Having just re-read the novel at the age of forty-seven makes you realize how little you knew at seventeen.

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5 Surprising Facts About Spying In America
Here are 5 surprising facts about spying in America. We understand if some of this sounds far-fetched. But take a look for yourself, and see if you can disprove these claims.

The Dollar Is Just Getting Crushed, And It’s Fallen Through Its August Lows
Oof. The dollar is still getting hammered, and it’s not like equities are rallying to make up for it.

Albert Edwards On Terminal Competitive Devaluation, The Nuclear Option, And How The Fed’s Policies May Start An All Out War
Gold Hits Another Record as Dollar Tumbles On Fed Announcement

Vatican bank chief investigated over money laundering claims
The head of the Vatican bank has formally been placed under investigation in an inquiry into a suspected violation of Italy’s money-laundering laws, judicial sources said today.

The Great Divergence: Private Investment and Government Power in the Present Crisis
Private saving and investment are the heart and soul of the dynamic market process. Together they provide and allocate the resources used to augment the economy’s productive capacity, generate sustained long-run economic growth, and thereby make possible a rising level of living.

State senator Tom Duane to reintroduce mandatory flu vaccinations for healthcare workers

As flu season rolls in, lawmakers are breathing new life into a controversial measure that would force health care workers to get vaccinated.

“Progressive” Washington Think Tank Censors All Independent 9/11 Research
The director of a prominent investigative journalism group has told reporters that the organisation’s work is being censored because it continues to highlight stories surrounding questions over the official explanation of events on the 11th of September 2001.

“Manufacturing Dissent”: The Anti-globalization Movement is Funded by the Corporate Elites

Orwellian Doublethink: Collapse Is Recovery
When the National Bureau of Economic Research announced, after much deliberation apparently, that the economic recession ended in June, 2009, it was as if the news were broadcast from some other planet.

More Forensic Evidence of Gold & Silver Price Manipulation

CNN Declares the Constitution Racist
In a discussion about Texas governor Rick Perry, CNN’s Rick Sanchez told Wayne Slater of the Dallas Morning News that “people of color” consider the Constitution — in particular the Tenth amendment — racist.

Draconian ‘Food Safety’ Bill Threatens American Ranchers
Advocates of Senate Bill 510 (S.510) — also known as the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act — are lamenting the delayed passage of the sweeping legislation that many say threatens American food freedom.

Bill Clinton turns to plant-based diet with almond milk smoothies; no dairy

Check Out The Extreme Racial Segregation In America’s Biggest Cities
America is known as the Great Melting Pot. But a closer look at census data shows we’re a lot closer to a dinner plate with the peas here, carrots here, potatoes here, and steak over there. In other words, a very high level of racial segregation.

Is The Ice Getting Thicker?
“There are claims coming from some communities that the Arctic sea ice is recovering, is getting thicker again,” Mark Serreze, director of the Colorado-based centre, told Postmedia News on Wednesday.

US House puts oceans, coasts under UN: Senate vote will seal the deal
“It’s too late; it’ll just have to be stopped in the Senate,” Tom, the young male answering the phone in U.S. Rep. John Boehner’s (R-Ohio)Washington D.C. office, said about HR 3534 (CLEAR Act).

The Lady Gaga saga and the coming generation of youth left behind
They say you can best determine the character of a celebrity by the character of their fans. By that measure, you’d be shocked to learn about Lady Gaga’s fans.

Israel again refuses to join nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
It is against Israel’s interests to join a global anti-nuclear arms treaty and the UN atomic watchdog is overstepping its mandate in demanding it to do so, its nuclear chief said on Tuesday.

Unipolar World Will Lead to War: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to RT
Speaking on the UN summit sidelines, Iran’s leader says the biggest trouble facing the world is domination by the United States. In an exclusive interview with RT, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad explains how he wants to change the existing world order.

Obama’s top security advisers engaged in ‘bitter civil war’ over Afghanistan
Barack Obama’s top national security advisers are fighting a bitter internal battle over policy in Afghanistan, it was claimed today.

Big Brother Has Come to the Birthplace of America
Pennsylvania is literally the birthplace of the United States of America. The Constitutional Convention was held in Philadelphia, and that is where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed.

Germany demands internet code of practice
The German government has reacted to public privacy concerns about Google Street View by demanding internet companies work out a code of practice to protect the data they collect.

Paper: Global Cooling began in 2003
Climate scientist Roger Pielke Sr has posted today an in-press paper which demonstrates that ocean temperatures flattened in 2001-2002 and have been on a negative trend since.



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