Last Updated: Thursday, October 16, 2008 18:35 GMT
Calls For New Global Financial Order Increase
Calls for a new financial world order have increased with EU leaders poised to meet US officials this weekend to demand a “Bretton Woods II” reform of global institutions.

No Mass Mania for Gold Yet - Less than 1% of Public in Western World Have Invested in Gold
U.S. Stocks Tumble a Third Day, Wiping Out Rally; GE Slumps
Oil down 50pc from July high
What Happens Now to Plan to Buy Toxic Bank Debt?
Don’t Blame Capitalism
Spot Gold Price Is Now Meaningless
Run on Russian bank heightens fears
Ukraine may borrow up to $15bn from IMF
ECB gives Hungary €5bn credit line

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Comrade Bush to the left of me - Chavez
SOCIALIST Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez mocked US President George W. Bush as a “comrade” today, saying the American leader was a hard-line leftist for his Government’s intervention of major private banks in the US. financial crisis.

UN court throws out Georgian claim against Russia

Large-scale Iranian Air force exercise simulates attack on Israel
DEBKAfile’s military sources report that the drill beginning Thursday, Oct. 16 in northern Iran, is Tehran’s rejoinder to Israel’s big aerial maneuver last June.

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Dow Jones Bloodbath Mirroring 1929 Rout
A comparison of the current Wall Street crash with the events of 1929 shows that the Dow has at least another 27 per cent drop below the bailout bounce before it bottoms out, despite another rout yesterday after which the Dow had lost over 700 points.

Fire or Ice: Are We Headed Towards Hyperinflation or Deflation?
Capitalism Without Capital?
Oil falls over $2, recession looms
Europe extends global market losses
Is China Shielded From Derivatives?
UBS and Credit Suisse bailed out
FTSE Plunges As Fear Grips Markets

McCain fails, Obama is not rattled
Debates should not be confused with trips to Lourdes: Few miracles are dispensed.

McCain ‘comeback’ like old McCain
Olbermann calls on McCain the ‘fraud’ to suspend campaign

‘U-turn’ West: MI5 watching ‘great’ terror plot right now
Everyone’s favourite knockabout security minister, Lord Alan West of Spithead, has said that the UK security services are aware of “complex plots” - in particular “another great plot” by jihadi terrorists - “building” in the UK.

Paris to quadruple number of CCTV cameras

Theft of the 2008 Election
BBC Newsnight journalist Greg Palast goes on the trail of the missing votes from Colorado to New Mexico to Michigan. Broadcast on BBC Newsnight UK and America.

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Pentagon Considering Portable ‘Pain Ray’ Guns
The Department of Defense is negotiating with Raytheon to purchase a more portable version of the contractor’s non-lethal “pain ray” weapons.

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America’s Coup D’État in the Making: Deception and Self-Deception
Following Plato, many moralists have associated political virtue with a reluctance to pursue and exercise power.

Hypocrisy and humbug from the White House

North Korea threatens to cut ties with South
North Korea has threatened to end all relations with South Korea, a major supplier of aid and cash to the impoverished state, Yonhap news agency reported on Thursday, quoting official North Korean media.

Ahmadinejad slams US for Iraq ‘oil theft’
Berlusconi says he wants Russia to join EU

For At Least The Third Time, Officials Take Down A ‘No. 2' Leader Of Al Qaeda In Iraq
Today, the Pentagon announced that American troops had killed Abu Qaswarah, the No. 2 leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, in a raid in Mosul.

Suspected US strike inside Pak kills four

Scientists Challenge UK Govt Climate Committee to ‘Drop flawed science and the Climate Change millstone - Save the economy’
Scientists Challenge UK Govt Climate Committee to ‘Drop flawed science and the Climate Change millstone - Save the economy’. CO2 is the Gas Of Life (’GOL’), it is not a problem.

Italy, Poland threaten to veto EU climate change plans

Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show: The Gold Rush & The Economy

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

Steve Watson: British Kids Encouraged To Become "Climate Cops"

Steve Watson: Terror Stopped For Putting My Hand in My Pocket


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