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U.S. Has Contingency Plans for a Draft of Medical Workers

The Selective Service has been updating its contingency plans for a draft of doctors, nurses and other health care workers in case of a national emergency that overwhelms the military's medical corps.

>> Putin backs Bush victory

>> Towering Inferno Building DOES NOT Collapse

>> Blair will send troops 'in days'

>> Left-Behinders, libertarians right to fear VeriChip

>> Don't worry, we'll protect you

>> China and US will switch places

>> What have debates taught us?

What Bush and Kerry have in Common


>> Privacy threats hide in security bill

>> New Screening Technology Is Nigh

>> Oregon Police Fire On Bystanders
Watching Presidential Motorcade

>> Bush stumbles on military draft

>> Russian Expert Says U.S. ABM System Dangerous, Promises Reciprocal Response

>> U.S. Says It Poses No Threat to N.Korea

>> Taiwan must acquire submarines to head off China blockade: minister

>> US commander Franks denies hunt for Osama was 'outsourced'

>> RFID, coming to a library near you

>> Microchips in people, packaging and pets raise privacy questions

>> Implanted ID badge cause for real concern

>> 'Big-Brother' government too controlling for professor

>> Paul Joseph Watson is a regular guest on The Alex Jones Show once a week on the GCN radio network. Click here for the live streaming audio.

>> The Vanity Fair Interview

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Use of security cameras in schools draws skeptics

Some administrators say the cameras are a sign of the times, but civil libertarians see a Big Brother element in them.

The Guantanamoization of America

The war on terrorism is also a war on the citizens of the Western world in general and a war on the citizens of the United States in particular. It is a war on civil liberties and personal freedom.
Flash movie about the Bush-Kerry Skull and Bones Link.

>> Explanation of the bump under Bush's Jacket

>> Nothing Under My Jacket

>> In Their Own Words

US likely to approve exports of nuclear reactors to China: official

The United States' nuclear regulator said Tuesday it is likely to approve the export of US-designed reactors to China soon, giving American companies access to a multi-billion-dollar market.

Scores feared dead or injured in mortar attack

A mortar attack on an Iraqi national guard headquarters north of Baghdad today killed or wounded at least 100 Iraqis, officials said.
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