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Gen. Hugh Shelton: Clinton Official Suggested Letting U.S. Plane Be Shot Down To Provoke War With Iraq
In the publicity sheet that St. Martin’s Press has been sending out to spur interest in General Hugh Shelton’s new memoir, Without Hesitation: The Odyssey of an American Warrior, the last highlight is a doozy: “A high-ranking cabinet member suggests intentionally flying an American airplane on a low pass over Baghdad so as to guarantee it will be shot down, thus creating a natural excuse to reltaliate and go to war.”

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‘Black Jail’ Mystery: New abuse scandal points at secret US Afghan prison
A U.S. report, based on interviews with former detainees, says Afghan prisoners were abused at a secret military detention centre in Afghanistan.

Treasury 30-Year Yields Rise Most in 14 Months on Prospects for Inflation
Treasury 30-year bonds tumbled, pushing yields to the biggest weekly increase since August 2009, on speculation that Federal Reserve efforts to spur the economy will reignite inflation.

G20 protester barred from speaking to press as condition of bail
A man accused of having incited violent protests at the G20 economic summit in Toronto last June has been subjected to what his lawyer describes as “staggering” bail conditions.

Facebook ‘encourages to children to spread gossip and insults’
Facebook, Twitter and Bebo are undermining children’s moral development by rewarding the use of “inneuendo, half-truth and insult”, according to a leading headmaster.

WTC Collapse Under Fresh Scrutiny After Explosive Dust Samples Found
Evidence indicating that the collapse of the World Trade Center was a controlled demolition has been propelled back under the national spotlight following the University of Copenhagen’s announcement that dust obtained from the rubble of the twin towers contains evidence of highly explosive material.

US Doom: ‘The nation is killing itself’
Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, look at hard assets versus high assets, Hu Jintao bonds, political witches and more bank bailouts.

Fed Wants to Hoodwink Public, Only Fools Itself
The Real Danger From the Foreclosure Crisis

France on brink of fuel shortage as strike bites: Sarkozy sends in police to break fuel blockade
Strikes spread to all France’s refineries today, raising the prospect of a nationwide fuel shortage.

Tea Party Set to Win Enough Races for Wide Influence
Enough Tea Party-supported candidates are running strongly in competitive and Republican-leaning Congressional races that the movement stands a good chance of establishing a sizeable caucus to push its agenda in the House and the Senate, according to a New York Times analysis.

Royal Society Humiliated by Global Warming Basic Math Error

Top international experts prove British numbers on carbon dioxide are wrong. Royal Society blunder grossly exaggerates climate impact.

Fort Hood soldier ordered to delete video of rampage
A US soldier who captured a deadly 2009 rampage at Fort Hood with his cell phone camera testified Friday that he was ordered to erase the video by his commanders.

The War on Terror: What’s It All About?
Does anyone remember the “cakewalk war” that would last six weeks, cost $50-$60 billion, and be paid for out of Iraqi oil revenues?

No Justice for All: Hand of law heavy in ‘Warfare State’?
Only the richest Americans have access to adequate legal protection. That’s according to a recent report by an independent law group, which has slammed the U.S. for not providing justice for all. And as RT’s Priya Sridhar finds out, it’s only the tip of an un-constitutional iceberg.

WikiLeaks and 9/11: What if?
Frustrated investigators might have chosen to leak information that their superiors bottled up, perhaps averting the terrorism attacks.

Support For War In Afghanistan At All Time Low
American support for the war in Afghanistan has never been lower, according to the latest CNN polling. The low numbers just the latest figure in the complex math being calculated to determine how the US should proceed in the ten year war.

The Bernanke Speech
When Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke gives a speech about the U.S. economy, it gets a whole lot more attention than when Barack Obama gives a speech about the U.S. economy. Why is this true?

Krugman: “The Question Is Whether Our Economy Is Governed By Any Kind Of Rule Of Law”

Is The Congress About To Pass A Bailout, And Save The Banks From The Mortgage-Putback Crisis?
It was a depressingly news-filled week for bankers on the mortgage front.

MIT Warmist Throws in the Towel! ‘Global warming not worth the fight
‘Costs of mitigating climate exceed benefits’ — ‘There is little point in surrendering our national economy to green adventures’.

Ventura In heated 9/11 Truth Debate: WTC "Didn't Collapse, It Exploded"
Former Governor of Minnesota, ex-Navy SEAL and retired pro-wrestler Jesse Ventura raised some important unanswered questions regarding the 9/11 attacks in a heated exchange on national television yesterday.

Gold Spikes to $1384 as Dollar Sinks on Bernanke Speech
Gold and silver both spiked sharply at the start of New York dealing on Friday, briefly nearing yesterday’s record levels as Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke spoke on monetary policy, and the US Dollar sank.

Ron Paul: Government Prevents the Correction
On Thursday, Congressman Paul was interviewed on Fox Business concerning government spending and waste.

Yale Fraternity Apologizes For Chanting “I F— Dead Women”
Members of Yale’s Delta Kappa Epsilon chapter met with members of the school’s women’s center last night to apologize for the vulgar chants that were shouted across campus as part of the fraternity’s initiation ceremony.



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