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Occupy The Fed: Dallas – All The Videos From Last Night’s Protest
All of the protest videos and the police response from last night’s Occupy the Fed in Dallas. Next stop – Houston!

Ventura Attends ‘Occupy’ Protest, Says Movement Cannot be Dictated by Democrats or Republicans

Obama’s “Millionaire Tax” Collected Over Next Ten Years Will Plug 4 Months Worth Of Deficit
The tax would generate, over the next decade, a grand total of… drum roll… $453 billion.

Chinese sceptics see global warming as US conspiracy
It’s not only Western leaders like Julia Gillard and Barack Obama who face fierce resistance from climate sceptics as they try to lay out policies to tackle global warming.

Finland vows care for narcolepsy kids who had swine flu shot

Did Iran Just Retaliate For Stuxnet? Computer Virus Infects US Predator Drone System
A viral infestation, the biggest nightmare for the the US drone fleet, has just struck.

Afghanistan ‘risks turning into civil war’

Fukushima Nuclear Plant Worker Dies
A worker hired to help bring the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant under control died suddenly. Hijacks ‘Occupy’ To Push Obama Tax Agenda
Soros-funded outfit wants to turn OWS protesters into Obama campaign re-election tool.

Progressives seek to co-opt diverse ‘Occupy DC’ movement

Could Occupy Wall Street be infiltrated by political groups?
Occupy Wall Street has invaded Lower Manhattan with tens of thousands of demonstrators.

Conservatives Support Protests, Michael Moore Does Not Represent OWS
Both liberals and conservatives hate corporate socialism.

White House feeds off protest anger
Protesters Accused of Hurting NYC Economy

Occupy The Fed Hits Austin: Nightly News on The Street Report
Aaron shows us the people’s response to out of control government with interviews from occupy the fed in Austin, Texas.

Fed is The Engine of Our Destruction: Stewart Rhodes Reports

Homeland Security moves forward with ‘pre-crime’ detection
A controversial program designed to predict whether a person will commit a crime is already being tested on some members of the public voluntarily.

FBI to launch nationwide facial recognition service

Feds cracking down on California medical marijuana dispensaries
Federal prosecutors in California are threatening to shut down medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the state.

Obama’s Very Real Death Panel: The CIA’s Assassination Program
It’s official. The American dystopia is here.

Freedom Lost

Idiotic Marxists, Communists & Socialists Are Discrediting ‘Occupy Wall Street’
There needs to be a massive educational effort focused on the real causes of the economic collapse.

DC organiser admits to paying ‘Occupy DC’ protesters

Kelly: Protesters To Be ‘Met With Force’ If They Target Officers
NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly had some strong words for “Occupy Wall Street” protesters Thursday, blaming participants for starting skirmishes which led to more than 20 arrests on Wednesday.

Press of Force: ‘Police squash us like terrorists’


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