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Last Updated: Thursday 20th October, 2005, 16:50 BST

Indictment Is Easy Way Out For Bush Officials
Should Bush Administration Officials be indicted and forced to resign over the Plame case in the coming weeks, the left will undoubtedly declare a major victory for justice and truth. We say that should this happen the truth will consequently be buried and injustice will once again prevail.

Guantanamo hunger strikers say feeding tubes employed as torture

Prisoners on hunger strike at the U.S. prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, reported troops force-fed them with dirty feeding tubes that have been violently inserted and withdrawn as punishment, said declassified notes released Wednesday by defence lawyers.

Washington Insider: White House Informed Of Indictment Outcome

The Grand Jury and Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald have concluded their deliberations and, as both a formality and a courtesy, Gonzales was invited to the courtroom to hear the indictments.

Cheney cabal hijacked US
US May Be in Iraq in 10 Years
Sheehan thrashing Hillary
Peers plan to inflict triple blow
SNP leader on ID Cards
'ID cards must be dropped'
Bird flu sparking human epidemic is 'science fiction': Spain
US planning invasion, says Chavez
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Shayler: Tony Blair Was an MI5 Spy - Blair, according to Shayler, had documents in his file which clearly meant he had been spying on his comrades in CND and The Labour Party.

George and Laura: Are They Stealth Democrats? - this good old boy’s back was broken when Republicans didn’t follow up on their ‘revolution’ of 1994 and instead started acting like establishment Democrats.

Neolib Wes Clark and Bush’s Tragic Neocon Mistakes: Mr. Clark is a bit disingenuous—in fact, he is a lot disingenuous.

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