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Populists Back Ron Paul’s Plan To Kill the Fed
The trillion-dollar Wall Street bailout plan negotiated by the White House and Congress has reinvigorated the debate about Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul’s Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act (HR 2755), which was introduced into Congress in June 2007.

George W. Bush’s Legacy: A $ 10 Trillion National Debt
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Shock and Awe: Bipartisan Beltway Terrorists Launch Economic 9/11 on the American People
The Rebellion That Failed

US economy bleeding jobs, unemployment at 5-year high
The struggling US economy lost 159,000 jobs in September as the weight of the housing collapse and credit crunch hit a broad swath of industries, government data showed Friday.

Lehman Cash Crunch Caused by Lender JPMorgan, Creditors Say
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Bailout Doesn’t Resolve Fears On Economy, Credit
Congress approved a $700 billion bank bailout Friday, but stocks tumbled as investors worried that the plan wouldn’t be enough to stem the credit crisis or keep the US economy from falling into a recession.

National debt topped $10 trill this week
There’s No Difference Between Martial Law and the Threat of Martial Law
You’re Going To Guarantee A Depression: Ron Paul
Betrayed by the Bailout
Job Losses Pushing U.S. Economy Into `Significant’ Recession
Bailout bill loops in green tech, IRS snooping

US Congress notified of possible 6.5 billion dollar Taiwan arms sales
The Pentagon notified Congress Friday of 6.5 billion dollars in possible arms sales to Taiwan that would include advanced interceptor missiles, Apache attack helicopters and submarine-launched missiles.

Democratic Congressman: Representatives Were Threatened With Martial Law In America Over Bailout Bill
A Democratic Congressman has warned that a panic atmosphere is being intentionally created in order to get the financial bailout billed passed, further stating that several members of Congress were told before Monday’s vote that martial law will be instigated in America if the legislation fails.

• Martial Law Will Be Declared If Banker Bill Not Passed In House

Government will spy on every call and e-mail
Ministers are considering spending up to £12 billion on a database to monitor and store the internet browsing habits, e-mail and telephone records of everyone in Britain.

There’s no hiding place as spy HQ plans to see all
Enhanced FBI powers go into effect
Homeland Security seeks cyber counterattack system
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French FM warns of Israeli strike on Iran nuclear sites
French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner warned in comments published on Sunday that Israel would strike archfoe Iran before it succeeding in developing nuclear weapons.

Russian live missile fire air exercise near Alaska
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No Joint European Strategy On Banks
The leaders of Europe’s four largest economic powers vowed Saturday to protect their banks from the continuing reverberations of the increasingly global financial crisis but could not agree on a common Europe-wide strategy.

Another top European bank falters
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Gangsters Now Demanding that Europe pay 440 Billion dollars to Bailout Continent

Justice Inspector General: Rove needs to answer to prosecutor
While he was able to compile a nearly 400-page report exposing the fundamentally flawed, politically motivated processes that led to the unjustified firings of nine US Attorneys, Justice Department Inspector General Glenn Fine says more details of the scandal remain unknown.

$1.4 Billion In McCain Tax Cuts For ‘Mainstream Media’
Conservatives continue to cry “liberal media bias” to explain away the unpopularity of the right-wing agenda, despite the stark economic realities for all but the super-wealthy in America.

Bailout, or Blowout? Financial “Rescue” Plan Turns into Mad Spending Spree
As the United States of America stands on the verge of irrecoverable bankruptcy, U.S. Senators have decided to orchestrate a final “blowout” spending spree by dressing up the financial bailout plan with so much bloated pork that no lawmaker can resist its lure.

Why Paulson’s Plan is a Fraud
House starts debate on bailout bill
September job losses steepest in 5-1/2 years
BOE May Cut Rate by Most Since 2001, Economists Say

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

Steve Watson: British Kids Encouraged To Become "Climate Cops"

Steve Watson: Terror Stopped For Putting My Hand in My Pocket

Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show: The state wants your children.


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