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Hurricane Katrina
London Bombings

Last Updated: Saturday 29th October, 2005, 18:35 BST

Saddam accepted UAE exile plan to avert Iraq war-TV
We reported on this before the war even started and were called conspiracy theorists for doing so. The Neo-Cons would have never allowed it to happen because they wouldn't have had the excuse to bomb the country into oblivion and then hand out no bid rebuilding contracts to their cronies. That is more important to them than 2,000+ American troops and hundreds of thousands of dead innocent Iraqis.

Bush Admin Pushing Domestic Surveillance Envelope
Secret wiretaps. Seized bank records. Unconsented physical searches. Secret computer tracking. Enter the ever-growing government world of domestic spying.

US forces in Iraq reach 161,000, highest level of the war
US forces in Iraq have swelled to 161,000, their highest level since the US invasion in March 2003, a Pentagon spokesman said.

An ugly turn toward torture
Wilson: Plame received threats
CIA leak mystery not cleared up
Fineman: Bush indictment victory
Deadly blasts hit Indian capital
Libby thinks he will be cleared
Dick Morris: Cheney in the Cross-hairs?
UN invited to inspect Guantanamo
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Scooter is Indicted. Yawn. Now Will Somebody Please Change the Channel? Scooter is a shameless criminal operator, he is guilty of much larger crimes.

Rosa Parks: A Profile In Courage: Courage comes packaged in a variety of forms and performs on a myriad of stages. In a very real sense, courage is in the eye of the beholder.

How conservative is the president? It's a question many conservatives around the country should be asking themselves. Over the course of his presidency, Bush, has consistently strayed from conservative values.

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