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Violent Anarchists Help French Authorities Crush Pension Protests
Violent anarchists in France who have spent the last week pointlessly smashing shop windows and setting fire to cars have "shot the protest movement in the foot" by demonizing legitimate union demonstrators and allowing the government to crackdown with paramilitary forces, according to a leading French labor expert.

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TIME Asks “Will Bankers go to Jail for Foreclosure-gate?”
“The real blood on the Street would be if the Feds are looking into the some of the more salacious charges that are coming out about the securitization of mortgage bonds.”

Four men railroaded in plot to bomb synagogues

We the wards of Homeland Security, 9/11, and its Commission of Omissions, have sunk even lower into entrapment as a form of political op now.

Fed Wants Banks to Buy Back Some Bad Mortgages
To the long list of those picking fights with banks over bad mortgages, add the Federal Reserve.

In Kansas, Climate Skeptics Embrace Cleaner Energy
Residents of this deeply conservative city do not put much stock in scientific predictions of climate change. Saving energy, though, is another matter.

Time Magazine: Prospect Of Civil War In U.S. "Doesn't Seem That Far Fetched"
With protesters in France entering a seventh day of strikes and demonstrations against draconian austerity measures, many political observers in the U.S. are now wondering how long it will be before similar scenes unfold on American streets, with even Time Magazine now conceding that the prospect of a civil war in the States "doesn't seem that far fetched".

Senate candidate used active duty troops in security detail
Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller caught national attention Monday when his security detail handcuffed an editor they said was a problem.

CIA ‘was warned about bomber of Afghan base’
A CIA officer was warned that the Jordanian double-agent who blew himself up at a US base in Afghanistan, killing seven Americans, might have been working for al-Qaeda, yet did not tell his bosses.

Foreclosure Expert Confirms Mortgages Pledged Multiple Times, Not Actually Securitized, Document Problem Is Really a System of “Push-Button Fraud”
Yesterday, I showed that mortgages were fraudulently pledged to multiple buyers at the same time.

US Chamber of Commerce lobbyist moderated panel on outsourcing American jobs: report
More Inflation Fears
Jim Rogers: Paul Krugman is an Idiot
The U.S. May Have To Sell Some Assets To Get Out Of Its Debt Mess

Jim Traficant Can Win In Ohio
Jim Traficant’s 2010 congressional race is arguably the nation’s most important election, and that is why “they” totally ignore it—to make sure the American people, especially the good folks in Ohio’s 17th district in Youngstown, don’t even know “Big Jim” is running.

Big Brother WILL snoop on your calls and clicks: Ministers resurrect plan to log all communications
Hugely controversial ‘Big Brother’ plans to store details of every internet click, email and telephone call that we make are being revived by the Coalition, it emerged last night.

Climate change is no threat-Czech president
Climate change is not a threat and the consequences of global warming will not be catastrophic, the President of the Czech Republic said on Tuesday.

Exposed: Drug companies skew trial data to trick the public
Tampering with drug trials is nothing new for the pharmaceutical industry, but recent reports explain just how far drug companies are willing to go to make an ineffective, unsafe drug look safe and effective.

EU Leader To Dissenter: "How Dare You Say I Was Not Elected, I Was Elected By The Commission In Secret"
In democratic politics there is a distinct difference between selection and election. However, according to European Commission President, José Barroso, the two are interchangeable.

Under pressure David Cameron faces calls for a new EU vote
Broke UK Slashes 500,000 Government Jobs

White House officials block Obama visit to India’s Sikh Golden Temple over fears it will strengthen belief he is a Muslim
White House officials have stopped President Barack Obama from visiting the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India, over concerns that coverage could strengthen a belief he is a secret Muslim.

Icon Robert Kiyosaki: Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of The Rich
Alex welcomes to the show investor, businessman, self-help author and motivational speaker, Robert Kiyosaki.

NAACP releases report accusing tea party groups of links to bigots
Three months ago in Kansas City, the NAACP first raised charges of racism within the tea party movement. Today a report is being released accusing tea party groups of providing platforms to anti-Semites and other bigots.

Politics of Fear: Maddow Twists Story About Oklahoma City Bombing Prior Knowledge to Scare Viewers

Unfair Trade: 10 Questions About Our Globalized Economy That Neither Conservative Or Liberal Supporters Of Current U.S. Trade Policies Can Answer
Most Americans still seem to be convinced that “free trade” is “fair trade” and that to be against current U.S. trade policies and globalization means that you are anti-business, anti-free enterprise and anti-American.

The Global Warming Scam Hit by More Scandal
For the scientifically adept and honest people global warming is a huge embarrassment. Not only have the main base perpetrators been caught but also the institutions that house their activities have gone deep into the coverup.

Obama Strips the ‘Creator’ from Declaration of Independence — Again
For the second time in little over a month, President Barack Obama stripped the word “Creator” from the Declaration of Independence when giving a speech.

Trades Hall president Kevin Bracken calls 9/11 ‘conspiracy’
THE president of the Victorian Trades Hall has sparked outrage after controversially claiming the September 11 2001 World Trade Centre attacks were a conspiracy, not the result of terrorist activity.

Mortgage Investors To Bank Of America: We’re Pissed And We Want Our 47 Billion Dollars Back
Everyone knew that the foreclosure fraud crisis was going to spawn a festival of lawsuits, and now it looks like it is already beginning.

How to opt out of the TSA’s naked body scanners at the airport
I encountered my first airport naked body scanner while flying out of California today, and of course I decided to “opt out” of the scan. You do this by telling the blue-shirted TSA agents that you simply wish to opt out of the body scanner.

Animal microchips linked to causing cancer
Many veterinarians recommend them, and most animal shelters require them. Identification microchips injected into the necks of cats and dogs are touted as useful in recovering lost pets because the devices store owner and medical information. But are they safe?

Allow Students to Carry Guns on College Campuses?
Texas legislators plan to push a law that would permit college students to carry concealed weapons on campus, citing the Virginia Tech incident in 2007 when a disturbed young Asian man shot and killed 32 unarmed fellow students in one morning before committing suicide.



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