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Police Accused Of Firing Taser At Pregnant Bride

A man and his daughter have filed a lawsuit alleging a couple of Evergreen Park police officers assaulted them with a Taser gun at the woman's backyard wedding reception.

>> New documentary indicts US as co-defendant with Saddam

>> Cuba to end circulation of US dollar

>> Evil Seed: Bush and Kerry are Related to Dracula (Vlad the Impaler)

>> Republican Governor Irked by Terror Warnings

>> Betting on bagging Osama

>> EU referendum scheduled for March 2006

>> Washington Post endorses Kerry

>> Massacre at Baquba: 49 Iraqi soldiers executed in attack designed to send message to US

>> Outrage in Kenmore

>> Carol Brouillet confronts Richard Clarke on 9/11-War Drills

>> Government Is a Weapon of Mass Destruction

>> The Heterosexual Closet

Mack White Strip Sample


>> Protesters demand ban on `less-than-lethal' guns

>> Another Police State Killing

>> Georgia Supreme Court Throws Out 'Hate Crimes' Law

>> DAFB civilians face 'backdoor draft'

>> Man says police pellets hit him, 2 others

>> Boston police to quit using pepper-spray gun

>> CIA 'took detainees out of Iraq'

>> 'Fortress Commons' fears

>> Red Sox Fan Death Underlines Distorted Mentality of Both Police and Public

>> S.Korea finds signs of border infiltration

>> North Korea blames US-led naval drill off Japanese coast

>> Powell declares North Korea a 'terrorist state'

>> In-Skin ID Could Have Commercial Future

>> Now We Learn, Human Chip Has Scary Side Effects

>> Nokia developing RFID-embedded phone

>> MI5 wants 'spy' cameras in Parliament corridors

>> Paul Joseph Watson is a regular guest on The Alex Jones Show once a week on the GCN radio network. Click here for the live streaming audio.

>> The Vanity Fair Interview

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U.K. PM Announces Plans for ID Cards

Prime Minister Tony Blair announced plans Monday to introduce high-tech biometric identity cards, saying they could be a significant means of fighting terrorism.

Boston's Killer Cops: Death of a Fan

Victoria Snelgrove is dead. The 21 year old Emerson College journalism student exercised her right as a fan to stand on her Boston street and cheer the Red Sox's pennant victory over the New York Yankees.
From an upcoming comic book project.

>> Secrets of the CIA

>> Bush's Bulge

>> Support Freedom and help us grow

Powell Speaks of China, Taiwan 'Reunification'

Secretary of State Colin Powell on Monday spoke of the eventual "reunification" of China and Taiwan, a comment likely to annoy Taiwanese officials who regard the island as an independent nation.

British Agents Engineered Capture Of Care International’s Margaret Hassan

JUS has learned from reliable sources close to the Mujahideen in Iraq that the kidnapping of Margaret Hassan is a operation concocted by British agents inside the country in conjunction with Margaret’s husband.
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