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Climate Film Depicts Children Assassinated For Not Reducing Carbon Footprint
A new climate change infomercial released by a prominent global warming activist organization depicts children being assassinated for not reducing their carbon footprint, as AGW skeptics are grotesquely blown up with innards and blood splattering everywhere, a frightening reminder of the fact that the environmental agenda is merely a veil for a hideous religion of death, and that the vehemently discredited and increasingly desperate global warming movement is in the last death throws of its existence.

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UK Government Passes Law Where Anyone Who Claims To Have Been “Offended” Can Sue
Under the Act, vegans, teetotallers and atheists are to be given the same protection against discrimination as religious groups while gipsies and travellers will get special favours because of the ‘many socio-economic disadvantages’ they face.

WAKE UP CALL to the Mainstream Media! You’ve Lost the Public Already!

Global employment crisis will stir social unrest, warns UN agency
Global employment will not recover to pre-crisis levels until 2015 if current policies are pursued, creating social tension, the International Labour Organisation has warned.

Merkel calls for calm as rail protest turns ugly

Gold Hits Record High Above $1320
Gold prices rallied to record highs above $1,320 an ounce on Friday as the dollar weakened further on soft U.S. manufacturing data, fueling interest in the precious metal as an alternative asset.

Nearly One in 10 Americans Depressed, Study Reveals
Nearly one in 10 Americans is depressed, and one in 30 meet the criteria for major depression, with the rate higher among the unemployed and those who can’t work, a study said Thursday.

Feds Use Pre-Crime To Target Disgruntled Veterans
The government seems to be obsessed with targeting disgruntled veterans with pre-crime and other unconstitutional forms of surveillance, demonization and harassment, the latest example being an Orwellian software program that purports to identify potential terrorists by analyzing the tone of phone conversations and emails to detect "resentment toward government".

Rupert Murdoch Calls for Amnesty for ‘Law-Abiding’ Illegal Immigrants
News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch said he supports amnesty for “law abiding” illegal immigrants because as legal residents they can help the nation’s economy by adding to “our tax base.”

Scientists: 40 Times More Cancer-Causing Toxics in Gulf than Before Spill … Dispersants to Blame
Scientists from Oregon State University have found a 40-fold increase in the amount of cancer-causing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) near Louisiana’s Grande Isle between May and June.

President Correa rescued as Ecuador capital Quito turns to battleground
Soldiers in Ecuador have rescued President Rafael Correa from a police hospital where he was being held by force. The troops opened fire on dissident law enforcement officers.

Will the Dollar Rebound Before Being Dissolved Into Global Currency?
Every time the dollar begins to decline, I wonder, “Is this it, is this the end to the fiat dollar?” The fundamentals suggest that it should be finished, but just as the world is about to declare it dead, miraculously a global storyline seems to emerge just when needed and foreign investors rush back in for “safety.”

This Has To Be A Joke: SEC About To Blame Entire Flash Crash On Waddell And Reed’s E-Mini Trades
Race to the Bottom
M2 Update: 11th Consecutive Weekly Increase

UN Warns Beef Will Become “The Salmon Of Fifty Years Ago” And The “Caviar Of The Future”
Everyone has heard that eating meat is bad for the world. Now that ecological inefficiency is turning into an economic inefficiency, warns the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization via Merco Press.

Are We Really Over-Populated?
One of the seeming premises of the culture of death is that human life is essentially a bad thing. The thinking goes that there are too many of us and that we destroy the planet by our mere presence and use of resources that could be put to better use by more noble creatures like the animals.

Back from the dead: One third of ‘extinct’ animals turn up again
Conservationists are overestimating the number of species that have been driven to extinction, scientists have said.

Environmentalist Stewart Brand: ‘By Second Half of the Century the Population Crisis Will Be Seen As Not Enough People’
Stewart Brand, an advocate of geoengineering to combat climate change, told that “human technology” has been “disturbing the atmosphere and climate” for the last “10,000 years” .

Climate Cult Indoctrinating Our Kids With Depraved Death Wish
10:10 Global’s revolting and macabre climate change infomercial, for which the organization has already been forced to apologize for and remove, in which children who refuse to lower their carbon emissions are brutally liquidated in a bloody gorefest, unveils one of the primary goals behind the global warming cult movement – to encourage children to kill themselves in the name of saving the planet.

The 10:10 movement: all skeptical kids and adults will be detonated on 10/10
Lower Than This They Cannot Stoop

US Government’s Human Experimentation Apology: They’re Only Sorry They Were Caught
The US government has today apologised for intentionally infecting almost 700 people in Guatemala with sexually transmitted diseases in the 1940s, however, it has not apologised for countless other similar atrocious experiments and programs that it has engaged in and continues to engage in, amounting to an all out biological and chemical warfare attack on humanity.

Fox News Boss Murdoch Calls For Legalizing 40 Million Illegals
Rupert Murdoch wants “amnesty” for millions of illegal aliens. On Thursday, appearing before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Murdoch said he supports amnesty for “law abiding” illegal immigrants. He did not explain how millions of people who have crossed the border and entered the country illegally may be considered “law abiding.”

Militants Destroy 27 Nato Oil Tankers in Southern Pakistan After Supply Route to Afghanistan Closed
Suspected militants in southern Pakistan have destroyed at least 27 tankers carrying fuel for foreign troops in Afghanistan. The incident came the day after the Pakistan government blocked supply routes to its neighbour in an apparent protest at a Nato air raid which killed three Pakistani troops.

Deadliest September Yet for U.S. Troops in Afghanistan; More Than One U.S. Soldier Dying Per Day on Obama’s Watch

Exposed: Environmental Documentary Uses Fake Animal Footage
Film-makers claim that the deception is really for the greater good because it will promote conservation and protect animals from human contact.

A Call To Action: Urge Your Senator To Hold White House Science Czar Accountable For Lying
“Holdren told me the controversy was no big deal, “just a blip.”"

Complete barking madness from John Holdren, Obama’s science advisor

Computer worm attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities ‘includes Biblical link to Israel’
Israel has been linked to a complex worm currently attacking computers in Iran, which experts claim may have been designed to target the country’s nuclear facilities.

The Weaponisation of Culture – Part 5 – Androgyny: The Weaponisation of Gender
If you are not one of the elites you are being slowly murdered by them, by just about everything they introduced into your environment including fashion, music, television, style, entertainment and the things you enjoy.

How can vaccines actually be used to reduce world population?
In a recent TED conference presentation, Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, who has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to new vaccine efforts, speaks on the issue of CO2 emissions and its effects on climate change.

Royal Dutch Shell among host of international companies quit Iran oil field project to escape U.S. sanctions
Royal Dutch Shell and a host of other international oil companies have ended operations in Iran to avoid U.S. sanctions aimed at halting its nuclear enrichment programme.

Kissinger: A free war criminal
Hillary Clinton has been very vocal in her criticism of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s foreign policies. Kissinger, who served under President Richard Nixon, was introduced yesterday by Clinton at a conference on Indo-China hosted by the State Department. Will Secretary Clinton learn from the mistakes made by Kissinger from the Vietnam War?

Obama: “It Took Time To Free The Slaves”
“People are frustrated, their anxious, they’re scared about the future. And they have a right to be impatient about the pace of change. I’m impatient,” President Obama said at an event for Gen44. “It took time to free the slaves,” he added.

Chemical pesticides linked to ADHD in children
Exposure to pesticides may be one of the causes of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), according to a study conducted by researchers from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York and published in the Journal of Pediatrics.



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