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Congressman Ron Paul Hints At 2012 Presidential Campaign
Texas Congressman Ron Paul has hinted that he is strongly considering another Presidential run in 2012.

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Cities Increasingly Turn to ‘Trash Police’ to Enforce Recycling Laws
Beware the green police. They don’t carry guns and there’s no police academy to train them, but if you don’t recycle your trash properly, they can walk up your driveway and give you a $100 ticket.

The real 2001: Scientists teach robots how to trick humans
In a chilling echo of the computer Hal from the iconic film, scientists have developed robots that are able to deceive humans and even hide from their enemies.

Pastor Terry Jones insists Koran-burning event at church could still go ahead
The leader of the Dove Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, has since backtracked on an earlier announcement, saying he made it on the basis that the site for a planned mosque near Ground Zero will be moved.

Successful Economic Policies? For Whom?
Last week, in the wake of another uptick in the official unemployment rate, the administration continued to claim that their economic policies were working, just not fast enough.

Can America Recover When The Majority Of Americans See A Double Dip, And Think The Country Is Fundamentally Broken?
Earlier this week we asked, can the economy really recover when 92% of the population says the economy is garbage in a survey? That was the number in a WSJ/NBC poll, and it would seem to indicate a major headwind in terms of sentiment.

IMF Resumes Direct Gold Dumping, Sells 10 Tons Of The Shiny Metal To Bangladesh
Why New Bank Capital Rules Could Make Things Worse
Obama Taps Goolsbee as Top White House Economist

Healthcare workers to be fired if they refuse flu shots, medical group demands
A group of the nation’s leading infectious disease experts are demanding forced vaccinations for all healthcare workers.

Regulators using egg recall to push support for tyrannical ‘food safety’ bill S.510
The billion-or-so egg recall fiasco that took place this summer is a perfect example of the failures implicit in modern, industrialized agriculture.

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary denies man-made climate change
Michael O’Leary, the controversial Ryanair boss, has denied the existence of man-made climate change.

Climate change legislation benefits the elite, not the people

Tell the FDA ‘NO!’ to GMO fish
Consumers may soon have a new “Frankenfood” to contend with as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will soon decide whether or not to approve genetically-modified (GM) salmon as food.

The New York Nazis: U-boats landed saboteurs on the U.S. coast
Nazi Germany landed eight saboteurs in America on a secret mission to destroy targets across the U.S., a documentary has revealed.

9/11 Truth Interupts the Qur’an Burning Media Distraction
While the mainstream media tries to hide the massive 9/11 Truth events going on this september 11th with 24/7 coverage of a Pastor suggesting to burn a Qur’an on 9/11. 9/11 Truth shows up with the real news.

NYPD ‘army’ for 9/11 protests

Unplug the Signal street action • San Antonio We Are Change
WeAreChange San Antonio – the “Unplug the Signal” poster campaign hits San Antonio! Get your poster here.

We have failed, admits UN, as fresh wave of Congo rapes emerges
The United Nations has been urged to go back to basics in protecting civilians in Eastern Congo after admitting that 500 rapes in the space of a single month amounted to a serious failure in its mission.

Rockefeller Foundation Conceptualized “Anti-Hormone” Vaccine in the 1920s and 30s, Reports Reveal
Rockefeller Foundation minion Max Mason, who acted as president in the mid-1930s, on multiple occasions expressed his master’s desire for an “anti-hormone” that would reduce fertility worldwide. Now keep in mind, this is more than 35 years before the Foundation actually mentioned funding “anti-fertility vaccines” in subsequent annual reports from 1969 onward.

Clinton Talks World Government at the Council On Foreign Relations
Over the Labor Day holiday, so called “moderates” (confused if they are neocons or liberals) threw around the name Hillary Clinton. Considering the dismal performance of Barry Obama, these folks believe the Dem side of the One Sided Party should run Hil for command-in-chief teleprompter reader.

New WTC 7 Video Posted on YouTube
The International Center for 9/11 Studies has posted a new video on YouTube. The footage was filmed by a news crew from a local NYC television station, and was received from NIST under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Anniversary of 9/11

Corporate News Runs 9/11 Truth, AE 911Truth Conference Presents Explosive Evidence
Today, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth presented key evidence at The National Press Club, evidence that indicated, without a shadow of doubt, that the official story is a complete lie.

‘Clinton committed to US interventionism, militarism abroad’
Does Hillary Clinton’s speech on US global leadership mean a return of American exceptionalism? Jake Diliberto of Rethink Afghanistan said the speech is merely rhetoric, similar to that used in the past by the Bush administration.

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign for ‘12 Is Underway
Barack Obama: Puppet on a String

Victims of extraordinary rendition cannot sue, US court rules
The victims of the Bush administration’s programme of “extraordinary rendition” will not be able to sue the private company which transported them to foreign countries for torture by the CIA, after the present White House stepped in to squash their lawsuit on the grounds of national security.

Obama rating hits new low
Overall, 41% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the president’s performance. Fifty-eight percent (58%) disapprove.



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