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Americans Buying Guns In Preparation For Civil Unrest
Americans are acquiring guns, silver and food stamps at record levels in reaction to the crumbling economy, trends indicative of a fearful public who are struggling financially and preparing for potential mass civil unrest in the aftermath of a total economic collapse.

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Is The Economy Recovering, Or Is Bernanke Blowing The Mother Of All Global Bubbles?
If you haven’t been paying attention, or are only paying attention to the US market you may have missed something: markets are screaming higher all over the world, with many risk assets hitting all-time historical highs.

Investors bet Fed action will bring inflation

Jesse Ventura Interview On CNN Today
Jesse Ventura appeared on CNN over the weekend to talk more about the new series of Conspiracy Theory on Tru TV.

EU to back sale of meat and milk from cloned animal offspring
‘Machiavellian’ EU Commissioners are set to back the sale of meat and milk from the offspring of cloned farm animals despite mass consumer opposition.

Radio tags to track recycling carts’ use
It isn’t difficult to tell who recycles – a simple drive down any residential street the night before collection day will show who is putting out bins and who isn’t.

Scientific American: Kill More Babies To Save Earth
Following the leak of a United Nations blueprint which outlined the plan to replace fearmongering about global warming with the contrived threat of overpopulation, a Scientific American report mimics precisely that talking point, pushing the notion that programs of mass abortion and birth control need to be encouraged in order to reduce the amount of humans on the planet exhaling carbon dioxide.

Australia: Alleged Cult Leader Works as Government Psychologist
A WOMAN accused of leading a cult that has damaged the lives of scores of people is working as a psychologist with vulnerable patients at a community mental health service in Queensland.

The Empire Strikes Back: China Daily Warns About Currency War, Blames Dollar
You didn’t think China was just going to do the rockaway and lean back, lean back, lean back. Nope – China Daily says: “A currency war is spreading as the dollar’s value against major world currencies has continued to decline in recent days” and calmly confirms what everyone esle knows: “It is the dollar that triggered the currency war.

Was TARP Good for the Taxpayers?
Are ALL Mortgage Backed Securities a Scam?

Cyber attack threat ‘could be next Pearl Harbor’
Terrorist cyber attacks on government computer systems and businesses could be “the next Pearl Harbor”, the head of Britain’s Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) has warned.

The Last Resort Of A Dying Economic System: From “Beggar Thy Neighbor” To “Beggar Thyself”
The phrase of the week comes from The Privateer’s Bill Buckler, who has coined the one term that best describes the lunacy that has gripped the world: “Beggar Thyself.”

The Big Mac Index Predicts A 30% Reversal For The Euro

First drug addict sterilised under ‘cash for vasectomy’ offer
A drug addict has become the first man in the country to be sterilised in exchange for cash under a controversial new project.

Ehrlich 1972 : “Everyone Will Disappear In A Cloud Of Blue Steam”
Paul Ehrlich, lifetime partner in environmental insanity with John Holdren, warned us in 1972.

Russian Arctic Experts: The Arctic Has Entered Cooling Cycle & Climate Models Are Worthless

W.Va. Sen candidate questions 9/11 account
“The two chairs of the commission say clearly that they were obstructed, that there is more to be learned . . . and much more damning things than I am saying right now,” Johnson said.

Defiant Rand Paul Slams “Disgraceful” Opponent In Kentucky Debate
Would be Kentucky Senator Rand Paul refused to shake the hand of his opponent last night in response to a new campaign ad that Democrat Jack Conway is running, repeating already thoroughly debunked lies in an attempt to smear the Tea Party favourite.

Mumbai Terror Suspect Worked for U.S. Government
Last week U.S. officialdom declared there was still a threat from unsubstantiated terrorists in Europe while New York City police conducted a drill simulating a Mumbai-style attack on civilians in Manhattan’s financial district.

‘US fearing exposure of Iraq war truth’
As the whistleblower website WikiLeaks plans to release 400,000 more classified documents on the US war in Iraq, an activist says Washington fears that the truth may eventually see the light of day.

No Wikileaks release Monday: spokesman

Saudis warn of new terror threat in Europe
Saudi intelligence services have warned of a new terror threat from al-Qaeda against Europe, particularly in France, Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux said yesterday.

The Number One U.S. Export To China: Waste Paper And Scrap Metal
Historians tell us that by the very end of the Roman Empire, goods were pouring into Rome from all over the known world, but about the only thing being sent out of Rome was human waste and garbage.

Multiculturalism in Germany has ‘utterly failed’, claims Chancellor Angela Merkel
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said her country’s attempts to build a post-war multicultural society have ‘utterly failed’.

Feds Vow Marijuana Enforcement Regardless of California Vote
Attorney General Eric Holder said the Obama administration “strongly opposes” a California ballot measure to legalize marijuana, warning that federal drug-enforcement efforts would be “greatly complicated” if the measure passes.

Vote NO for Congress – why Congress has failed the People on health care, debt and freedom
Ah, election season is upon us again, and the nation — ever in dire need of some new disorder to treat with drugs — is suffering from electile dysfunction.

G20 leaders weigh ‘new generation’ of challenges to global government
World leaders examined at the weekend frameworks for global governance ahead of a G20 summit in Seoul, with UN chief Ban Ki-Moon stressing no single power could tackle key issues alone.

Graham: Obama is taking over ‘most of society’
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) accused President Obama of “turning his agenda over to the most liberal people in the House,” and pointed out that few Democrats are campaigning on the Democratic health-care bill.

Obama On GOP: “The Empire Is Striking Back”

It’s true: Airport body scanners could give you cancer
The new, full-body security scanners being introduced at airports pose a greater skin cancer risk than governments have previously acknowledged and are especially dangerous to children and pregnant women, a new study has found.



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