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Waco Siege "Enforcer" To Rule Over Global Police Force
UN and Interpol officials will meet today to discuss the formation of a "global police force" that would enjoy access to a worldwide database of DNA, biometric and fingerprint records. The effort will be spearheaded by a man known as "The Enforcer" who helped federal authorities both conduct and cover up the murderous Waco siege which killed 76 people in 1993.

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British have covered up hundreds of Iraqi casualties, ex-officer says
The British military’s chain of command has instructed the country’s top investigators not to examine hundreds of incidents involving Iraqi deaths and serious injury, a former British military police officer told the BBC Sunday.

North Korea fires missile amid US warship ‘arrival’

A Dollar Rout or More Bernanke Trickery?
Consumer credit is falling fast. In July, consumer credit plunged by $19 billion, followed by an August drop of $12 billion, a 5.8 percent annual rate.

Brussels welcomes US move toward global governance of internet
The body responsible for managing the development of the internet, Icann, has cut its umbilical cord to the US government, a move the European Union has been demanding for four years.

Richard Belzer calls out the Federal Reserve on HBO
Richard Belzer on Real Time with Bill Maher exposing the Federal Reserve plot to destroy the country and their roll in the assassination of JFK.

Dollar Reaches Breaking Point as Banks Shift Reserves
Congresswoman Kaptur: There Has Been a Financial Coup D’Etat
US facing massive economic ‘power shift’ with dollar’s downward spiral

Thousands Of Gays Demand Obama Sign Hate Bill
On Sunday, tens of thousands of gay rights supporters marched from the White House to the Capitol “demanding that President Obama keep his promises…to end discrimination against gays.” Their underlying demand is that he sign the federal hate crimes bill into law.

Drivers should be forced to pay per mile to save the planet, finds climate watchdog
Motorists should be forced to pay to drive on the busiest roads to slash greenhouse gas emissions, the Government’s climate change watchdog says today.

£1,000 fine for putting any food scraps in the dustbin as ‘zero waste’ policy could lead up to five-bin headache
Householders could be fined £1,000 if they throw food scraps and potato peelings into the dustbin under a Government ‘zero waste’ policy.

Man has microphone cut off after asking Gore about ‘errors’ in film
Former Vice President Al Gore shared his optimism about the “shifting momentum” of the climate change debate with about 500 environmental journalists Friday in Madison.

Western MT cold breaks records

Mystery Halo Over Moscow Spooks Residents
The Sun: Meteorologists rejected theories of the supernatural calling it an optical effect.

Salon Hit Piece Implies Truth Seeking Is A Mental Illness
An advice columnist for the influential left leaning website has launched a scathing attack on Alex Jones in response to a letter from a reader who says his 17 year old nephew has been “sucked into the Internet conspiracy black hole” created by Jones.

Homeland Security May Use Wii Balance Boards to Test if You’re Nervous
A $20 million project funded by Homeland Security is researching ways to detect how suspicious you are by tracking your temperature, breathing, and eye movements. And get this: they’ve modified a Wii Balance board to check for nervous fidgeting/weight-shifting.

Journalist vows to follow up on ‘Israel organ theft’
Six weeks after he caused a political storm over his article on alleged Israeli organ thefts, the Swedish journalist behind the controversy says he will not quit the story despite receiving hundreds of death threats.

The Real Sicko Movie
After watching the television coverage of the Roman Polanski arrest in Switzerland, I have been amazed by the tolerance the mainline media has shown for the director’s conviction for raping a 13-year-old girl in the U.S. in 1977.

Why are Monsanto Insiders Now Appointed to Protect Your Food Safety?
Vilsack has been a strong supporter of genetically engineered crops, including bio-pharmaceutical corn.

Austria: Early snow records set to be broken
Austria’s provincial capitals are expected to see their earliest snowfalls in history today (Mon) as Arctic air sweeps the country.

Obama and the Nobel Prize: When War Becomes Peace, When the Lie Becomes the Truth
We are the crossroads of the most serious crisis in modern history. The US in partnership with NATO and Israel has launched a global military adventure which, in a very real sense, threatens the future of humanity.

Swine flu fears grow as NHS staff shun vaccine
The Department of Health has ordered NHS bosses across England to ensure that frontline staff get immunised against swine flu amid growing signs that many doctors and nurses intend to shun the vaccine.

Vaccine revolt! Swine flu vaccine support crumbles as flimsy rationale for H1N1 shots becomes apparent
Corporate Media: Is Not Taking the Vaccine Unethical?

No Afghan Involved In 9/11 Attacks: Afghan Warlord
On the eve of the eighth anniversary of the Afghan war, a Pashtun regional commander and former prime minister has said that no Afghan was involved in the 9/11 attacks on the United States and accused Washington of using a false pretext to launch its war on the the south-west Asian country.

War of the Worlds: London, 1898; Kabul, 2009

Big Bang scientist ‘admits plotting Al Qaeda atrocity’
A nuclear scientist arrested by armed police is said to have admitted plotting an Al Qaeda terrorist atrocity, possibly in Britain.

Iran dismisses U.S. warning ahead of nuclear talks
Iran dismissed on Monday a U.S. warning that major powers would not wait forever for Tehran to prove it was not developing nuclear bombs, saying any threats deadlines would have no impact on the Islamic Republic.

Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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