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Indymedia seizures: a trawl for Genoa G8 trial cover-up?

Indymedia and other interested parties are to seek an injunction preventing the export of the contents of the servers that were seized last week.

>> China sends more troops to N. Korea border

>> Four CIA Officers, Six Marines Captured By Iraqi Resistance

>> Saudis blame U.S. for rise in terror

>> Five dead in Baghdad green zone blasts

>> Web Posting Shows Turkish Driver Beheaded

>> The making of the terror myth

>> Leaders in D.C. mock Dayton

>> U.S. Marines Launch Attacks in Fallujah

>> Poll reveals world anger at Bush

>> Jet crash: Claims of explosion

>> 'Bush Wired' Story Continues; 'Bulge' Appears in Third Debate

>> That box in Bush's suit jacket

>> Debate Inaccuracies Turning Into Classics

>> Kerry wins big swing

>> Weird Creature Found In San Antonio

>> Iraqi TV Journalist Killed in Shooting

>> Cashless Society: Motorola, MasterCard trial RFID PayPass system

>> Costume gets kid cuffed

>> IndyMedia Gets Its Servers Back

>> Tortured terror suspects have mental illnesses, say doctors

>> "Achtung! Your Passport, Bitte"

>> Unmanned Presidential Vehicle

>> Top Ten President Bush Explanations For The Bulge In His Jacket

>> Current Events Have Surpassed 'The Prisoner'

>> Paralysed man sends e-mail by thought

Nothing Under My Jacket


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>> The Vanity Fair Interview

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FDA chip implant approval draws fire from advocates of personal privacy

A microchip that can be implanted under the skin to give doctors instant access to a patient's records was approved by the government Wednesday, a step that could revolutionize medical care but is raising alarm among privacy advocates.

George Bush, the Fiscal Conservative?

We can ignore his poor grammar, but we should note that once again he's playing fast and loose with the truth. Spending – defense or non-defense, discretionary or mandatory, unneeded or unneeded – is rising at an extraordinary clip.
Bush's earpiece becomes more obvious.

>> In Their Own Words

>> Skull and Bones Bumper Stickers

>> Fighting For Our Freedom

Russia Finishes Construction of Bushehr Nuclear Plant in Iran

Russia and Iran said on Thursday they had finished construction of the Bushehr nuclear power plant in the Islamic Republic — a project the United States fears Tehran could use to make nuclear arms.

China Set To Negotiate Bin Laden Handover With Bush

During the home stretch of the American elections, Osama bin Laden could prove to be the ace in the sleeve of president Bush.
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