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Pentagon Advisors Warn Of Coming International Crisis
The chairman of a key Pentagon advisory panel has echoed recent claims by both Joe Biden and Colin Powell, warning that the next administration will face an international crisis within months of taking office.

Russia to continue arms sales to Iran
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev says US sanctions will not stop Russia’s state arms trader from selling defensive weapons to Iran.

US under fire for deadly raid on Syria

“Georgian soldiers were doped to kill civilians”
Many of the Georgian soldiers who took part in the attack on South Ossetia in August were drugged before going into combat, according to a Moscow-based human rights group.

Foster parents told they can’t adopt son’s half-sister… because they believe in smacking

Six Good Reasons to Avoid the Flu Shot
There is mounting evidence that flu shots do not guarantee a healthy winter, and in fact they cause far more harm than good.

Sarah Palin Supports New 9/11 Investigation
John McCain's presidential running mate Sarah Palin, much to the bewilderment of the 9/11 truth community, seemingly expressed support for a new investigation into the terrorist attacks during a rally in Ohio last week.

Financial Cycle and the Coming Collapse
No one really knows the future of the world’s economy. However, the Viennese investor Walter Eichelburg had an inkling during past years. In the beginning of 2007, he predicted the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac during an interview with The Epoch Times.

UCLA Economists: Government Intervention Prolonged Great Depression
Spending the Economy into Oblivion
Inflation, Deflation or New Nation?
Bank: crisis has cost estimated £1.8 trillion
IMF Can Print Money Like a Central Bank
Market Has Fallen Steadily Since Bailout Bill

ACLU tells next pres: Stop torture on day 1
The last eight years have not been kind to civil libertarians, and one prominent group has issued a guide book of sorts for the next president to get the country back onto the proper constitutional path.

EcoAmerica Poll: Climate skeptics are the majority, not the minority
Only 18 percent of survey respondents strongly believe that climate change is real, human-caused and harmful.

Global Warming? Blizzards forecast as temperature set to drop lower than Siberia
Where’s the Warming?

North Korea threatens to attack South
North Korea threatens to take military action against South Korea unless Seoul prevents activists from dropping leaflets across the border.

Kim Jong-Il likely in hospital: Japan PM

Global Cooling: Record Low Temperatures Hit America
Record low temperatures have hit dozens of areas across America as a natural period of global cooling accelerates, leaving man-made global warming advocates with egg on their face as the big chill sets in.

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The Government’s Actions Are Making the Financial Crisis Worse
The government’s previous actions lead to the current financial crisis. Moreover, the government’s current actions are actually making things worse.

Consumers gloomiest ever as home prices plunge

Meet the World’s New Currency: the Chinese Yuan
Things are getting worse. Since September, $16 trillion has been erased from global stock market value. Losses in the US–where the financial turmoil originated–have been much smaller than other, more vulnerable markets.

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In Trying to Stop the Inevitable Deleveraging Process, the Government is Only Making It Worse
The process of deleveraging cannot be stopped, but the government is trying to stop it anyway. Instead of allowing an orderly deleveraging process, the government is actually trying to prop up the leverage.

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Charles Barkley: Polls ‘absolutely useless’ because racists lie
Basketball great Charles Barkley has been an enthusiastic supporter of Barack Obama, but he told CNN’s Campbell Brown on Monday that even though Obama is far ahead in the polls, he believes “this race is going to be neck-and-neck down to the wire.”

Gov. Ventura and Willie Nelson challenge two-party stranglehold
IN EXCLUSIVE VIDEO, legendary music icon Willie Nelson meets up with former Governor Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones to discuss the implications of the 2008 Election, the effects of widespread economic downturn and lingering questions about 9/11.

Meeting The Mind: Ventura on 9/11 & 2008
A Conversation with Willie - Alex Jones & Jesse Ventura

Reality overthrows ‘history’s actors’
The New American Century lasted a decade. Financial crisis and defeated objectives in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Georgia brought the neoconservative project for American world hegemony crashing to a close in the autumn of 2008.

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Bush Eyes Diplomatic Relations With Iran
President George W. Bush is having one final stab at leaving the White House on a somewhat more positive note, hoping it will override his legacy of two unfinished wars and a financial crisis that risks taking Western economies into a generalized meltdown of the world's banking system.

US considering talks with Taliban: report

Obama death plot raises fears in race’s final week
Two white supremacists have been arrested for threatening to kill Barack Obama in a chilling twist revealed by officials as the race for the White House headed for its final seven days.

Obama slams McCain ’scare tactics’

Big Pharma’s Pills Contaminated with Machine Parts at Pill Factories
An investigation by the Associated Press (AP) has uncovered evidence of widespread quality control problems in pills produced in Puerto Rico, a region that manufactures many of the prescription medications sold in America.

Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show: The Gold Rush & The Economy

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

Steve Watson: British Kids Encouraged To Become "Climate Cops"

Steve Watson: Terror Stopped For Putting My Hand in My Pocket


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