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Obama ramping up CIA infiltration of Pakistan: report
The United States is trying to expand a secret CIA operation designed to eliminate radical Islamic militants’ havens located in Pakistan near the Afghan border, The Wall Street Journal reported.

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Wikileaks under doubt as “classified” documents substantiate bogus U.S. claims
The war between Wikileaks and the Pentagon supposedly continued on Friday as the famous “whistleblower” website released 400,000 “classified” documents. The Pentagon has reportedly assigned 120 personnel to pore over the documents to determine the potential damage they could cause to U.S. security.

Iraq’s Maliki: Opponents will use U.S. leaks against him
No coincidence – Assange and Gadahn’s new “leaks”
UN calls for probe into US inaction on torture

Yemen In Al Qaeda Manhunt as U.S. Preacher Appears In Tape
Yemen said on Sunday it had launched a manhunt for al Qaeda in its southern Shabwa province, the same day a U.S.-born Muslim cleric sought by Washington and thought to be hiding in that area appeared in an online video.

Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer: Operation Dark Heart
Alex talks with intelligence officer Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer who has says that the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency failed to properly evaluate intelligence on supposed 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta. Shaffer’s allegations subsequently became known as the Able Danger controversy.

Physicist Steven Jones “911 Explosive Evidence – Experts speak out”
Physicist Steven Jones – one of the scientists who found thermite in the World Trade Center dust discusses in depth his process of discovery using the scientific method. Chain of custody of the WTC dust and nanothermite are discussed in depth.

Rand Paul “I Predict Obamacare Will Be Worse Than We Could Ever Imagine!”
Rand Paul appeared on Freedom Watch this weekend.

Patients’ anger after they are unable to opt out of swine flu vaccine despite fears of side effects
Patients’ groups have expressed anger over this year’s seasonal flu jab programme because people are unable to opt out of having the swine flu vaccine.

Google spied on British emails and computer passwords
Computer passwords and entire emails from households across Britain have been copied by Google, the internet search giant, in a major privacy breach.

Democrats Behind Tea Party Cyber Attacks?
Speculation is rife that Democrat activists or even the Obama administration itself was responsible for an attack which brought down a prominent Tea Party website right as the organization targeted was running a major fund-raising drive and on the day after Obama directed the Pentagon to attack “cyberthreats” within the United States.

Forced Abortion: Dream Of The Scientific Elite
Today's harrowing story about a pregnant woman in China who was brutally beaten and abducted by state goons before being forcibly injected with a drug to kill her unborn baby serves as a stark reminder that the current White House science czar, John P. Holdren, advocated the creation of a "planetary regime" that would carry out similar draconian measures in America as part of the eugenicist zeal to reduce world population.

Alan Watt: The Neo-Eugenics War On Humanity

Las Vegas Unemployment Rate Hits 15 Percent
While unemployment statewide remained unchanged in September, jobless numbers in Las Vegas rose to 15 percent, a new record.

Jim Rogers: “US will lose economic war”

France Introduces Petrol Rationing As Riots And Blockades Continue
More than a quarter of the country’s 12,500 petrol stations are dry and some of them have now started limiting fill-ups to 30 litres for cars and 150 litres for lorries.

More Saber Rattling For War With Iran – NYT: Iran financing Karzai’s government
Iran is providing a “secret, steady stream of cash” to the Afghan government led by Hamid Karzai in order to drive a wedge between Afghanistan and the US and promote Iranian interests in Kabul, the New York Times reports.

Fabian Society’s London School of Economics Predicts “Savage Austerity” in America
Howard Davies, chairman of the London School of Economics, and Willem Buiter, chief economist at Citigroup Inc., talk about the potential impact of additional quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve on the U.S. economy.

Establishment Tea Party Moneybomb Hit by Denial-of-service Attack
One week after Alex Jones’ Infowars Moneybomb, Fox News host Glenn Beck shilled a moneybomb for the establishment Tea Party organization FreedomWorks. It was hit by a cyber attack on Thursday.

Gulf Oil Spill: Mission Accomplished or Ongoing Crisis? Massive stretches of weathered oil spotted in the Gulf of Mexico
The corporate media has almost entirely stopped covering the Gulf oil spill.

Tarpley & Escobar: China to blame or to admire?
China’s rate of development on a global scale is moving faster and more consistently the other nations. Should the world take note of the Chinese economic system? Many Americans and US politicians are blaming China for the recession and for taking American jobs, while others say we should look to chain and immolate their system.

Peter Schiff: ‘US No.1 offender to blame for global imbalances’
A U.S. proposal to restrict how much countries should be allowed to borrow or export has run into opposition at a G20 meeting in South Korea. Japan, Germany and Russia have criticised the so-called “planned economy” thinking. Investment strategist Peter Schiff told RT that Washington is the one to blame for creating the global imbalances that threaten the world’s financial stability.

Lawsuit Alleges that MERS Owes California a Potential $60-120 Billion in Unpaid Land-Recording Fees
In creating MERS, these institutions actually changed the land-title system that this country – for much of its history – has relied upon to determine legal ownership status of land titleholders.

Establishment Dispatches Clinton To Campaign Against Rand Paul
The Democratic establishment is pulling out the big guns in an all out effort to prevent Rand Paul from becoming a Kentucky senator this November by dispatching former president Bill Clinton to campaign for Paul’s opponent Jack Conway on the eve of the election.

Pelosi: GOP victory will make America a ‘plutocracy,’ ‘oligarchy’

Republican congressional candidate says violent overthrow of government is ‘on the table’
Republican congressional candidate Stephen Broden stunned his party Thursday, saying he would not rule out violent overthrow of the government if elections did not produce a change in leadership.

Obama Tells Pentagon to Attack “Cyberthreats” On American Soil
Obama has trounced the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and particularly Posse Comitatus. Crimes committed within the United States are the business of federal, state, and local police, not the Pentagon.

Cyber Attack Strikes Pro Tea Party Group On Day Of Donation Drive

WikiLeaks promises ‘major announcement’ Saturday in Europe
The WikiLeaks website has promised a “major announcement” in Europe on Saturday, in a message on its Twitter feed, amid speculation it will release thousands of secret documents about the Iraq war.

Reid: ‘But For Me, We’d Be in World-Wide Depression’
Where would the world be without Harry Reid?



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