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You Saw It Here First; Economic Crash, Banker Stick-Up Predicted Long Ago
While mainstream corporate media lied to Americans claiming economy was strong, we were warning about a "global crash" and a faux solution of "predatory globalism" nearly two years in advance.

New TASER Weapons Produced For Crowd Control
Everyone’s favourite stun gun manufacturer Taser has unveiled it’s latest loving piece of “non lethal” technology, The Taser Shockwave. “Full area coverage is provided to instantaneously incapacitate multiple personnel within that region” Taser explains.

Central banks all but stop lending gold
Central banks have all but stopped lending gold to commercial and investment banks and other participants in the precious metals market, in a move that on Tuesday sent the cost of borrowing bullion for one-month to more than twenty times its usual level.

Banking on gold
World markets in turmoil despite global interest rate cuts
The next burden: inflation
David Icke On The Financial Coup
Risky Credit Default Swaps Linked to Financial Troubles
Rate cuts boost gold, silver, higher prices imminent
China state paper lashes US monetary policy
Asian stocks battered on fears for global economy
Russian banks get $36 BLN shot in the arm
AD: Making Thoughts Manifest Into Reality: The Secret Behind The Secret Of The Universe
Federal Reserve Goes Commercial
The Government got you into this mess so don’t trust them to get you out of it, says rogue trader Nick Leeson

30 Civilians Died in Afghan Raid, U.S. Inquiry Finds
An investigation by the military has concluded that American airstrikes on Aug. 22 in a village in western Afghanistan killed far more civilians than American commanders there have acknowledged, according to two American military officials.

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The Google tool that will stop you sending emails you may later regret
Late-night drunken messages could be a thing of the past.

Bankers Want World Economic Government To Solve Financial Crisis They Created
The world’s central bankers are gathering this week at the IMF-World Bank conference in Washington DC and are expected to grease the skids for the creation of a machinery of world economic governance under the pretext of preventing a repeat of the financial crisis, a global economic policeman to patrol a de-facto financial dictatorship.

Bailout Has Already Been Proven Worthless (Can We Cancel It Now?)
FTSE plunges despite Darling’s desperate £500bn semi-nationalisation of Britain’s banks
Fed orders emergency rate cut to 1.5 percent
Is the Federal Reserve Engaged in Acts of Economic Warfare Against America?
Global Stocks, U.S. Futures Plunge on Credit Concern; Yen Gains
The Good News About the Bailout
Tax-payers to fund banking bail-out
Analyst Foresees Oil at $40 a Barrel

Bill Kristol’s Weekly Standard Attacks 9/11 Truth
A piece entitled The Truthers’ New Friends has appeared in this week’s edition of the Weekly Standard, which slams questions surrounding the attacks as “Anti-American” and those who entertain them as “lunatics”.

Teachers to spy on ’suspicious’ pupils radicalised by Islamic extremists
Teachers will carry out surveillance operations on ’suspicious’ pupils amid concerns about rising extremism in the classroom.

Md. Police Put Activists’ Names On Terror Lists
AD: Masonic Secrets Revealed. The Secret Ceremonies And Oaths Of The Masons Exposed!

Palin may be related to Princess Diana, Roosevelt
Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is distantly related to the late Princess Diana and late U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt, genealogy experts said on Wednesday.

Scientist: Economic woes may stop global warming
A slowdown in the world economy may give the planet a breather from the excessively high carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions responsible for climate change, a Nobel Prize winning scientist said on Tuesday.

AD: Convert Your Car To Burn Water + Gasoline = Boost Your Mileage!

Iran: Intruding Jet belonged to NATO
A Falcon jet that violated Iranian airspace and was forced to land in the Islamic Republic belongs to the NATO forces, a report says.

NKorea developing nuke warhead: Seoul
NKorea fires short-range missiles: officials

Obama won debate over McCain: polls
SNAP polls indicate Barack Obama easily won today’s second presidential debate against John McCain, who was in need of a game-changing moment to help resurrect his run for the White House.

Who won? Not America
HIGHLIGHTS: Second presidential debate
Chuck Norris: McCain May Up and Die on Us

Weed Killer Chemicals Linked to Brain Cancer
Women who are regularly exposed to pesticides in the workplace are twice as likely to develop a common form of brain cancer, according to a new study.

‘St John’s Wort plant as effective as Prozac'
Robot that looks like young girl unveiled
Net game turns PC into undercover surveillance zombie

MPs push for new ban on smacking
MPs are making a fresh push for a ban on parents smacking their children.

Israeli Cop Spray Causing A Stink
Israel has unveiled its latest device to control protests on the West Bank and it is causing quite a stink, literally.

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

Steve Watson: British Kids Encouraged To Become "Climate Cops"

Steve Watson: Terror Stopped For Putting My Hand in My Pocket

Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show: The state wants your children.


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