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Interpol Details Plans For Global Biometric Facial Scan Database
Global security authorities are to push for a huge biometric facial scan database of international travelers so they can cross-check everyone against a database of terror suspects, international criminals and fugitives.

Britain’s freedoms under threat from ’security state’, warns Director of Public Prosecutions

Biden’s Admonition: Plebs to Suffer if Obama is Elected

North Korean diplomats abroad have been ordered to stay close to their embassies and await an “important announcement,” according to a Japanese newspaper.

Obama Assembles U.S.’s `Largest Law Firm’ to Monitor Election
Could the US election be stolen?
Colin Powell Endorses The Greater Evil, Not Ron Paul or Bob Barr
Obama opens 6-point lead over McCain
I can live with defeat, says John McCain
Brzezinski: Powell decision tears GOP ticket
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Report: U.S. Navy Warship On Fire In Persian Gulf
A U.S. Navy warship stationed in the Persian Gulf has reportedly caught fire, with officials not ruling out that a “blast” was the cause of the blaze. Fears of a Gulf of Tonkin style provocation to grease the skids for an invasion of Iran have repeatedly surfaced in the media.

Globalists Exploit Financial Meltdown In Move Towards One World Currency
The swift and ruthless exploitation of the economic meltdown on behalf of globalists and central banks revolves around their drive to move towards a one world currency system and an unprecedented centralization of global financial power.

Blaming Liberty for the State’s Depredations
Bubbles Are Bursting Worldwide
Kucinich calls for probe of bonuses for Wall Street aid recipients
Nasdaq Could Sink to 1,108 as Bear Accelerates: Analyst
Economy Is ‘Already In Recession’
Spending on gold nears $3bn
Why Oil and Gold Are Headed Much Higher
OPEC Plans Supply Cut
UK retailers security tag meat

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U.S. Wants Soldiers Inserted Into Troubled Areas via Rockets
Military officials eye inserting troops anywhere on the globe in two hours by rocket.

Television May Be Doing Your Thinking
The world's biggest leisure activity is watching television. Not walking or reading, not playing games with our children, not engaging with others in outdoor activities. Most of us like to think that television has absolutely no effect on how we think or what we do.

NYU Employee Spits on 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist for Harassing Dan Rather
The panel discussion “The First Amendment, Freedom of the Press, and the Future of Journalism” got a little more interesting when an NYU facilities employee lashed out at conspiracy theorists questioning Dan Rather and Jill Abramson as they were leaving the event.

U.S. pilot was ordered to shoot down UFO
Two U.S. fighter planes were scrambled and ordered to shoot down an unidentified flying object (UFO) over the English countryside during the Cold War, according to secret files made public on Monday.

‘Near Miss With UFO At Heathrow’

Gold Rebounds as Decline Below $800 Spurs Buyers; Silver Gains
Gold rose after the lowest price in more than a month attracted investors. Silver also gained.

U.S., Cuomo Open Credit Default Swap Investigation
The Panic of 2008 and Financial Socialization
Turmoil May Make Americans Savers, Worsening `Nasty’ Recession
Top advisor says US facing recession
Bernanke Urges Congress To Pass New Stimulus Bill

Iran promises no mercy against aggressor
Any decision to attack Iran would be an ‘irreversible error’ unforgivable until the fall of the enemy, says a senior Iranian commander.

Iran busts ’spy pigeons’ near nuclear site
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Ventura Haunts Minnesota Senate Race as Barkley Taps Voter Ire
Ten years ago, a gregarious professional wrestler, Jesse Ventura, won the race for governor by tapping into voter anger and running as a third-party candidate.

DARPA Contract Description Hints at Advanced Video Spying
Real-time streaming video of Iraqi and Afghan battle areas taken from thousands of feet in the air can follow actions of people on the ground as they dig, shake hands, exchange objects and kiss each other goodbye.

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South says no sign of special North Korea broadcast
South Korea’s ministry responsible for ties with the North said on Monday no unusual activity was observed in North Korea on the day media said Pyongyang may make an important announcement.

‘War on Iran to spell Israel’s collapse’

Todd: McCain is ‘conceding the popular vote’
Sunday morning, NBC’s Tom Brokaw talked with MSNBC political analyst Chuck Todd about how the polls are shaping up just several weeks prior to the election.

Obama basks in Powell endorsement says: Regulate the internet
As unemployment looks set to soar in the months ahead, quangocrat and soon to be outgoing head of Ofcom Lord David Currie appears to have discovered a cunning plan to find jobs for tens of thousands.

Discrepencies Suggest China Faked Spacewalk Footage
CCTV ran a live broadcast of the Shenzhou VII spacecraft launch to mark the second phase of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s Project 921 at the end of September. This video footage, however, contains many unexplainable physical phenomena.

Nuremberg Trials: Big Pharma’s Crimes Against Humanity
After World War Two, scores of suspected Nazi war criminals were prosecuted by the Allies in the Palace of Justice in the city of Nuremberg, the birth-place of the Nazi Party. The defendants were drawn not just from the military, but also from medical, judicial, administrative, industrial, and other sectors of the German war machine.

Diet Soft Drink Makers Not Required to Disclose Chemical Sweetener Ingredients
The Missouri Supreme Court has dismissed a class action lawsuit alleging that the Coca-Cola Company deceived consumers by not disclosing the artificial sweeteners used in Diet Coke products sold from the soda fountains of fast food and other restaurants.

Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show: The Gold Rush & The Economy

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

Steve Watson: British Kids Encouraged To Become "Climate Cops"

Steve Watson: Terror Stopped For Putting My Hand in My Pocket


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