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Bush stumbles on military draft

US President George W. Bush surprised his listeners at a campaign rally here Saturday by seeming to oppose, then favor, then oppose replacing the all-volunteer US military with a draft.

>> Blaze consumes Caracas skyscraper

>> Al-Zarqawi pledges allegiance to al-Qaida

>> Bush gains in poll

>> U.S. study says wealth gap widened for blacks, Hispanics after recession

>> Karzai ahead in poll, violence continues

>> Soldiers Saw Refusing Order as Their Last Stand

>> Putin urges voters to back Bush

>> FBI chief warns of possible terror attack before US elections

>> Left-Behinders, libertarians right to fear VeriChip

>> Don't worry, we'll protect you

>> China and US will switch places

>> What have debates taught us?

What Bush and Kerry have in Common

>> Fear provoking ads pepper campaigns

>> Court: Terror Fears Can't Curb 'Liberty'

>> Indymedia Seizure Signals Clampdown on Dissent

>> German couple fight state for seven 'stolen' children

>> Iran rejects Kerry plan to defuse nuke crisis: Tehran says it will move forward on uranium enrichment

>> Defense expert: Iran to launch first satellite in spring

>> Annan says he cannot even imagine of any U.S. attack on Iran

>> Sharon Rejects Settler Demands Over Gaza

>> Crude Oil Price Surges Past $55

>> North Korea's No. 2 Leader Visits China

>> Implanted ID badge cause for real concern

>> 'Big-Brother' government too controlling for professor

>> TCC students draw connections between Orwell and life

>> New technology too advanced for own good

>> New Identity-Checking Technologies Dig Below Surface

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>> The Vanity Fair Interview

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Microchips in people, packaging and pets raise privacy questions

Implanting a microchip in a pet has become a common practice, but until last week, it may have seemed quite a stretch to implant one in a person.

The Guantanamoization of America

The war on terrorism is also a war on the citizens of the Western world in general and a war on the citizens of the United States in particular. It is a war on civil liberties and personal freedom.
Flash movie about the Bush-Kerry Skull and Bones Link.

>> Explanation of the bump under Bush's Jacket

>> Nothing Under My Jacket

>> In Their Own Words

Details of missile deal kept secret

Ministers have bowed to a US request that details of a deal on the deployment in Britain of a US missile defence system should be kept secret.

Bush's, Kerry's secret society

The president and the senator are members of one of the country's most elite college societies, where loyalty and ritual - and most of all secrecy - are sacred.
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