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Local news stations training psychological ops soldiers: report
Two CBS affiliates have been helping train US Army psychological operations soldiers, says an investigative report at Yahoo! News.

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Feds deploy mobile X-ray fleet to radiate, scan Americans
The encroaching Big Brother nightmare has escalated even further with a recent announcement that the U.S. government has purchased mobile X-ray vans to scan people and vehicles at sporting events, road stops and even at random.

Guatemalan STD medical experiments were just one crime in a long history of medical-government collusion to use humans as guinea pigs
It has now been widely revealed that the United States conducted medical experiments on prisoners and mental health patients in Guatemala in the 1940’s.

NY Times: Expect More Bailouts
THE government is pulling a sheet over TARP, the Troubled Asset Relief Program created during the panic of 2008 to bail out the nation’s financial institutions. With the program’s expiration on Sunday, we can expect to hear lots of claims from the folks at the Treasury that it was a great success.

D.C. brings HIV testing to the crowd at the DMV
Nearly one in 10 Americans is depressed, and one in 30 meet the criteria for major depression, with the rate higher among the unemployed and those who can’t work, a study said Thursday.

Fears of Chinese land grab as Beijing’s billions buy up resources
China is pouring another $7bn (£4.4bn) into Brazil’s oil industry, reigniting fears of a global “land grab” of natural resources.

Huge Building Burns in South Korea – Does Not Collapse
A massive fire broke out on Friday in a 38-floor apartment and office building in South Korea’s southern port city of Busan. The building burned for hours and did not collapse.

CIA behind failed Ecuador coup?
In the latest of Latin American coup attempts, thousands of national police took to the streets yesterday in a failed attempt to overthrow Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa over a new law they felt jeopardized their benefits.

The Ground Zero Mosque Will Be The Strangest Building In Manhattan
After the all the religious controversy, no one will put up a big fight over architecture.

US government deliberately infected Guatemalans with STDs in medical experiment
The U.S. government made an interesting announcement this week, admitting it purposely infected hundreds of Guatemalans with gonorrhea and syphilis back in the 1940s as part of an “inoculation study”.

Most Canadians, Americans skipped H1N1 vaccine last year

Ariz. Border Sheriff: Obama’s ‘Got His Hands Wrapped Around Our Throat’
Sheriff Larry Dever of Cochise County, Ariz. told that President Barack Obama has “got his hands wrapped around our throat” as his administration sues the state of Arizona for trying to enforce the immigration laws that the federal government itself will not enforce.

‘Serious Insider’ Tells CNBC’s Kudlow NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Next Treasury Secretary
With what appears to be a devastating election looming for his party, is President Obama attempting to follow in the footsteps of one of his predecessors and moderate toward the center?

CIA backed by drones in Pakistan
The CIA is using an arsenal of armed drones and other equipment provided by the U.S. military to secretly escalate its operations in Pakistan by striking targets beyond the reach of American forces based in Afghanistan, U.S. officials said.

U.S. Issues Terrorism Alert for Travel to Europe
The State Department issued an alert on Sunday urging Americans traveling to Europe to be vigilant about possible terrorist attacks in a statement that specifically cites the potential involvement of Al Qaida.

Al Gore Confronted in Tampa about Global Warming Again!!
Al Gore shows up for Kendrick Meek Rally in Tampa. Starts talking about the environment. He had to be confronted again about the Global Warming Hoax.

CIA hired Karzai brother before 9/11, Woodward says
Ahmed Wali Karzai, the half-brother of Afghanistan’s president and boss of the strategically important Kandahar province, has been on the CIA payroll for over a decade, Bob Woodward writes in his new book, “Obama’s Wars.”

UN suppressed report on US, Soviet ‘atrocities’ in Afghanistan: report

Iran Says It Arrested Computer Worm Suspects
Iran has arrested an unspecified number of “nuclear spies” in connection with a damaging worm that has infected computers in its nuclear program, the intelligence minister, Heydar Moslehi, said Saturday.

Bloomberg: Genetically Modified Corn Polluting Streams, Rivers and Lakes With Insecticides
There was recently a big uproar about the FDA’s decision to approve genetically modified salmon for human consumption without the need to do any chemical testing on the salmon first.

US quietly testing ‘scary new war in Pakistan’
Since President Barack Obama took office, the US has increased the number of airstrikes in Pakistan by unmanned aerial vehicles.

Israeli-Indian alliance to take out Pakistani nuclear program goes back to 1982

Utah residents fear ‘Israeli art students’ prying into NSA data center
A local ABC affiliate in Salt Lake City, Utah has caused a stir online with a report suggesting that self-proclaimed Israeli art students, peddling their artwork from door to door, have been asking disturbing questions about plans to build an NSA data center in the area.

Rampant Inflation In 2011? The Monetary Base Is Exploding, Commodity Prices Are Skyrocketing And The Fed Wants To Print Lots More Money
Are you ready for rampant inflation? Well, unfortunately it looks like it might be headed our way. The U.S. monetary base has absolutely exploded over the last couple of years, and all that money is starting to filter through into the hands of consumers.

Bernanke Knew Back in 1988 that Quantitative Easing Doesn’t Work
Volcker: “The Financial System is Broken” and “the Mortgage Market Has Become a Subsidiary of the U.S. Government”

Today’s Gold Myth “Its Topped, There Is No Inflation, Get Out Now While You Still Can”
I am starting to hear this mantra parroted through ‘internet rumor’ that because there is no inflation, gold has hit its high, and you’re better off selling now while you still can, and certainly not buying any.

Dollar Falls to 6-Month Low Versus Euro as Fed View Dims U.S. Asset Allure



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