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Justice Breyer Suggests “Globalization” Trumps First Amendment
Supreme Court Associate Justice Stephen Breyer was indecisive when answering a question about whether or not Pastor Terry Jones’ proposed Koran burning was protected by free speech, suggesting that “globalization” now trumps the First Amendment in the eyes of lawmakers.

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Gulf Oil Refuses to Stay Hidden Underwater
BP and the government decided that millions of gallons of dispersants should be used on the Gulf oil spill to sink and hide the oil. They succeeded in sinking it. As ABC, CBS and NPR note, huge quantities of oil are blanketing the ocean floor, killing virtually all of the sealife which lives there.

Combat Missions Continue In Iraq Despite Obama Announcement
U.S. and Iraqi forces raided a neighborhood in the longtime Sunni Muslim insurgent stronghold of Fallujah early Wednesday, Iraqi officials said, killing seven people in the deadliest joint operation since President Barack Obama announced the end of the American combat mission in Iraq two weeks ago.

TSA Screener Cited “Torture” In Scanner Case
The airport screener arrested for assaulting a coworker who taunted him about the size of his penis after his genitalia was exposed by a full-body scanner told police that he snapped after being subjected to “psychological torture” by fellow Transportation Security Administration employees who repeatedly asked him, “What size are you?”

Anti-Establishment Fervor A Hammer Blow To Washington Elite
Amidst the defeat two more establishment Republicans by Tea Party candidates last night, a new Rasmussen poll shows that anti-incumbent challenger Sharron Angle is now tied with Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and stands a good chance of ousting him in November, which would represent a massive blow to the Washington elite.

Family win $1.5 million in autism-vaccine payout
The family of Hannah Poling, a nine-year-old girl, is to be the first to receive compensation from the US federal government for health problems associated with routine childhood vaccinations, reports CBS News.

Corn syrup producers to change name to ‘corn sugar’ as awareness over health concerns grow
Bad press over health concerns has affected sales for the corn syrup industry and as a result the Associated Press reported today that corn syrup producers want to “sweeten up its image with a new name: corn sugar.”

Terror Group In Warning To ‘Criminal’ Bankers
The Real IRA has said it will resume attacks on the UK mainland – with banks and bankers its principal targets.

Bank of America warns of new fees after financial reforms
Bank of America will charge clients new monthly fees if their accounts do not meet a minimum balance, the bank’s CEO Brian Moynihan said on Tuesday.

Gold Confiscation – Straws in the Wind
Where Are The Jobs?
Currency Intervention, Bitches

Tea Party strikes again: Mainstream Republicans lose out in primary battles giving Democrats’ November vote hope
A conservative ‘Tea Party’ favorite knocked off the establishment choice in Delaware’s Republican Senate primary election last night, dealing a shock blow to the party’s chances to recapture the U.S. Senate in November.

Poll: Voters Disapprove of How Obama Is Handling Illegal Immigration

Senate rejects amendment to strip out IRS reporting requirement in new health care law
Partisanship is already dominating the final work week in the Senate.

Google guy “invaded teen users’ privacy”: David Barksdale
A Google employee, David Barksdale, has been discovered snooping on the data of underage Google users.

Government Bans Tea Party From Celebrating U.S. Constitution
Local government representatives in an Ohio town have taken it upon themselves to prohibit a Tea Party celebration of the US Constitution, prompting a lawsuit over restrictions on First Amendment rights.

Tea Party Winner O’Donnell Fires Back At Karl Rove

Globalist Soros Declares “Gold Is The Ultimate Bubble”… Again
Billionaire globalist George Soros wants you to think that investing in Gold is “unsafe” and that the rallies the precious metal has seen in the wake of the economic implosion are abnormal.

Let’s Raise Taxes, Greenspan Tells CFR

Police Continue to Harass Citizens Who Record Them
A number of cases show how police continue to misunderstand citizens’ rights to record their behavior, and they’re now neatly compiled into a video from the Cato Institute.

Pennsylvania Homeland Security Puts Anti-tax Protesters On List of Terror Threats

Shocking CNBC Headline: “Home Price Double Dip Begins”
Diana Olick, by far the best reporter at CNBC, and not merely an anchored regurgitator of propaganda bullet points, let one slip today, by posting an article on CNBC titled: “Home Price Double Dip Begins”.

Are poll workers being used to inflate jobs totals?

FBI Forwards Letters to Political Prisoners to Local Law Enforcement Agencies
For years people have been speculating that writing political prisoners would result in a person being “put on a list.” Unfortunately, it seems that those speculations were not unfounded.

Rock Hill to cut off water despite residents’ pleas

CNN Poll: Only quarter of public trusts government
A new poll indicates that only one in four Americans say they trust the government to do what is right always or most of the time, one explanation for the anti-incumbent sentiment in the country today.

Reid adds controversial immigration measure to defense bill
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Tuesday he will add the DREAM Act, a controversial immigration measure, to a defense policy bill the Senate will take up next week.

What If This Were Bush?

It goes without saying that if Bush had presided over a phony end to the Iraq war, expanded the Afghanistan war, extended its reach into Pakistan, solidified the state secrets doctrine and claimed in no uncertain terms the right to assassinate American citizens without due process, the left would be up in arms. The partisan hypocrisy concerning war-related issues is clear.

Government Using Anti-Terrorism Laws to Crush Dissent
He took Britain into the ill-fated conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. But last night Tony Blair was honoured in America with a medal, £64,000 prize and a banquet – for his services to peace.

Millions of Chinese oppose mass vaccination plan
The World Health Organization is at it again trying to push mass vaccinations, this time on the people of China. But its efforts to “eradicate measles” by vaccinating 100 million Chinese children have fueled widespread protest by Chinese citizens who not only distrust their own government’s health recommendations, but also believe that the vaccines are dangerous.

‘US – Israel’s partner in crime, not a referee’
Israeli and Palestinian leaders are holding a new round of direct talks.

Hurricane Julia explodes — Atlantic has two coincident Category 4 hurricanes, very rare
Two major hurricanes exist simultaneously in the North Atlantic, a rare occurrence.

Silence is the Death of Liberty
First they tortured a U.S. citizen and gang member… I remained silent; I wasn’t a criminal.



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