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BBC Set To Air Third Smear Attack On 9/11 Truth
The BBC is set to launch a third savage smear attack on the 9/11 truth movement by rehashing a now thoroughly debunked program that it first aired in July of this year.

Recession Will Last At Least Two Years: Roubini
The US economy is entering a two-year recession that will be longer and deeper than previously feared, said Nouriel Roubini, a well-known economist and professor at New York University.

Global Stocks Decline on Recession Concern; Euro, Oil Retreat
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Frank Holmes: When Inflation Erupts, Gold Will Take Off
Expect short-term hesitancy in the upward movement of the gold price until liquidity returns to the markets, says Frank Holmes, CEO and chief investment officer at U. S. Global Investors.

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What Will Obama's "International Crisis" Be?
Joe Biden's "guarantee" that an "international crisis" will unfold shortly after President Obama takes office conjures up several different possibilities, but it seems the likely outcome will revolve around an announcement that Iran has developed a nuclear bomb, prompting a potential military attack.

McCain raises specter of nuclear war
Obama takes 10-point lead on McCain

How Inflation Works: Why I Can’t Buy an Old Ferrari
Anyone who has been alive very long is aware that the US government has failed on the inflation front. Soft drink machines that once delivered a bottled drink for a nickel now charge a dollar, a twenty-fold increase in price.

The Government Has Given Banks YOUR MONEY, and You Won’t Get Anything For It
Unstoppable changes in the post crash world
Too Big to Fail?
Four More Years!
Pound plunges after King warns of recession
House prices ‘to plummet by 35%’ - the biggest ever fall in Britain
Britain to loan Iceland three bln pounds
Global stocks slide anew
Next in the Financial Crisis: Possible Criminal Charges
US banks receive threatening letters

Tamino’s Folly - Temperatures did drop this past decade
“Tamino” has made a couple of posts on how the last 10 year drop in temperature is not statistically significant, so it isn’t real.

Protester attempts citizen’s arrest of Karl Rove in San Francisco
During an event in San Francisco Tuesday morning, a protester tried to “smack handcuffs on Karl Rove, but Rove slapped back, and the woman was taken off stage.”

Adolf Hitler ‘planned propaganda cable TV’

Police Prepare For Election Day Riots
Police departments in cities across the country are beefing up their ranks for Election Day, preparing for possible civil unrest and riots after the historic presidential contest. Public safety officials said in interviews with The Hill that the election, which will end with either the nation’s first black president or its first female vice president, demanded a stronger police presence.

Al-Qaeda calls on America to vote for McCain
Twin Towers’ terror group al-Qaeda would welcome a pre-election terror attack on the U.S. as a way to usher in a McCain presidency, a website revealed.

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Russia says media reports on possible Arctic conflict ‘alarmist’
Russia’s Foreign Ministry believes media speculation about the possibility of a war over the Arctic are ungrounded and “alarmist,” an ambassador at large said Wednesday.

Russia test fires ballistic missile
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‘Virtual strip search’ sparks privacy fears
EU lawmakers have joined U.S. civil liberty campaigners in criticizing a new scanner that allows airport security to see through passengers’ clothes, calling it a virtual strip search that should only be used as a last resort.

Financial meltdown prevents Iran war
Global financial crisis has made it highly unlikely for the US or Israel to take a military action against Iran to halt its nuclear program.

Afghan soldiers killed in Nato air strike
Kim ‘Still In Control’ Of N Korea

ACLU Files FOIA On Brigade Deployed in U.S.
The ACLU filed a Freedom of Information Act request under expedited processing to the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security earlier today.

Concerns about deployment of military on U.S. soil growing

FDA Running Extortion Racket: Natural Supplement Companies Threatened with Arrest if They Don’t Pay Up
NaturalNews has learned the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is running a criminal extortion racket designed to drain cash from health supplement companies and shift it into the pockets of top FDA contractors.

Call For World Biometric Database
Thousands of criminals could be evading police because of the reluctance of some countries to share vital biometric data, Interpol has warned.

Canada had role in torture of its nationals
Canadian officials played an "indirect" role in the wrongful jailing and torture of three Canadian nationals in Syria and Egypt, an inquiry said Tuesday.

Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show: The Gold Rush & The Economy

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

Steve Watson: British Kids Encouraged To Become "Climate Cops"

Steve Watson: Terror Stopped For Putting My Hand in My Pocket


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